Podcast 109 – Thagrosh2 vs. Doomy3 – Battle of the Beast Bricks

This week I am taking on Darrell’s Trollbloods with my Legion. It feels like a really long time since I’ve done a battle report. I hope I remember how to do this.

IMG_20160217_190237 (Large) copy

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Both of us are practising our lists that we will be playing for the upcoming Ontario Team Championship so both of us knew what list the other was dropping.

Our Lists!

Spell Martyr

My Thags2 list is my dedicated armour cracker and is my go to for most Hordes matchups but especially Trolls, Skorne and Legion. Doomy3 is going to be popular so I’m looking forward to getting some more practise against him.

Doomy3 + pyg buddy
Fire Eaters
Fire Eaters
Max Stone + UA

Darrell is practising his Doomy3 list which he also needs to get more familiar with as well.

I win the die roll and choose 1st turn. Darrell exercises his gamer apathy and take the side of the table his models were on.


IMG_20160217_183022 (Large) copy IMG_20160217_183029 (Large) copy IMG_20160217_183033 (Large) copy IMG_20160217_183037 (Large) copy

Legion Turn 1

-Thags puts out some Tenacities on both Scytheans and a Raek and moves forward.
-Both Scytheans run up between the wall and house.
-Raek runs up as a screen
-Protectors both run up behind Scytheans to keep them safe from potential Fireeater charges.
-Raek runs up left flank.
-Feralgeists run up to keep all beasts in their command.
-Forsaken pull off some fury and walk forward.

IMG_20160217_184224 (Large) copy IMG_20160217_184234 (Large) copy IMG_20160217_184237 (Large) copy IMG_20160217_184240 (Large) copy

Trolls Turn 1

-Fireeaters run forward and spread out wide
-Battlegroup runs forward
-Doomy dumps his stack into the Krielstone and runs forward
-Stone pops its aura and runs up

IMG_20160217_184404 (Large) copy IMG_20160217_184428 (Large) copy IMG_20160217_184432 (Large) copy

Legion Turn 2

-Thags casts slipstream walks up (Porting right Scythean up) casts Manifest Destiny, puts Dragon’s blood on the left Scythean and pops feat.
-Shredder puts Tenacity on left Raek.
-Left Raek walks forward and kills 2 Fire Eaters.
-Right Raek walks up and kills 2 more Fire Eaters.
-Seraph slipstreams and walks up and ports left Scythean forward.
-Left Scythean charges Mulg and leaves him on 6 boxes.
-Right Scythean can’t get to Mulg so he kills the last Fire Eaters.
-Protectors shuffle up to clog the board.
-Feralgeists run up to get beasts in command.
-Feat attacks: Scythean tries to finish Mulg and leaves him on 2 boxes. One Raek moves up to try to get it done and fails to wound him. The rest of the beasts pull back and try to stay safe from counterattack.

IMG_20160217_190215 (Large) copy IMG_20160217_190221 (Large) copy IMG_20160217_190232 (Large) copy IMG_20160217_190237 (Large) copy

Trolls Turn 2

-Doomy feats and puts up implacability and uses the free animus scroll.
-Krielstone does armour and Spirit Chaser.
-Mulg heals a bunch, kills the Scythean and Raek snacking to heal some more.
-Storm troll shoots at Shredder looking to e-leap to a Forsaken and misses.
-Axer rushes itself and charges Raek. He kills it with his 2nd last attack and the Feralgeist jumps in and his last attack misses.
-Pyre walks up and fires at Scythean and misses. Scatter still hits it and lights it on fire.

