Podcast 077 – Kaelyssa Vs. eDenny – Body & Force

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This week I was matched up against Todd’s fledgling Cryx.

We actually played this match-up last week in which Denny was assassinated by a slightly illegal Witch-hound shot on her own turn (We played it as written on the card but it turns out Witch-hound has been errated to only trigger once per attack).

I kinda wanted more practice against Body & Soul so I asked him for a rematch.  Lets see if we can do it with less cheating this time.

Todd was running a fairly typical Body & Soul tier list

Warwitch Siren
Warwitch Siren
Mecanithralls (Min)
Necrosurgeon + Stitch Thralls
Necrosurgeon + Stitch Thralls
Cephylax Overlords
Cephylax Overlords
Cephylax Mid Slaver + Drudges (Max)
Cephylax Mid Slaver + Drudges (Min)
Cephylax Mid Slaver + Drudges (Min)
I am back to my Retribution for the time being and one of the lists I’m really intrigued by is Kaelyssa’s Force Wall Theme force. I’ve been playing around with different builds and today I took:

House Shyeel Battle Mages
House Shyeel Battle Mages
Arcanist x 7


IMG_20150513_193558 (Large) copy IMG_20150513_193606 (Large) copy  IMG_20150513_193630 (Large) copy  IMG_20150513_193657 (Large) copy IMG_20150513_193705 (Large) copy

Cryx Turn 1

-Todd puts him upkeeps out on a bunch of my jacks

-Todd’s army walks forward because of Force Wall’s bullshit tier benefit.

IMG_20150513_194303 (Large) copy IMG_20150513_194313 (Large) copy IMG_20150513_194329 (Large) copy

Ret Turn 1

-Kaelyssa goes first and casts Banishing Ward 3 times to get rid of Denny’s upkeeps. Then she walks forward.

-Both Griffons run up the flanks.

-Hydra walks forward.

-Phoenix runs up the middle

-Manticores walk up left and right of center and put out covering fire templates in as annoying places as possible.

-Both battle Mages run forward and spread out.

-Artificer walks up and pops force barrier. IMG_20150513_194816 (Large) copy IMG_20150513_194824 (Large) copy

Cryx Turn 2

-Drudges on the right flank get a charge order but the closest one is out of range.  The rest run and tie up a couple Battle Mages and a Griffon.

-The large drudge unit on the left charge and just 1 drudge gets into melee with a Battle Mage and ends up missing.

-The other Drudge unit runs forward.

-Mechanithralls run forward.

-Nightmare runs forward.

-Denny runs up behind a wall for some “protection”.

-Deathjack runs to get back into Denny’s control.

IMG_20150513_200058 (Large) copy IMG_20150513_200112 (Large) copy IMG_20150513_200116 (Large) copy  IMG_20150513_200135 (Large) copy

Ret Turn 2

-Battle Mages activate and kill or tough a bunch of drudges and free up the Griffon on the right flank.

-Battle Mages on the left shift around and kill or tough a bunch of drudges.

-Hydra moves up and puts a shot into the Arc node and hits but didn’t cripple anything.

-Right Griffon gets a focus from arcanist and kills Warwitch Siren.

-Fully loaded Manticore on the right walks up and takes a bunch of shots kills a drudge and a stitch thrall.

-Phoenix shoots a drudge and kills it and another drudge and lights a nearby Cephylax on fire.

-Left manticore walks up and shoots some more drudges.

-Left Griffon walks up to toe into contesting range of the flag.

-Kaelyssa walks up behind the wall kills a couple drudges and pops her feat.

IMG_20150513_203548 (Large) copy IMG_20150513_203554 (Large) copy IMG_20150513_203605 (Large) copy IMG_20150513_203614 (Large) copy IMG_20150513_203622 (Large) copy

Cryx Turn 3

-Arc node moves up.

-Mechanithralls move up into position to control the middle flag.

-Drudges kill some battlemages on both sides.

-Denny moves up and pops her feat. She catches Kaelyssa the Hydra, the Phoenix and the Manticore and Griffon on the right.

-She casts a Hellmouth on a Battlemage to pull the Hyrda out of contesting range of the middle flag. This triggers Witchhound and I move the left Manticore into contesting range and take a shot at Denny that misses.

-Warwitch Siren sprays killing some of the contesting Battle Mages on the left flag.

-Deathjack Venoms some more Battlemages dead.

-Nightmare moves up near the middle flag.

IMG_20150513_211545 (Large) copy IMG_20150513_211554 (Large) copy IMG_20150513_211601 (Large) copy IMG_20150513_211611 (Large) copy

Ret Turn 3

-I decide to go for an assassination because I’m a bad player.

-My Arcanists top up the Hydra and give 2 to each Manticore.

-Hydra aims a shoot at Denny and misses.

-RIght manticore kills some drudges.

-Griffon kills a drudge near the right flag.

-Left manticore walks up and attacks Nightmare.  It uses 1 focus for +3 Strength and takes 3 attacks.  2 of them miss but the one that hits takes out one of Nightmare’s arms.

-Left Griffon walks up to jam Deathjack.

IMG_20150513_213401 (Large) copy IMG_20150513_213411 (Large) copy IMG_20150513_213431 (Large) copy

Cryx Turn 4

-Nightmare kills the Manticore

-Deathjack kills the Griffon

-Warwitch siren bases the left flag.

-Drudges charge the Artificer to take out the last model contesting the middle flag.

2-0 for Cryx

IMG_20150513_215714 (Large) copy IMG_20150513_215725 (Large) copy IMG_20150513_215734 (Large) copy IMG_20150513_215750 (Large) copy

Ret Turn 4

-Phoenix takes out Nightmare

-Arcanist runs to contest left flag

-Griffon on left takes out some more Drudges

IMG_20150513_220955 (Large) copy IMG_20150513_221003 (Large) copy IMG_20150513_221009 (Large) copy IMG_20150513_221015 (Large) copy

Cryx Turn 5

-Deathjack takes out my Phoenix.

-Siren kills the Arcanist contesting.

Cryx 3-0

Ret Turn 5

-Manticore kills Arc Node

-Hydra runs to contest left flag.

IMG_20150513_222617 (Large) copy IMG_20150513_222626 (Large) copy IMG_20150513_222632 (Large) copy IMG_20150513_222636 (Large) copy

Cryx Turn 6

-Deathjack kills the Hydra

Cryx Scores 4-0

I have nothing that can get into contesting range of the left flag.

IMG_20150513_223043 (Large) copy

IMG_20150513_223054 (Large) copy IMG_20150513_223102 (Large) copyVictory to Cryx



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