Podcast 076 – Cygnar (eNemo) vs Farrow (Dr. Arkadius): Can You Get a PhD in Bacon?

We received a listener e-mail a few weeks ago. Mike requested a full month of Farrow-themed battle reports… to which we responded…
“Does anyone know anyone who plays Farrow!?”

May 13th Unedited 030

A huge thank you to Tim (from Arcane Assist) for helping out as literally the *only* person who plays Farrow in Southern Ontario! Go Tim! And another big thank you to Black Knight Games in Hamilton, Ontario, for hosting our match!

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Throughout this battle report, you’ll see me using the exceptional Team Canada zone markers. They are available from many Team Canada members for $50 for a set of 4 (2 circles and 2 rectangles), and I can’t recommend them enough. I bought 2 sets myself for running tournaments!

Tim’s only request was that I not field pHaley against Farrow… a reasonable request, and I was a little surprised he didn’t ask me not to play Siege or eHaley. But whatever, it was a foray into the unknown, so I decided to try out the best pairing in the new Cygnar Active Duty Roster (ADR), in my opinion: eNemo and Sloan. After looking over my lists, Tim declared that the double Stormwall would make for an interesting game, and I was happy to put them on the table!

General Adept Nemo (“eNemo, Nemo2”)
– Squire
– Stormwall
– Stormwall
Silverline Stormguard (max)
Stormsmith Stormcaller x2
Journeywoman Warcaster
Harlen Versh

Versh because most of my “power solos” are in the Sloan list, and because this way there is at least a little magic-hate in my list (plus another Magic Weapon, which is eNemo’s biggest shortfall). Overall, I like the list, but I wouldn’t run it again… Nemo does magical things with warjacks, but too little of it is really needed or useful to a Stormwall (rarely, will the difference between POW20 and POW22 actually be significant, and preventing people from charging a Stormwall is useful, but less so than a full unit or a Hunter, for example). But it was fun to put on the table, and with 20 points of Vanguard to swap in for a Stormwall… might be feasible!

Tim decided to go with the warcaster in Farrow he feels is the strongest, and also one of the most challenging: Dr. Arkadius! And, as most rational Minions players are doing, he plays him in Tier.

Dr. Arkadius
– Targ
– Road Hog x2
– War Hog x2
– Gun Boar
– Razor Boar x5
– Gorax x3
Bone Grinders

Tim mentioned that this isn’t a terribly “normal” Arkadius tier list: most people will only take 2 Gorax and use the other points for something else (although looking at the list of models available to Farrow… maybe another Gun Boar? I dunno). The tier benefits obviously include the ability to field Gorax models as Farrow warbeasts and grants them Shield Guard (which is huge! And Goraxes are GREAT warbeasts!), and free Razor Boars for every War Hog, Road Hog, or Gun Boar in the list (for a total of 10 free points in this list!).

Having read the Razor Boar’s stats… menh? “Free” might still be a little too expensive for them… anyway, they’re there, and they can theoretically do work.

The Scenario we rolled was “Outflank”, a simple one: two 12″ circular zones on the midline, and no killbox. 1CP for controlling either, and 2CPs for dominating either.

Tim won the die roll and elected to go first. Fine by me… I took the side of the table with the hill in the middle (Stormwalls + Hills = Dead warlocks), and we were off.


My two huge bases were predeployed in the middle of the table.

Tim deployed his warbeasts in a long line, with Arcadius flanked by the 3 Goraxi in the middle with the Bone Grinders behind him. One Road Hog and one War Hog went to either flank, and the Razor Boars spread out to the extreme flanks as well. The Gun Boar went close to the hill on the right with Targ nearby.
May 13th Unedited 004

In response, I deployed my Silverline to the right, opposite Targ, and Nemo and the Journeywoman near the middle.

May 13th Unedited 005

Ready to rock and roll!
May 13th Unedited 001 May 13th Unedited 007 May 13th Unedited 003

Minion, Turn 1

Arkadius casts “Forced Evolution” on one of the Road Hogs, and Aggrevator. He Charges up behind a nearby wall, with the Bone Grinders following him.
Both Road Hogs turn up their dials for the extra SPD and rush up, taking a few points of damage each.
The Gun Boar heads onto the hill on the right with Targ nearby.
The War Hogs run forward.
The Razor Boars all run forward and spread out.
Lastly, the Goraxi all run up, a few ahead of Dr. Arkadius and the wall, and one behind it.

