Podcast 084 – Protectorate of Menoth (Anson Durst) vs Retribution (Lord Arcanist Ossyan) – Rock’em and Warjack in a Sock’em

combosmitebatrepVSAnother battle report coming your way from the COMBO SMITE crew.  This week Darrell (aka Not-Todd) took a break from his Trollbloods and busted out his Protectorate forces to face off against Todd (aka Not-Darrell) and his Retribution in a 50pt battle.

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Okay, let’s get right to the point.  There is a new Protectorate warcaster and I (Darrell) have a soft spot for paladins.  I’ve played paladins numerous times in D&D, on World of Warcraft, Dungeons and Dragons Online, Baldur’s Gate and pretty much any game I can get my hands on.  I love ’em.  On Combo Smite’s regular game day, my FLGs called me just as I was leaving work to let me know the new Protectorate warcaster had arrived.  I quickly drove over, picked him up and rushed home to assemble my new paladin in time for gaming that night.  What this all means is that while I did build two lists for the battle report this week, I had no intention of fielding my second list – paladins are just too cool.  Todd was going to smell what the Rock was cookin’ no matter what.  That or Anson Durst was going to burn the souffle.

Darrell’s List
Anson Durst, Rock of the Faith
-Repenter (proxied with a Redeemer because Marc is lazy and won’t get me one despite my having given him the money.  I suspect he has spent the money on hookers and crack)
Vassal of Menoth
Vassal of Menoth
Vassal Mechanik
Exemplar Errant Seneschal
Exemplar Errants (max) with UA
Exemplar Bastion Seneschal
Exemplar Bastions (max)
Choir of Menoth (max)

Todd ended up dropping Ossyan against the Protectorate Paladin.  This had me a bit worried as Todd is very experienced with Ossyan, and to be honest, usually wins when he uses him.

Todd’s List

Lord Arcanist Ossyan
Eiryss, Angel of Retribution (epic Eiryss)
Houseguard Thane
Stormfall Archers
Stormfall Archers
Houseguard Riflemen (max) with Officer & Standard
Houseguard Halberdiers (max) with Officer & Standard
Lady Aiyana and Master Holt

We only realized after the game that Todd was two points over, but we didn’t consider this too horrible an offense – especially because I didn’t notice either.



The scenario played was Incursion from the 2015 Steamroller document.  Todd won the roll and decided to go first so I chose the left hand side of the table because of the forest terrain.  This was in an effort to afford my Exemplar Errants some cover during their advance.





Todd placed his Stormfall Archer units on his far right behind the obstruction and wall.  Eiryss and Ossyan were placed next to them, followed by Hypnos and the Banshee.  The Arcanist was placed next to the Banshee with Aiyana behind the jacks and Holt behind the Arcanist.  Continuing the line from Todd’s left to right, the Halberdiers and UA are deployed single file on the 7 inch line and the Riflemen are deployed immediately behind them in single file as well.

RetdeployDarrell deployed his proxied Repenter (Proxipenter?, Reproxenter?, whatever), Reckoner, Reckoner and Repenter in base to base contact centrally on the 10 inch line. Durst was deployed in base contact with the Reckoner furthest to Darrell’s right.  The Vassals and Vassal Mechanik were deployed around the Warcaster and the Choir were deployed in a semi circle around them.  The Bastions were placed behind the two mud huts and the Bastion Seneschal was placed behind the unit of Bastions.  The Errants and Errant Seneschal were deployed in and around the woods on the north side of the board.  Lastly the one Wrack was placed in the woods behind the Errants and two were placed against the more centrally located mud hut.




