Podcast 105 – Legion (pVayl) vs Menoth (Durst) – My Armour versus His Cracking

It sometimes surprises people that Legion doesn’t have a tonne of in-house ARM-cracking. A few pieces that do it really remarkably well, granted, but not a huge swath of options.

Of those options, pVayl may be the best, so let’s find out how she handles the enormous ARM-skew that is Durst!

January 16th Batrep 009

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So my current Durst build, which I am 75% content with, is as follows:

Anson Durst, ROCK of the Faith
– Hierophant
– Judicator
– Reckoner
– Reckoner
Choir of Menoth (max)
Vassal of Menoth x2
Vassal Mechanik
Holy Zealots of Menoth (max)
– Monolith Bearer
Eiryss, Angel of Retribution (eEiryss)
Objective: Fuel Cache

I like the list, it’s solid and good. If I were to change anything, it would be to drop the Mechanik and minimize the Choir for 2 extra points to take Anastasia, but that’s just because going first with Durst is often enormously important to prevent him from losing on scenario. As a counter-point, if I were a better player that wouldn’t be necessary, but I’m not, so I’m still considering it.

My opponent for this game, Phil, was trying out an eVayl/pVayl pairing, and of the two, pVayl was the safer choice (less game against Harby, but Harby is often a risky drop into Legion). His list was as follows:

Vayl, Disciple of Everblight (pVayl)
– Typhon
– Scythean
– Scythean
– Seraph
Hex Hunters (max)
– Bayal, Hound of Everblight (Officer)
Spawning Vessel (max)
Objective: Fuel Cache

I’m interested to hear what Nick thinks of the list… always nice to have two Legion players on the ‘cast at the same time!

The scenario we were playing was “Recon” (central 6×12″ zone aligned narrow-side towards you, Objective on the near side, and Flags 12″ in from the sides of the table. Killbox is no.

We rolled for initiative, which I won and elected to go first. Phil took the side of the table with the hill, and we deployed.


Marc set up his Judicator near the middle of the table (closer to the water) with the two Reckoners to the left and Durst beside them. Choir and Vassals behind the warjacks (with 2 Choir up next to them, just in case), and the Holy Zealots on the far left. Eiryss went to the far right, and the Wracks went with 2 up field, and 1 behind Durst.

January 16th Batrep 007  January 16th Batrep 008

Phil deployed his army with Vayl near the middle (close to the hill), the Scytheans to either side and Typhon to Marc’s left. The Seraph went near the middle. The Hex Hunters were AD’d in clumps of 5 in front of Vayl, and the Spawning Vessel went to the left, slightly behind the Hex Hunters.
January 16th Batrep 004 January 16th Batrep 006 January 16th Batrep 005

Time to rock and/or roll!
January 16th Batrep 010

Menoth, Turn 1

– Marc allocates 1 Focus to each Reckoner and the Judicator generates 1.
– Zealots run forward and spread out.
– Eiryss heads down the right flank in an extreme flanking maneuver
– Choir activate and shuffle forward a bit, singing “No Shooting” on the warjacks.
– Reckoners and Judicator run forward.
– Hierophant “Harmoniously Exalts” Durst.
– Durst casts “Deflection”, “Wall of Steel”, and then Charges forward, ending up B2B with the Judicator
– First Vassal of Menoth activates, moves up, and gives an Ancillary Attack to the Judicator. It launches a rocket at the Hex Hunters, and then gets “Direction 1, Distance 6”, tagging 5 of the Hex Hunters in the blast. It kills 3, wounds Bayal, and fails to kill 1.
– Other Vassal and Mechanik both run forward to be B2B with the Judicator.
January 16th Batrep 013 January 16th Batrep 016 January 16th Batrep 015 January 16th Batrep 014

Legion, Turn 1

– Hex Hunters run forward to tie up some Zealots, leaving a few in the trench
– Vayl casts “Slipstream” on herself and puts “Leash” on Typhon. She then moves forward, pulling Typhon along and Slipstreaming a Scythean up the table. She ends up on the hill. She then casts “Chiller” on the Hex Hunters.
– That Scythean then runs forward towards the trench.
– Typhon runs forward onto the hill.
– Seraph activates, casts Slipstream, and pulls the closest Scythean forward while moving up.
– That Scythean goes towards the Judicator
– Spawning Vessel moves up and spits out a Shredder- Shredder moves forward and puts “Tenacity” on Typhon
– Forsaken pulls a Fury off somewhere, Shepherds move up and do Shepherd stuff.

