Podcast 083 – Cygnar (Sturgis) vs Mercs (Thexus) – Who Needs Feats, Anyway?

Wanted to get a game against Exulon Thexus into the Combo Smite repertoire… and in trying to figure out who would give a good game, I decided… hey… why not Sturgis?!

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(There are PLENTY of reasons why not to take Sturgis! But hey, it was fun!)

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Let’s start with the basics: Sturgis is a solid warcaster in a faction with super-powered warcasters (what I commonly refer to as the “Cryx Problem”). But more importantly, he doesn’t really bring anything *new* to Cygnar. Everything he does is done better by somebody else (Caine has a better assassination potential, eStryker has a better melee-assassination potential, pStryker is a better toolbox warcaster, etc… etc… etc…). But, that stated, he has my two favourite spells (Arcane Shield and Snipe), and some interesting abilities that I thought would let him have a solid fight against Thexus.

Marc’s List:

Commander Dalin Sturgis
– Squire
– Stormwall
Lieutenant Alison Jakes
– Charger (proxied by a Hunter)
Journeywoman Warcaster
Stormsmith Stormcaller
Arcane Tempest Gun Mage Pistoleers (ATGM)
– Officer (“The Dude”)
Black 13th (“B13″)
Lady Aiyana and Master Holt
Eiryss, Angel of Retribution (eEiryss)
Objective: Effigy of Valour

Scotty was dropping Thexus against me, and this was my first chance to go up against a true Cephalyx army. Many lessons were learned… among the most important is that Cephalyx warjacks are NOT warjacks, and do not have Cortexes (and therefore are immune to many things that target warjacks, like Domination and Disruption). Also of note is that Monstrosities are living models, and do not leave wreck markers when they die.

Scotty’s List:

Exulon Thexus
– Wrecker
– Warden
Alexia Ciannor and the Risen
– Dominator
Agitator x4
Mind Bender and Drudges (max) x2
Mind Slaver and Drudges (max) x2
Cephalyx Overlords
Objective: Bunker
(Tier Benefits: Ambush on Slaver units, Free Agitator)

Scenario: Recon (12×6″ zone aligned vertically midfield, with Objectives on narrow edges. 2 Flags on the midline, 12” in from each side. Dominate flags, destroy Objective, or Control central zone for 1CP, and Dominate central zone for 2CPs. No killbox).

Rolled initiative, Scotty wins and elects to go first. Marc takes side of the table with a hill


Marc places Stormwall on right side of center, near the hill.

Scotty elects to ambush with 1 unit of Slavers, deploys everything else. Thexus goes near trench on right side, with a unit of Mind Benders to the far right. The Wrecker and Warden go near Thexus. The other unit of Mend Benders flanks hard left, with the unit of Slavers going near the middle. Agitators spread out behind the infantry, and the Overlords and Alexia go near the middle.

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ATGM go near the forest to the left side. Jakes and her Charger (Bandit) go to the right near the hill along with the B13. Sturgis and his Squire go near the middle of the table, with the Journeywoman Warcaster behind the Stormwall. The Stormsmith goes behind the Stormwall to the right.
Rangers get Advanced Deployed into the forest on the left, and Eiryss gets placed on the hill to the right.

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Time to rock and/or roll!
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Cephalyx, Turn 1

Scotty allocates 1 Focus to each Monstrosity.
All the Drudge units run forward.
Alexia and the Risen also run forward, along with the Overlords and Agitators.
Thexus casts “Deceleration”, camps the rest, and charges into the Trench.
Both Monstrosities run forward, with the Wrecker going into the zone.