 Retribution of Scyrah, Turn 1

-Ossyan allocated 1 to the Banshee, cast Admonition onto the Banshee, Quicken onto the Halberdiers then advanced forward
-Arcanist Advanced forward and Power Boosted Hypnos
-Banshee ran forward
-Hypnos ran forward
-Halberdiers walked forward and went into Shield Wall formation before Reforming
-Riflemen ran up behind the Halberdiers
-Aiyana & Holt ran up behind the house (obstruction)
-Houseguard Thane advanced
-both units of Stormfall Archers ran to the north side of the house and spread out behind the wall there (concealment)

IMG_20150708_192106IMG_20150708_192116Protectorate, Turn 1

-Anson Durst allocated 1 focus to each of his warjacks
-all warjacks ran forward ten inches toward the central flag
-both Vassals advanced, one behind each Reckoner, respectively
-Choir ran, spreading out behind the warjacks
-Anson Durst sacrificed his action to gain Cornerstone, cast Wall of Steel, pulled a focus off of the Wrack behind the hut, causing it to explode then advanced behind the warjacks
-Bastions ran forward between the mud huts
-Bastion Seneschal ran up behind the mud huts, adjacent to the Wrack
-Errants ran forward towards the Stormfall Archers
-Errant Seneschal ran along the north edge of the board towards the Stormfall archers

IMG_20150708_192939 IMG_20150708_192949



Retribution of Scyrah, Turn 2

-Ossyan upkept Admonition on the Banshee and Quicken on the Halberdiers
-Arcanist advanced and Power Boosted the Banshee
-unpainted Stormfall Archers stood still and shot at the Errants, killing a couple
-painted Stormfall Archers moved out of Eiryss’ way and took more shots at the Exemplar Errants, wiping out most of the unit and leaving the Errant Seneschal on a single wound
-Eiryss advanced and Disrupted the proxied Repenter
-Ossyan advanced, switched Admonition to himself and shot the northmost Reckoner with his Chronifer cannon, giving it -2 defence and keeping anything under the 4 inch AoE attached to it from running or charging.
-Aiyana and Holt advanced and Holt’s shots at the Errants missed or failed to break armour
-Houseguard Halberdiers used their mini-FEAT and killed the unproxied Repenter and engaged some Bastions and the rest of the Protectorate jack wall
-Hypnos advanced toward the central flag
-Houseguard Riflemen advanced and did some CRAs into the Bastions doing 14 total damage that was spread evenly throughout the unit.

IMG_20150708_195729 IMG_20150708_195738 IMG_20150708_195748

Protectorate of Menoth, Turn 2

-Anson Durst upkept Wall of Steel and neglected to allocate any focus
-The remaining Exemplar Errants charged two of the Stormfall Archers and Eiryss.  The Stormfall Archers were just out of charge range and the Errant that charged Eiryss failed to hit her.
-Errant Seneschal charged a member of the second unit of Stormfall Archers and killed him with his assault shot
-Choir advanced and granted Battle to all of the warjacks
-Anson Durst advanced into base contact with the southern-most Reckoner and killed one of the Houseguard Halberdiers that was standing in front of the Repenter wreck marker.  This caused him to explode in an Eruption of Ash, killing a second Halberdier in front of the Reckoner and hiding the warcaster behind a cloud.  Durst then pulled a focus off of the Wrack in the forest (which did not explode) and used his FEAT
-Vassal advanced and granted Ancillary Attack to the north-most Reckoner killing a Halberdier that was engaging the Repenter
-Repenter advanced, taking a free strike from an engaging Halberdier that failed to penetrate the FEAT boosted armour.  The Repenter sprayed down the Halberdier line killing two of them
-Vassal advanced granting Ancillary Attack to the Repenter, which sprayed and failed to kill any more Halberdiers
-Mechanik advanced into base with the northern Reckoner
-Both Reckoners attacked, each killing a Halberdier
-Bastions charged the Halberdiers, killing a few more, leaving the unit with two models which made their CMD check
-Bastion Seneschal advanced behind the Bastions

IMG_20150708_201315 IMG_20150708_201325



Retribution of Scyrah, Turn 3

-Ossyan upkept Admonition and advanced
-Stormfall Archer units advanced and shot, easily wiping out all but one of the Exemplar Errants and killing the Errant Seneschal
-Arcanist Power Boosted the Banshee (sensing a theme yet?)
-Banshee shot the Repenter with the momentum cannon, the slam killing a Choir member
-Aiyana and Holt issued a run/charge order with Holt charging and killing the last Exemplar Errant.  Aiyana stayed well back but within CMD of Holt
-Riflemen did several CRAs into the Bastions and reduced the unit to approximately 20 wounds (spread evenly because of Sanguine Bond)
-Halberdiers advanced into the Reckoners and a Bastion but their attacks failed to accomplish anything
-Hypnos advanced, shot and killed a Choir member along with a second due to blast damage
-Eiryss advanced into base contact with the north flag, shot and Disrupted the Repenter and scored the first CP of the game