January 16th Batrep 017 January 16th Batrep 021 January 16th Batrep 020 January 16th Batrep 019 January 16th Batrep 018

Menoth, Turn 2

– Judicator generates 1 Focus, Durst upkeeps “Wall of Steel”, allocates 2 more to Judy, and 2 to one of the Reckoners.
– Hierophant “Harmoniously Exalts” Durst again.
– Choir activate and sing “Battle” on the warjacks.
– Judicator activates and moves up behind Marc’s objective. Launches rockets at Vayl: she’s about 2″ out of range, and the rockets scatter all over the place. Final death toll from random scatters: 2 Lunch Ladies, a Shepherd, 4 damage on the Forsaken, and another Hex Hunter. 2 Flamethrower blasts vapourize Bayal and a few other Hunters.
– Reckoner with Focus moves forward and takes a shot at the further-back Scythean. Boost to hit, hits (no crit), boosts damage, and inflicts about 8 boxes.
– Other Reckoner moves up and shoots same target, needing a 7 and misses.
– Vassal gives Ancillary Attack to the Judicator, launches a rocket at Vayl that scatters harmlessly away.
– Other Vassal gives Ancillary Attack to Reckoner to shoot the Scythean: hits and cripples its Body.
– Zealots activate and shuffle around. 4 go B2B with the Judicator, the rest swing maces or lob grenades at Hex Hunters. They pray for Battle. Leave Phil with 2 Hex Hunters after the dust clears.
– Durst goes into Rampart Guardian Stance and moves up B2B with the Judicator and a Reckoner. Pops Feat, pulls a Focus from a Wrack (no boom), casts Deflection again.
– Eiryss moves into a trench and takes a shot at the Scythean closest: hits and inflicts a single point through Sniper.
January 16th Batrep 022 January 16th Batrep 026 January 16th Batrep 025 January 16th Batrep 024 January 16th Batrep 023

Legion, Turn 2

– Phil pulls in all his Fury, upkeeps Chiller and Leash.
– Vayl starts by moving forward and Slipstreaming the Scythean up a bit. Leash pulls Typhon forward. She pops her Feat, casts “Incite”. Heals the crippled Scythean for 1 to bring it back to full operational power.
– The Seraph activates, moves up, and Slipstreams Vayl up another 2″. It gets 2 shots, both of which go into Zealots out in the open and kill them.
– The Hex Hunters activate. The one by the Reckoners moves up a bit to give them the -2DEF from Chiller, while the other takes a swing at the Monolith Bearer. The Monolith Bearer gets hit, and Marc figures it’s not worth pawning off the hit (dice -6 damage): Phil promptly kills the Monolith Bearer. Stupid, stupid, stupid.
– Scythean charges the closest Reckoner and, with Incite and Bloodbath and the -2DEF from Chiller… easily scraps the warjack. Also puts 7 damage on the Objective from Bloodbath (and gets lit on Fire)
– Other Scythean charges the Objective. First hit scraps it (oops). Scythean then puts a few points of damage on the Judicator, but nothing to write home about (9 points, I think?).
– Typhon walks forward and sprays a bunch of Zealots very dead.
– Shredder puts “Tenacity” on Vayl.
– Spawning Vessel spits out another less (Stinger, this time) and moves further up.
– Stinger charges forward and kills the last Zealot
– Shepherd pulls fury off of something.
– Vayl’s Feat triggers, and 10 of her models get to move: she only has 9. Scytheans, Typhon, and Seraph all pull back, as does Vayl (heading to the back corner of the zone). Shredder and Stinger move up.

Phil scores 3CPs (1 for destroying the objective, 2 for dominating the zone)

January 16th Batrep 027 January 16th Batrep 031 January 16th Batrep 030 January 16th Batrep 029 January 16th Batrep 028

Menoth, Turn 3

– Judicator generates 1 Focus and is allocated 2 more. Durst upkeeps Wall of Steel and allocates the remaining 3 to the Reckoner.
– Hierophant “Harmoniously Exalts” Durst.
– Choir sing “Battle”
– Mechanik attempts to repair the Judicator: fails.
– Durst activates, pulling a focus from a Wrack (boom) and casting “Boundless Charge” on the Judicator. He then drops the Hex Hunter, which erupts into ash.
– Judicator charges the full health Scythean, also engaging the Seraph. Burns through his initial attacks and 1 bought attack to rip the Scythean to shreds, and 2 bought attacks put a huge amount of hurt on the Seraph.
– Vassal moves up and gives the Judicator “Ancillary Attack”, which polishes off the Seraph.
– Reckoner walks over the wreck to toe into the zone and takes a shot at the Scythean, boosting to hit and damage and puts a few more points on it.
– Vassal moves up and gives “Enliven” to the Reckoner
– Eiryss walks through the forest to shoot the Shepherd: Misses on snake-eyes.

Score stays 3-0 for Legion.