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Cygnar, Turn 1

Stormwall gets 3 Focus, Sturgis pulls from the Squire. Charger gets 1 Focus from Jakes.
Journeywoman Warcaster puts “Arcane Shield” on Stormwall.
Eiryss goes first and runs forward to get within 5″ of both Monstrosities. (Note: This does nothing. Monstrosities are not Warjacks!)
B13 move forward. Watts takes a Snipe shots at a Drudge that is out of range. Ryan fires her Magestorm, which scatters into a good spot but doesn’t hit anything. Lynch hangs back.
Jakes activates, casts “Sidekick” on the Charger and Energizer for 1 (to move the Charger forward, and her away from the table edge). She then walks towards the middle of the table.
Charger activates, walks forward, and pumps a fully boosted shot into the Warden. At Dice-8, inflicts a few points.
Sturgis activates and casts “Snipe” on the Stormwall (removing Arcane Shield) and Arcane Shield on himself. Walks forward.
Squire runs up behind him.
Aiyana and Holt activate. Holt walks straight forward, Aiyana hangs back and gives herself Stealth. Holt takes a shot at the Wrecker (out of range) and a Risen, and it Toughs.
Rangers activate. 2 Run froward, one near the Monstrosities, and the other near Alexia. The other 4 pull back behind the forest (pointlessly, due to Eyeless Sight on the Drudge-units).
ATGM activate and walk forward. First Snipe shot goes into a Risen to knock it down, opening LoS to Alexia for the rest of the ATGM. They all fire on her: the damage is transferred to Risen, some of who Tough and others die. Scotty is left with 6 Risen.
Stormwall activates and walks onto the hill. First big gun shot goes into Alexia, boosting to hit and damage: inflicts 13 points, enough to kill her. Scotty does NOT transfer any of the damage, and Alexia makes her Tough-check! Second big gun shot goes into the Wrecker, inflicting moderate (boosted) damage. Drops Covering Fire (one going far right, to protect B13 and Charger from Ambushing Drudges) and a Stormpod in the zone.
Stormcaller runs towards the middle of the table.

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Cephalyx, Turn 2

The Wrecker gets 1 Focus, and we’re off. Slaver unit Ambushes near Rangers on the left side.
Ambushing Slaver unit goes first, getting Run-Charge. 2 Rangers die to CMAs from charging Drudges.1 Drudge runs to engage another Ranger.
Mind Bender unit of the left walks forward and spreads out a bit. One of them gets “Concussive Blast” channeled through it to kill Eiryss: it does so successfully.
Alexia activates. Risen move forward (engaging a broken Ranger), Alexia forfeits activation and tries to moves forward and away from the Ranger. Risen aren’t able to kill anything.
An Agitator charges the broken Ranger: misses (needing a 7).
Wrecker activates and walks up to Ranger and Stormpod in the middle of the zone. Splatters both easily.
Thexus moves slightly in the trench and casts Deceleration again. Warden stays within 2″ for Shield Guard.
Left unit of Mind Bender Drudges run around Ryan’s Magestorm. Center unit of Slaver Drudges run forward (slowed by Rough Terrain).

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Cygnar, Turn 2

Stormwall gets 3, Snipe is dropped and Sturgis upkeeps Arcane Shield on himself. Jakes gives the Charger 3 Focus and upkeeps Sidekick.
B13 go first. Ryan drops a Magestorm on 4 Drudges in the middle of the table, vapourizing all 4. Watts and Lynch take shots at stuff that misses.
Charger aims and fires 2 shots into the Warden, fully boosting both, and inflicts moderate damage (about 10 boxes total, including last round’s shot).
Aiyana and Holt activate. Holt walks towards Slaver Drudges near Rangers, Aiyana successfully “Kisses” the Wrecker. Holt kills 2 Drudges, 1 of which Toughs.
Journeywoman Warcaster puts “Arcane Shield” on the Stormwall.
Stormwall activates and charges the Wrecker. Takes 1 point of damage from Magestorm. At Dice+5, barely manages to scrap it (missing 1 attack). Electroleaps clear out a bunch of Drudges. Drops a LIghtning Pod to try and kill an Agitator, but inflicts only 1 point of damage (dice-3).
Sturgis moves up to toe into the zone between the Objective and Stormwall. Shoots the Agitator, boosting to hit and damage, and kills it.
Gun Mages open fire, killing Alexia and 3 more Risen.
Stormcaller runs to choke up charge lanes between Slaver Drudges and my ATGM.
Lastly, Ranger tries to kill Drudge engaging it: Hits, but can’t kill (needs a 9). Other Ranger fails to Rally.

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Cephalyx, Turn 3

Thexus camps his full stack.
An Agitator close to the Stormwall moves up to it and activates the +2/+2 (Hit and Damage) bubble.
The Slaver unit in the middle of the table charges to get out of the way. One of them gets distance to get Watts: misses his attack. The rest run up behind him.
Far right unit of Mind Bender Drudges walk forward. 3 get close to the Charger and spray through him, getting Lynch, Ryan, and the Charger under their sprays. The Charger takes 1 point of damage, Ryan is missed all 3 times, and Lynch dies.
Flanking unit of Slaver Drudges charges, getting 2 on the Ranger back there, and another 2 on the Stormcaller. 1, attempting to run to engage Holt, dies to a free strike from the Stormcaller. The Drudges successfully kill the Ranger, but miss the Stormcaller.
Warden activates and runs for free, getting LoS to Sturgis.
Thexus activates and casts “Hex Blast” (arcing through the Warden) at Sturgis. Boosts to hit, needing a 12, and misses. The shots scatters onto 2 ATGM and kills 1 of them. Thexus moves away from the Stormwall, casts Deceleration, and camps 1.
Left unit of Mind Bender Drudges run forward into the forest.
4 remaining Risen activate. 3 run to engage ATGM, fourth charges my last Ranger and actually manages to hit and kill him!
Overlords move up and spray Sturgis 3 times, but miss all 3 times. They do inflicts 7 points of damage on the Objective, though.

