Podcast 088 – Tournament 018 – Time Traveling Tournament!

Okay, this is much less of a time-travel than originally expected… see, we were SUPPOSED to record another podcast this week, but SOMEBODY (cough-Todd-cough) had to go and see some band in Toronto.
“Can’t Tie” or “Glideloop” or “Skidhitch” or something like that. So as a result, we’re using our banked Podcast for this week, and we’ll use this week’s podcast for NEXT week and oh dear I’ve gone cross-eyed…

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A huge thank you to Darrell for the fancy graphics… Nick, Darrell and I all attended a tournament a few weekends ago, and I thought it might be interesting to hear how we did!
I was bringing my usual eHaley/Siege (possibly for the last time? Possibly for the 2nd last time? Hard to say!), Darrell was rockin’ a pReznik/Durst pairing, and Nick was furthering the Legion-OP by playing eVayl/Saeryn.

I got paired up against a Retribution player Round 1 who dropped Garyth into my eHaley to somewhat predictable results, and Darrell and Nick were (tragically) paired against each other.

Round 2 we all played different people, though, so that was an improvement…
DURSTVSGRIM eHaleyvsBradigus eVaylVseHaley
Nick still had to play into eHaley though (poor guy), while Darrell attempted to chew through the monstrosity of a Mountain King (say what you will about the MK as a model, they ARE remarkably hard to take off the table sometimes!), and I played against a Team Canada Captain (hi Chandler!) who dropped Bradigus into me.

Last round, and Nick and I play each other (for the first time in MONTHS!)…
SiegeVseVayl ReznikVsAshlynn
Also, Darrell gets to play Bubba’s Ashlynn list. Super educational (and Bubba finally gets to see Cleansers on the table! So everyone learned something!).

Thanks for listening, and more batreps next week! With more weird time-travel-y goodness!

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