January 16th Batrep 032  January 16th Batrep 038 January 16th Batrep 037 January 16th Batrep 036 January 16th Batrep 035 January 16th Batrep 034 January 16th Batrep 033

Legion, Turn 3

– Vayl pulls in her Fury. There’s a Threshold check on the Stinger, which it passes. She drops Leash (no more Chiller due to no more Hex Hunters)
– Vayl casts “Incite” and shoots the Judicator for a few point, then Hoarfrosts it for a few more. Heals the Scythean back up to full function.
– Typhon charges the Judicator (free from Fuel Cache) and burns through all his Fury, but manages to scrap it.
– Stinger charges the Vassal of Menoth, misses, buys an attack, and manages to kill it.
– Scythean charges the Reckoner. Hits it once for a stunning 12 points of damage (doesn’t cripple anything), and the Reckoner walks away, still in the zone but out of melee with the Scythean- Phil curses loudly
– Shredder charges Durst, but is out of range.
– Other Shredder runs to engage the Reckoner
– Spawning Vessel moves up. It has 2 corpses from the Seraph and Scythean: the Lunch Ladies swing into each other’s back arcs but don’t manage to generate another corpse.
– Shepherd charges Eiryss: misses.
– Forsaken pulls the Fury off of Typhon, maxing out.

Score stays at 3-0 for Legion!

January 16th Batrep 040   January 16th Batrep 045 January 16th Batrep 044 January 16th Batrep 043 January 16th Batrep 042 January 16th Batrep 041

Menoth, Turn 4

– Durst drops “Wall of Steel” and allocates 3 to the Reckoner.
– Hierophant “Harmoniously Exalts” Durst.
– Choir move up. 1 sings “Battle”, the rest swing on Shredders and the Stinger: a surprising number hit (needing 9s), and they manage to cripple the Shredder and put a few points on the Stinger.
– Durst pulls from a Wrack (boom) and walks up to the Scythean, taking a free strike from the Stinger (5 points) and the Shredder (nothin’). He takes his Initial attack plus 2 bought attacks on the Scythean, vapourizing it and dropping a cloud. He casts “Boundless Charge” on the Reckoner for 1, and then swings on a Shredder with his last Focus, obliterating the Shredder and inflicting some more damage on the crippled one through another Eruption of Ash (leaving its Mind and Body out).
– Reckoner activates and charges Typhon (free strike from the Shredder misses), staying well away from Vayl. Assault shot misses, but it only takes a few bought attacks to scrap Typhon, leaving the Reckoner on 2 Focus. Oops.
– Vassal Mechanik swings on the Stinger, inflicts a few points.
– Eiryss walks over into the zone and drops the Forsaken at long range.

Score stays 3-0 Legion

January 16th Batrep 046 January 16th Batrep 051 January 16th Batrep 050 January 16th Batrep 049 January 16th Batrep 048 January 16th Batrep 047

Legion, Turn 4

– Phil pulls in his Fury and cuts for 2.
– Vayl moves up into the wreck, staying out of 2″ from the Reckoner and barely getting Durst within 8″. She shoots and automatically hits him for 3 more points of damage. She casts Hoarfrost, but Durst is DEF19 in the cloud and engaging the Shredder, and the spell flies wide.
– At this point, Phil has 30 seconds on his clock, Vayl is camping nothing, and he ends his turn.

January 16th Batrep 054
January 16th Batrep 055January 16th Batrep 056

Menoth, Turn 5

– 3 to the Reckoner, Durst camps 3.
– Hierophant blah blah blah.
– Choir blah blah blah.
– Durst casts “Boundless Charge” on himself and charges Vayl. Boost the charge attack, hits, and inflicts 22 points of damage, vapourizing the Legion warlock, converting her into a cloud of ash.

Victory to Menoth!

January 16th Batrep 057 January 16th Batrep 060 January 16th Batrep 059 January 16th Batrep 058

Post-Game Analysis

Phil was feeling the time crunch on his last turn. Otherwise, he could’ve walked the Shredder away (so Durst was no longer in melee), THEN shot and cast at him (DEF15 is a lot easier to hit!), healed the Stinger for 1, the Stinger turns around and stabs Durst in the back, and that’s probably game.

I was really surprised at how easily the Reckoner dropped under Durst’s Feat. It took the Scythean’s full stack, but I’ll have to remember that his Feat isn’t enough to keep Reckoners at DEF12 safe (if it weren’t for Chiller, it would be a different story, but Vayl could’ve just cast it on the Scythean itself, so it’s probably safe to say that it’ll always be up). And stupid, stupid mistake with the Monolith Bearer, although I will state that since he wiped out all the Zealots anyway, not a huge difference.

Interesting side-note: putting Zealots B2B with a Judicator on Durst’s Feat turn against a Scythean: BAD idea. The Scythean takes its 2 Initial attacks on the Judicator (almost certainly hitting), and then gets its Bloodbath attacks on the Zealots: at which point you let them die, or you have to let the Scythean (at POW19) hit the Judicator once for every Zealot. No bueno!

Anyway! Thanks for listening, and we always welcome feedback!

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