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Cygnar, Turn 3

Stormwall gets 3 Focus again. Both Arcane Shields are upkept, Jakes gives 3 to the Charger and upkeeps Sidekick.
Aiyana and Holt go first. Holt charges a Drudge(*), and Aiyana successfully Kisses the Warden. Holt kills the charge target and pumps two shots into the Cephylax Mind Slaver, killing it on the 2nd shot.
Gun Mages walk away from engaging Risen. 1 gets hit and dies, others walk away. They open fire on remaining Overlords: they miss a couple times, hit and wound a couple times, and get Sac-Pawn’d off once.
Stormwall walks up the Warden (taking a free strike from the Agitator, who inflicts 2 points) and effortlessly punches it to death, killing an Overlord with electroleaps. Drops a Pod to hit a line of Drudges to the left, killing 2 of the 3. Buys 2 attacks on the Overlords, but needing 8s to hit, misses both times.
Jakes aims a shot at the Agitator, missing.
Journeywoman Warcaster walks to be within range, shoots the same Agitator: misses.
B13 activate. Watts shoots a Drudge to death. Ryan drops another Magestorm, hitting 2 Drudges and the Mind Bender Cephylax on the right: doesn’t kill any.
Charger activates and aims a shot at another Agitator: first shot misses, second shot hits and kills it.
Sturgis walks up and kills other Agitator. Camps 3 Focus.
Lastly, Stormcaller Triangulates. Misses a Drudge, hits the last Overlord for 1 point of damage, and misses a Risen.

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Cephalyx, Turn 4

Thexus camps everything (obviously).
Risen walk up to engage Gun Mages again.
Right unit of Mind Bender Drudges move up to B2B with Ryan and my Charger. Uses “Concussive Blast”: kills Ryan, does 2 points to the Charger, and kills another Drudge.
Last Agitator moves towards Watts and uses “Instigate” (+2/+2). Remaining Slaver Drudges hit and kill Watts.
Last Overlord sprays Marc’s Objective, hitting and doing 2 damage.
Mind Bender unit to the left activates and sprays over a bunch of ATGM. Kills 3 ATGM, including the Officer, and the unit breaks. Also kills 3 Risen.

At this point, Scotty runs out of time.

Victory for Cygnar!

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Podcast 082 035
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Post-Game Analysis

So a solid game, and a victory due to deathclock… but even if Scotty had more time, I think this game was mine. Stormwall walks up to the Objective and punches it to Death, Sturgis toes into the zone to dominate up to 3CPs, and Scotty is rapidly running out of models to combat the situation.

Now, that aside, Scotty didn’t really get much mileage out of TK, and I think it’s a sign that he’s still learning the game. The ability to use TK to create openings, get models into position, and empower assassination runs, can’t be overstated. Nick pointed out that Scotty had a very solid run with TKing Sturgis out from behind the Stormwall and charged by 3 or 4 Slaver Drudges (who hit like Mac trucks!). Might’ve worked! But he didn’t see it at the time.

As for me, I really should’ve Teleported Sturgis back near the Objective for the Cover bonus and to get further away from Thexus (to avoid him Hex Blasting off my Arcane Shield). Silly of me.

Anyway! Thanks for listening, and as always, we welcome any comments, questions, or thoughts!

4 thoughts on “Podcast 083 – Cygnar (Sturgis) vs Mercs (Thexus) – Who Needs Feats, Anyway?

  1. Hi Marc,

    I’m afraid Aiyanna can’t cast a spell if Holt charges – she’ll be obliged to run due to the order.
    It’s also better to boost if you need an eight to hit instead of buying another attack (or were you hoping to get an attack on something else besides the Overlord), seeing as Overlords go splat when they get hit by a Stormwall.

    • Hey Vinter! You are absolutely correct, of course! The (*) in the report is there to signify that I made a rather silly mistake…

      You’re also correct about the boosting-to-hit the Overlord (and then hoping that the electroleap kills the other one), but for some reason I thought I needed 1 Focus to boost damage against one of the nearby Drudges… so I bought an attack, then dropped the pod (and killed everything trivially), and then realized I didn’t need that Focus and so bought another attack! Silly of me!

      Thanks for the catch and the comment! Both appreciated!

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