IMG_20150708_203247 IMG_20150708_203259

1-0 Retribution

Protectorate of Menoth, Turn 3

-Anson upkept Wall of Steel and forgot to allocate to the Reckoners
-Choir advanced and sang Battle, catching all of the jacks
-Mechanik advanced and repaired the damaged Reckoner
-Vassal Ancillary Attacked a Reckoner killing the central Halberdier
-Bastion Seneschal advanced
-Bastions charged the Riflemen, killing some
-Disrupted Repenter sacrificed it’s action to stand and advance toward the flag Eiryss was camping
-South Reckoner advanced into base contact with the central flag and took a shot at Hypnos, Flaring him but doing no damage
-Anson Durst sacrificed his action for Cornerstone, advanced into base contact with the flag camping Reckoner and cast Deflection.  He cast Boundless Charge on the other Reckoner
-The Boundless Charged Reckoner charged Hypnos, knocking out his right arm
-The second Vassal did an Ancillary Attack on the Repenter, which rolled a 9 to hit and kill Eiryss, clearing off the north flag

IMG_20150708_204246 IMG_20150708_204258 END TURN 3 IMG_20150708_2057441-0 Retribution

Retribution of Scyrah, Turn 4

-Ossyan allocated 3 Focus to the Banshee, upkept Admonition, FEATED and shot the Repenter, boosting damage and doing a considerable amount to the light jack
-Aiyana and Holt advanced, Aiyana casting Kiss of Lyliss on the Repenter successfully.  Holt followed this up by doing a large amount of damage to the jack
-Stormfall Archers tried to advance around the flag to start scoring CP, but didn’t have quite enough movement to get the entire unit within 4 inches of the flag.  They then shot at the Repenter, easily removing it but failed to kill any Choir that were targeted by their remaining shots
-Second Stormfall Archer unit ran toward the flag
-Arcanist ran into base with the north flag to control it
-Riflemen backed out of melee with the Bastions, losing some to free strikes but doing more damage to the Bastion unit with their remaining ranged firepower.
-Banshee charged the Reckoner, removing it’s Cortex
-Hypnos attacked the same Reckoner, leaving it on 9 boxes
-Houseguard Thane ran into the midfield

IMG_20150708_205744 IMG_20150708_205749

2-0 Retribution

Protectorate of Menoth, Turn 4

-Anson Durst upkept Wall of Steel and allocated two Focus to the Reckoner with an intact Cortex (not in B2B with the flag)
-Choir advanced and sang Battle
-Mechanik advanced to repair the damaged Reckoner but was just out of range
-Bastion Seneschal ran into base contact with the south flag
-Vassal advanced, and Ancillary Attacked the rear Reckoner to swing at Hypnos doing some damage
-Bastions issued a run/charge order on Hypnos and the Riflemen, killing a few Riflemen and damaging Hypnos
-The focus allocated Reckoner advanced and attacked Hypnos buying a second attack which was enough to wreck the Myrmidon
-The heavily damaged Reckoner then attacked the Banshee but failed to destroy it
-Anson Durst was just out of range of the Banshee’s howl so cast Deflection, pulled a Focus off of a Wrack and advanced into base contact with the flag camping Reckoner and attacked the Houseguard Thane but missed.  Durst bought a second attack and turned the Thane into an ash cloud
-Vassal on the north side of the board advanced into the wreck marker of Repenter toward the north flag and killed the Arcanist on the flag with an Arcane Bolt (another hard 9)