May 13th Unedited 008 May 13th Unedited 009 May 13th Unedited 011 May 13th Unedited 010

Cygnar, Turn 1

Nemo gives 2 Focus to each Stormwall and pulls from the Squire.
Nemo goes first, moving up and casting “Polarity Field” on the white Stormwall. I position him behind where the white Stormwall will end up, so that Tim won’t be able to “Assault” through the white Stormwall (since he can’t charge it, and shooting it will be hard due to long melee threat ranges).
Junior goes next, putting “Arcane Shield” on my Silverline.
The white Stormwall (hereafter “Whitewall”) moves forward onto the hill and boosts 2 big gun shots into the Road Hog. Both hit and inflict moderate damage, and Tim elects to Hyper-Aggressive forward a few inches. Whitewall then drops a stormpod nearby and Covering Fire such that if the Road Hog charges it will be hit by 1, possibly both.
The blue Stormwall (hereafter “Bluewall”) walks forward and pumps a boosted shot into the Evolution’d Road Hog, killing him on the first shot. The second shot goes into the other Road Hog, doing light damage, and Tim moves it forward. I roll for Metalstorm shots on it, getting 2 on the “Important” side (with a nearby, fully functional Road Hog!) and send both shots into it, crippling its Mind. I drop a Stormpod in front of it to make it harder for it to get straight to the Bluewall.
The Silverline go next and run forward behind the Covering Fire, B2B in clumps of 3 and 4 to deny charges.
Harlen walks forward cautiously.
Lastly, my left Stormcaller walks forward and Surges on the Road Hog for moderate damage.

May 13th Unedited 012 May 13th Unedited 015 May 13th Unedited 014 May 13th Unedited 013 May 13th Unedited 016

Man, I really need to finish painting the Whitewall… anyway!

Minion, Turn 2

One Road Hog off the table is sad, but the other is doing pretty okay (especially considering Psychosurgery!).
First, Tim moves up the War Hog on the left and angles it to face away from everything except my Stormcaller.
The Gun Boar moves up and shoots my Stormpod, hitting it and a few Silverline, killing 1. Targ gives it an Ancillary Attack, which misses and scatters away.
Next, he runs a bunch of the Razor Boars into my lines, tying up Silverline. One goes straight towards Harlen, tying him up.
One of the Goraxi move up and casts “Primal” on the Road Hog.
The Bone Grinders move forward and use “Craft Talisman” on Arkadius for the +2 Range.
Next, Arkadius moves up and casts Psycho Surgery to heal his wounded Road Hog to full function. He casts “Forced Evolution” on it.
He then pops his Feat. The War Hog on the left charges my Stormcaller to move up, the Road Hog walks over and smites a Silverline. The Razor Boars manage to kill 3 additional Silverline (one fails to break ARM). One Razor Boar manages to kill my left Stormcaller (boo!).
None of the other Warbeasts elect to Frenzy.
The Road Hog then activates, moving a little to engage the Bluewall. Tim goes through his initials plus his stack of Fury, crippling the right side of the colossus and a few boxes on the left.
May 13th Unedited 017 May 13th Unedited 020 May 13th Unedited 019 May 13th Unedited 018

Cygnar, Turn 2

Nemo camps everything and drops Polarity Field. I do upkeep Arcane Shield, though.
Nemo goes first and pops his Feat. He then casts “Failsafe” on Bluewall, bringing it back to full function. He aims and boosts a shot at the Razor Boar engaging Harlen: he hits, boosts damage, and inflicts moderate wounds.
The Journeywoman activates and shoots the same Razor Boar. She misses, but since she is further than 5″ from Harlen, automatically misses him.
The Whitewall activates and leisurely pounds the Road Hog into paste. I drop a pod into the right zone, damaging a Razor Boar and blocking the straight charge of the War Hog over there.
The Bluewall, thus freed, charges the War Hog on the left. Infuriatingly, I miss 2 of the 4 attacks and leave it alive! I drop a pod.
The Silverline activate, shuffle around a little, and kill a few Razor Boars. I get one into the right zone, B2B again, to make sure it is still contested by at least 2 models. They also put their “Extra Damage From Electricity” on a couple Razor Boars.
Harlen swings on the crippled Razor Boar he is engaging… but misses.
Lastly, my Stormcaller calls down Lightning several times, wounding more Razor Boars but otherwise not adding much to the conversation.

