Podcast 074 – Mercs Vs Convergence – For Glory and CoC

This week I was matched up against Aaron and his slowly expanding Convergence army.  Aaron has few enough models for CoC that his army lists were virtually the same but with 2 different casters. He chose the version with Lucant.

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Max Recipricators
Max Reductors
Max Perforators
Arc Node Steve

I was still testing out some lists that I was considering taking to the Southern Ontario Open.  One of list was this Bartolo list.

Max Boomhowelers
Max Steelhead Halbs
Tactical Arcanist Coprs
Wrong Eye + Snapjaw
*Bull Snapper
Gobber Tinker

Scenario was Incoming (2 asymmetrical zones on the mid-line, and objectives 18″ up from your edge of the table. No killbox). Aaron wins the die roll and elects to go first.





Coc Turn1

-1 focus to Galvanizer

-Reciprocators run up base to base

-Reductors run up behind them

-Perforators run forward

-Enigma Foundry runs up behind Reductors

-Lucant walks up and casts Deceleration

-Corollary got a free focus and advanced up

-Arc Node Steve walked up the center of the board

-Galvanizer ran and inducted to the Diffuser

-Diffuser ran and inducted to Cipher

-Cipher ran and inducted to Inverter

-Inverter runs




Mercs Turn 1

-Galleon gets 1 focus

-TAC runs forward

-Vanguard walks up

-Bart casts Hot Shot on Galleon and puts up Batten Down the Hatches

-Galleon runs toward my enemy zone

-Wrong Eye walks up and puts Spiny Growth on the Galleon.

-Snap Jaw runs and riles.

-Bull Snapper walks up

-Boomhowler give call of Defiance for 4+ tough and the unit runs forward getting into my friendly zone

-Steelheads run and spread out behind the Boomhowlers

-Tinker runs up behind the Galleon



CoC Turn 2

-1 Focus to the Inverter

-Perforators walk up and throw some spears at Boomhowlers and kill 2 of them.

-Recirpcators walk up in Shieldwalk and activate set defense.

-Reductors walk up behind Reciprocators and 1 sprays a Boomhowler who dies.

-Enigma foundry walks up behind Reductors

-Gavlnizer walks up behind Reciprocators

-Ciper walks and fires rough terrain templates at my Boohowlers in the zone.

-Inverter ran and inducted to the Diffuser

-Diffuser ran behind the objective

-Arc Node Steve ran base to base with the Ciper to benfit from Iron Sentinal

-Lucant walks up and casts Deceleration

-Corolary walks up behind Lucant




Mercs Turn 2

-2 focus to Galleon upkeep Hot Shot

-Galleon advances to toe the zone and rols 3 shots on the left and 1 on the right.  Decel limits what he can get done but 1 Perforator dies to a direct hit and 1 more is wounded by blast

-Wrong Eye puts Spiny Growth on Galleon and Snap Jaw

-Snap Jaw runs into zone to Threaten Aarons models

-Bull Snapper runs and riles.

-4 Boomhowlers aim and take shots at Perforators and actually kill 1 and go 4+ tough.

-TAC walk up and shoot fire balls at Perforators and kill 1.

-Vanguard walks up to the front of my objecitve

-Bart walk up and casts Batten and feats (Advancing Models the end movement in control area are knocked down)

-Steelheads run around to shift position.

Mercs score 1 CP (1-0)






CoC Turn 3

-1 focus to Cipher

-Recipricators move up in shieldwall and toe into the zone.

-Reductors walk up behind them and 2 of them attampt sprays.  1 was out of range and the other failed to wound.

-1 Perforator walked into the zone and was just in Barts Control so he got knocked down. The other shot at Snap Jaw but missed.

-Cipher shoots more rough terrain templates at my models in his zone.

-Diffuser shoots Snap Jaw but fails to wound him at ARM20

-Inverter walks up to re-position

-Enigma Foundry walk up behind reductors

-Lucant walks up casts Deceleration again and feat (+4 ARM and auto-pass repair checks)

He is contesting the zone so the score stays at 1-0 for Mercs





Mercs Turn 3

-Galleon gets 2 focus upkleep Hot Shot

-Galleon moves up a touchand turns to center on the Perforator in the zone. He kills it with the first shot then pumps the rest into the objective doing about 2 damage.

-Wrong Eye Moved up and put Spiny Growth on the Galleon and submerged himself.

-Bull Snapper moves up and puts Spiny Growth on Snap Jaw

-Snap Jaw Charged the Objective and did about 10 Damage.

-TAC move up and shoot at the last Perforator and do some damage.

-Boohowlers go 4+ tough and shoot but miss all their attacks.

-Bart Moves behind the Galleon and casts Batten.

-Vanguard moves up and shoots at the Perforator and misses

-Steelheads just run around to reposition

I have cleared the zone again and score another control ppoint (2-0 Mercs)





Coc Turn 4

-1 focus to Diffuser

-Perforator shuffles to the side and stabs Snap Jaw for 2 damage.

-Reciprocators move up and do set defense and Shield Wall and kill 1 Boomhowler

-Reductors move up behind Reciprocators and spray.  They kill 1 TAC and 2 Boomhowlers.

-Inverter moves up

-Corolary moved up and give 3 focus to the Cipher

-Cipher walks up to Snap Jaw and pounds on him, leaving him on 8 boxes.

-Diffuser runs in to the zone to contest.





Mercs Turn 4

-2 focus to Galleon and up keep Hot Shot.

-Bull Snapper slams the Diffuser out of zone.

-Galleon is able to kill the Objective with his guns for 1 point.

-Bart Runs into the zone to score 2 more points for the win.




Victory to Mercs







0 thoughts on “Podcast 074 – Mercs Vs Convergence – For Glory and CoC

  1. Interesting game, though on reading it felt quite workmanlike for the Mercenaries.

    Did you think that Wrong Eye did enough to justify himself in the matchup? I believe he’s mainly there to apply Spiny Growth to the Galleon to achieve silly ARM so I can understand the point of the module. But Snap Jaw in particular must have been saddened by the lack of living foes to attack.

    • WE is necessary for this particular list build which is essentially a Galleon Death Star. Snap Jaw does get lots of work done as well so think in general they are worth it. WE’s 8″ crtl is the most limiting factor.

  2. What about the Steelheads? I love Steelheads, but I can’t help thinking that they’re pulling double duty with Boomhowlers as a tarpit with some offensive melee. I’d be really tempted by double Kayazy Eliminators instead. Although I find your lack of Dougal in the Galleon Death Star disturbing…

    • Dougal was tied up in my Ossrum list. One of the most important questions I want to answer in this practice game was Can Bart galleon work without Dougal. The answer is no.

      I was going to sub in Press Gangers instead of Steelheads (I don’t own them yet) but Eliminators could work too.

      • Maybe MacBain instead? He’s a good galleon caster, and plays the Galleon very differently to Bart, or Ossrum with the Earthbreaker. It becomes much more of a combined arms piece. That would need more of a list rethink, but if you want another Galleon caster, he does it quite well and gives a different play style. I’d say try 4* before Highborn.

        • Ya. I’ve done MACBAIN galleon many times. Always in 4* because Countermeasures on Kayazy is so hilarious to watch steam shoot out people’s heads when they can’t do anything about them.

      • People have difficulty with Countermeasured Kayazy? Really? Why don’t they just shoot them off the table with your ATGM-Officer package? Or use Stormcalls and electroleaps?

        … oh, you meant NON-Cygnar people. Well, I can’t help you there.
        (it’s good to be a Swan)

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