IMG_20150708_211140 IMG_20150708_2112272-1 Retribution

Retribution of Scyrah, Turn 5

-PANIC MODE, clock is getting low
-Ossyan allocated 3 Focus to the Banshee and upkept Admonition
-Banshee attacked the flag camping Reckoner, missed it’s first two attacks but still managed to wreck the Protectorate warjack
-Aiyana and Holt advanced, Holt into combat with the Vassal that killed the Arcanist but the gunslinger failed to kill the Vassal (Menoth protects those who please him, even if they are dirty sorcerers).  Aiyana landed Kiss of Lyliss onto the remaining Reckoner
-Stormfall Archers advanced to control the north flag and shot at the last remaining Protectorate warjack, destroying it with brutal damage shots
-Houseguard Riflemen ran to contest where they could
-Ossyan ran to the north flag

IMG_20150708_211950 IMG_20150708_2120023-1 Retribution

Protectorate of Menoth, Turn 5

-Bastions Seneschal advanced into base with the south flag and attacked the contesting Rifleman, killing him and controlling the flag
-Bastions advanced (no charges because of the Banshee) attacking the Banshee with two and wiping out the Riflemen with the rest
-Mechanik advanced into base with Aiyana and clubbed her with his wrench, killing her (third hard 9 of the game).  Holt made his CMD check
-Vassal in base with Holt advanced, remaining in base with Holt and Arcane Bolted a Stormfall archer in base with the north flag, killing him and removing Todd’s ability to score CP
-Choir advanced into melee with the Stormfall Archers, managing to actually kill one
-Central Vassal advanced out of the Banshee’s howl range and Arcane Bolted another Stormfall Archer off of the board
-Anson Durst advanced into base contact with the central flag and into melee with the Banshee.  He pulled a Focus off of the Wrack behind the hut, causing it to explode.  He then attacked and destroyed the Banshee (it only had 3 boxes left).  Durst cast Deflection and ended his turn to score 2 CP for the Protectorate.

IMG_20150708_212946 IMG_20150708_212952


Retribution of Scyrah, Turn 6

-Ossyan upkeeps Admonition and advances into base with the north flag
-Holt kills the Vassal in base contact with him and shoots two Choir members, killing them
-engaged Stormfall Archers kill the remaining Choir members
-unengaged Stormfall Archers run to contest the central flag

IMG_20150708_213712 IMG_20150708_2137284-4 TIE GAME!

Protectorate of Menoth, Turn 6

-Bastions advance to kill the Stormfall Archers and clear off the central flag, this allows the turn to end with 6 CPs for the Protectorate of Menoth and 5 CPs for the Retribution of Scyrah



 Post Game Analysis

Wow, what a game!  This game was quite a bit of fun and went right to the end.  Nearly both armies were destroyed to a man/elf and 6-5 CP.  To top it off, Todd had about two minutes left on his clock and I had about four minutes left on mine.  This was a great game that swung back and forth for the first 5 turns.  I did have some rolls go in my favour (rolling 3 hard 9s) but Todd had some spiked damage rolls as well.

In talking about the game afterwards, there were quite a few points in the game that would have influenced the outcome.  Some points of interest, if Todd had managed to get more than one model into base with his flags he would have negated by 9s to clear the flags or had the Errants been in range to charge the Stormfall Archers we may have seen a completely different game.

While I admit that I made some mistakes during the game, that is to be expected for the first time playing a list – not to mention a brand new caster.  I think that Anson Durst is going to make it into my two list tournament pairing for the Protectorate of Menoth.  I’m certain that the best battlegroup for The Rock is double Reckoner and double light.  The jacks can advance as a pair to benefit from Durst’s Wall of Steel spell, and to pose a bit of a piece trade conundrum to opponents – additionally a Defense 14 (at range) battlegroup is an issue for some armies to deal with.  I also think that Errants are not the best choice to field with Anson Durst.  They have a tendency to range too far from him to benefit from deflection.  In the future I think I’ll replace the Exemplar Errants and Seneschal with Temple Flameguard and Pyrrhus or Horgenhold Forgeguard and Attendant priest.  It will help my jamming potential with the list as well.  The only problem now is going to be resisting my special unique snowflake tendencies to make a truly competitive pairing.

Thanks for reading/listening.  Please post comments and constructive criticism below.

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