May 13th Unedited 021  May 13th Unedited 024 May 13th Unedited 023 May 13th Unedited 022

Minion, Turn 3

Tim pulls in all his Fury that he can. The Gun Boar Frenzies, charges Targ… and fails to kill him. The Razor Boar by Versh also Frenzies, but misses its attack due to a crippled Mind.
The Bone Grinders craft another Talisman for Arkadius, while the grunts in the unit move forward in front of the Whitewall.
Arkadius activates, moves into the zone, and puts “Forced Evolution” on a Gorax. He casts Psycho Surgery, healing a bunch of warbeasts, Maltreats a Gorax for Fury back, casts “Crippling Grasp” on the Bluewall, and camps 1.
The first Gorax moves up and puts “Primal” on the War Hog near the Bluewall. It kills my left Stormpod.
The Next Gorax moves up and puts “Primal” on the 3rd Gorax (with Forced Evo).
THAT Gorax charges the Bluewall, and its attacks are enough to scrap the Bluewall.
The Primal’d War Hog runs into the wreck marker.
The Razor Boar that killed my Stormcaller on the left runs to engage the Whitewall and a Silverline.
Targ moves up and uses an Ancillary Attack get the War Hog to kill my Stormpod.
The War Hog then Tramples up to my line of Silver LIne. It buys all its attacks, killing 2, but most importantly the only one in the zone.
The Razor Boar on the right fails to kill another Silverline.

With that, Tim ends his turn and scores 3CP! This brings the game to 3-0 for Dr. Arkadius!

May 13th Unedited 026 May 13th Unedited 028 May 13th Unedited 027

Cygnar, Turn 3

I allocate 3 to the Whitewall, drop everything, and pull from the Squire.
Journeywoman goes first and aims a shot at the Razor Boar engaging the Whitewall and Silverline. I boost to hit… and hit! I boost damage, and crank it, inflicting 12 points of damage (on a 14-hitbox warbeast)! Woo!
Sadly… the only thing UNcrippled is its Mind, which in this context… is basically the only think I *need* crippled! Damnation!
Oh well. Silver Line get Charge Orders. The engaged one dies, but the other two in front of the Whitewall charge a Gorax and a Bone Grinder, while the other two near the right zone charge the War Hog.
I manage to Crit: Knockdown the Gorax (which was way more important than I realized), miss the Bone Grinder, and Crit: Knockdown the War Hog as well. Sadly, the unit leader is still engaged, and so can’t shoot Arkadius with the “Bonus Electrical Damage” gun.
Stormwall activates and moves forward. Boosts to hit the first big gun shot (needing 9s). Hits, and Tim Shield-Guards it off to the still-standing Gorax. I inflict moderate damage. Boost to hit the second big gun shot: Hits, and I inflict 10 points, which he transfers.
Whitewall rolls for Metalstorm shots and gets a total of 4. I decide to try to get a hard 9: all four shots miss.
Lastly, the Whitewall drops a Stormpod right behind Arkadius and boosts damage: I inflict a very disappointing 5 points (at Dice – 4).
Still, he’s out of Transfers and Shieldguards at this point…
The Squire runs up to be in position for Nemo.
The Stormcaller remaining moves up 6″ to try and get LoS to Arkadius… I get the line, but unfortunately the pod is 20.2″ away! Curses!
Versh walks forward (missed by the Free Strike) and can’t get anywhere NEAR close enough. He shoots at Targ and misses by a mile.
Nemo is all I have left. He charges the Whitewall for 8″ and then Energizes himself forward for another 2″, leaving him with 3 Focus needing for Electrical Blast… but Arkadius is well out of Nemo’s 8″ range for the spell. I cast it at a Bone Grinder that is out of range, hoping for a good scatter… which I do not get.
Score remains 3-0 for the Minions.

May 13th Unedited 029 May 13th Unedited 032 May 13th Unedited 031 May 13th Unedited 030

Minions, Turn 4

The War Hog Frenzies (from Primal) but can’t even charge out of the wreck marker it is in.
A Gorax gets Primal on itself, walks over to the Stormpod contesting the zone, and crushes it. Tim ends his turn, scoring 2 more CPs for dominating, and gets the win!

Victory to the Farrow!

May 13th Unedited 035 May 13th Unedited 034 May 13th Unedited 033

Post-Game Analysis

Maybe I should’ve tried for a longer game… if I could kill 2 of the Goraxes, I could probably keep the Whitewall safe (the War Hog isn’t a threat since it HAD to Frenzy that turn). Nemo could put Lightning Shroud on it for the extra damage, it charges in and kills as many Goraxi as possible, and then Junior swaps it for Arcane Shield. Then send all the Silverline into the other zone, along with Harlen and a Stormcaller… might’ve been enough to keep the game alive long enough for me to swing this back in my favour.

Tough to say, though, and certainly a pro player like Tim wouldn’t let me get away with such shenanigans without a fight!

Again, a huge thank you to Tim and Black Knight Games, and thanks for reading and/or listening and/or both!

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