Podcast 107 – Ontario Team Championship Analysis: Studying Is Fun!

Combo Smite has 2 full teams attending the Ontario Team Championships, a local version of the World Team Championships. This year, 24 teams from Ontario, Quebec, and the Northeastern United States will be attending the event, and the hosts have collected and tabulated the lists. This week, we’re going to dive into the numbers and talk a bit about the WarMachine and Hordes meta!

Link to the Party Foul numbers themselves! Just as a head’s up, after recording we studied a few of the lists, and there seems to be some errors (Nick found at least 3 pXerxis “Fist of Halaak” tiers, for example, and Marc found at least 1 eVyros tier), but we’re still very grateful that they crunched the numbers as much as they did!

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Totals: 24 Teams, 128 Individuals (5 per team plus a few teams with spares), 256 Lists.

Breakdown by Faction:
Cryx: 21 (16%)
Menoth: 18 (14%)
Legion: 17 (13%)
Trolls: 15 (11%)
Cygnar: 15 (11%)
Circle: 12 (9%)
Khador: 9 (7%)
Skorne: 9 (7%)
Retribution: 8 (6%)
Mercs: 2 (1.5%)
Minions: 2 (1.5%)

“Average” would be 10.6 players per Faction (or about 8% each), assuming 12 Factions.

Most Popular Warcasters/Warlocks
Lylyth2: 12 lists (5% of the entire field, or approximately 1 in 20 lists total)
Harby: 11 lists
pSkarre: 9 lists
eKrueger, Durst, eHaley, pDoomy, eGaspy: 8 lists
eFeora, eThags, Doomy3, Ravyn: 6 lists
Gaspy3, Denny3, Haley3, Shade3, Gunnbjorn, pVayl, eVayl, Bradigus: 5 lists

Average would be about 1.7 lists per warcaster (150 warcasters total for 256 lists)

Tier Lists:
Runes of War (Doomshaper1): 8 lists
Will of the Nine Voices (Ravyn): 6 list
Immovable Mountains (Doomshaper3): 6 lists
Wold War (Bradigus): 5 lists
Machinations of Shadow (eVayl): 5 lists
Crusaders of Sul (eKreoss): 2 lists

Of note: In all cases, the above warcasters were only taken in their tier lists. Nobody is playing Ravyn out of tier, for example.

Most popular: eHaley (8) and Haley3 (5)
Special Unique Snowflakes: Nemo3, pStryker, eStryker, Siege, pCaine (1 each)
Not taken at all: pNemo, eNemo, pSturgis, Darius, Blaize, Stryker3
Surprises: Sloan (2) taken more than pStryker (1) OR eStryker (1).

Most popular: Harby (11) and Durst (8)
Special Unique Snowflakes: pKreoss, eSevy (1 each)
Not taken at all: pFeora, Ad-Raza, pReznik, eReznik, Testament, Thyra, Vindictus
Surprise: More Durst (8) than eFeora (6).

Most popular: Butcher3 (4), and Harkevich and Vlad2 (2)
Special Unique Snowflakes: Vlad1, Vlad3, eZerkova, Butcher2, pSorscha, eSorscha, pIrusk, eIrusk, Old Witch, Karchev
Not Taken at all: pButcher (!!), pZerkova, Strakhov
Surprises: Very wide field, only 3 unplayed warcasters!

Most popular: pSkarre (9), and eGaspy (8)
Special Unique Snowflakes: eGoreshade, Witch Coven, Mortenebra (1 each).
Not taken at all: pGoreshade, pGaspy, Terminus, Scaverous, eSturgis
Surprise: More Denny3 lists (6) than pDenny lists (5)

Most popular: Ravyn (6), and Issyria (4)
Special Unique Snowflakes: Rahn, pVyros, Garryth (1 each)
Not taken at all: Ossyan, eVyros (!!), Kaelyssa,
Surprises: No eVyros, and no eVyros tier, is a surprise. Thyron was taken twice.

Most popular: Doomy1 (8) and Doomy3 (6)
Special Unique Snowflakes: Borka, eGrim, eDoomy, eMadrak (1 each)
Not Taken: One of the Borkas, pGrissel, eGrissel, Jarl
Surprises: Only 2 Calandra lists. Although perhaps not that surprising

Circle Oroboros:
Most popular: eKrueger (8) and Bradigus (5)
Special Unique Snowflakes: Cassius (1… it’s you, isn’t it Todd?)
Not Taken: pBaldur, pKromac, pMorvahna, Grayle, pKaya, eKaya, pKrueger, Mohsar
Surprises: Only 6 warlocks taken total

Most popular: Lylyth2 (12) and eThags (6)
Special Unique Snowflakes: pThags, Kallus, eAbby (1 each)
Not taken at all: pAbby, Bethayne, Rhyas, eTwins, Lylyth3
Surprises: Somebody is playing Kallus!

Most popular: pXerxis (4), then 4-way tie for 2nd with 3 lists (pZaal, eXerxis, eHex, Fatty)
Special Unique Snowflakes: Makeda3, pMorghoul, Mordikar (1 each)
Not taken at all: pHex, pMak, eMak, eMorghoul, Naaresh, eZaal,
Surprises: No pXerxis in tier, apparently? Insane.

Mercenary and MInions:
Most popular: Rask (2)
Special Unique Snowflakes: Barnabus, Jaga-Jaga, Exulon, Cyphon, Bart, Durgen
Not taken: Ossrum, Gorten, Shae, Ashlynn, Fiona, MACBAIN!, Damiano, pMagnus, eMagnus, Calaban, Helga, Arkadius, Carver, Maelok, Midas, Sturm & Drang
Surprise: Nobody took Arkadius (therefore no Arkadius tier) or some of the “stronger” Merc casters (Ossrum or Ashlynn).

Talking Points:
Why so much Cryx?
Few teams have doubled on a Faction: 2 Trolls, 2 Protectorate, 2 Cygnar, 2 Skorne, 2 Circle, 2 Cryx (potentially twice, depending on Alts)
Any surprises overall? What lists or warcasters worry you most?
Impact of the errata?

0 thoughts on “Podcast 107 – Ontario Team Championship Analysis: Studying Is Fun!

  1. It’s quite simple and not shocking that Lylyth2 is on the rise again, all the chatter I hear from the American Podcasts discuss that Byran Whites WMW victory in the masters with Lylyth2 has made people dust her off again and bring her to the table. The Blightbringer was just the icing on the cake for L2 at the same time she won WMW.

    • Distinctly possible. It’s just an awful *lot* of Lylyth2. There are as many lists with Lylyth2 as there are eHaley and Butcher3 COMBINED. Or both Vayls and pThags combined. It’s nuts.

      I mean, she was always good, no question. But if you told me that she would be the most popular warcaster (and then told me Harby would be right after her), I’d never have believed you. My money would’ve been on Gaspy2 all day, and he wasn’t even the most popular warcaster in Cryx!

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