IMG_20160217_192152 (Large) copy

IMG_20160217_192157 (Large) copy IMG_20160217_192203 (Large) copy IMG_20160217_192208 (Large) copy IMG_20160217_192213 (Large) copy

Legion Turn 3

-Thags cast Manifest Destiny and puts out Tenacity on his beasts and toes the killbox.
-Seraph slipstreams Forsaken forward.
-Forsaken Blight Bombs, catching Mulg, the Axer and the Storm troll. Mulg takes 9 damage which is still not enough to take him out because Darrel did so much healing last turn. Storm takes nothing and axer takes a bit of damage.
-First protector tries to do some work on the Axer and does 1 wound after which Darrel heals 3 from Doomys feat. So ya…..
-The rest of my stuff shuffles around and tries to protect Thags and my Scythean.
-Possessed Raek jams Mulg.
-Feralgeist gets into position to jump into some beasts.

Trolls Turn 3

-Doomy puts up implacability and does a scroll and puts e-leaps on Storm troll.
-2 of the Krielstone charge the Raek and kill it to unengage the Storm troll. Feralgeist jumps back into engage it (or rather be engaged by it)
-Storm troll punches the Feralgeist and kills it. E-leap fails to kill Forsaken.
-Axer does a bunch of damage to both Protectors and shredder.
-Earthborn walks up and misses a ton of attacks against my DEF13 Protectors and can’t handle my overwhelming ARM19 and is gets virtually nothing done.
-Pyre shoots at Scythean and misses and scatters nowhere.

IMG_20160217_195821 (Large) copy IMG_20160217_195830 (Large) copy IMG_20160217_195836 (Large) copy IMG_20160217_195843 (Large) copy

Legion Turn 4

-Thags puts up Manifest Destiny again and puts Tenacity on all the things since it seemed to work pretty well last turn.
-Forsaken walks up and Blight Bombs Axer and Earthborn.
-Seraph goes to town on Axer doing very little damage.
-Other Forsaken retreats from Storm troll.
-Shredder puts 2 more attacks into Axer.
-Protectors each put 2 boosted attacks into the Earthborn and leave it with lots of boxes. (Cheating)
-Scythean walks up and finishes off Earthborn.

IMG_20160217_201452 (Large) copy IMG_20160217_201456 (Large) copy IMG_20160217_201459 (Large) copy

Trolls Turn 4

-Doomy rushes himself and walks to his flag and puts up implacability.
-Pyre puts flaming fists on Mulg.
-Krielstone does its thing.
-Storm walks forward to cut off Forsaken from the middle of the table.
-Axer kills Shredder and Protector (twice?)

Legion Turn 5

-Forsaken walks forward and blight bombs tagging Storm and Axer, doing some damage.
-Protector gets out of Thags’ way.
-Thags charges into Mulg and finished him with his claws so the Feralgeist can jump in then kills the Axer.
-Seraph runs to contest Doomy’s flag.

IMG_20160217_203307 (Large) copy IMG_20160217_203314 (Large) copy IMG_20160217_203319 (Large) copy

At this point Darrell concedes since he had 30s left on his clock but in reality only the terrorists win.

0 thoughts on “Podcast 109 – Thagrosh2 vs. Doomy3 – Battle of the Beast Bricks

  1. You’ve probably been asked this before, and I apologise if the answer is available somewhere really obvious that I haven’t thought of, but: what sort of setup do you use for making the video reports? I’m interested in doing some video content (not ripping off your shtick or anything) but I don’t know how you get those cool top-down shots (by way of example).

    • Nick will be able to answer better than I, but we use a pretty basic setup for the most part: single camera on a tripod for now. The “trick” is just finding something tall enough to put the tripod on: most of the time Nick sets the camera on the table itself, which really helps get a good angle for the video.

      For our commentated reports, we then speed up the video to double speed to cut down on the inactive time, but obviously we don’t do that for live or tournament games.

      Thanks for the question, I hope that helps!

  2. Nice! I’m still trying to figure out how to manage Doomie 3, so this is very helpful.

    I also have an awful tendency to treat The Forsaken as support I can ignore right up until 2 of them melt my entire battlegroup.

    • As a Cygnar player, I have learned that the first step to beating Legion is usually killing all of their support (Shepherds specifically, but Forsaken as well). It’s a rare game that any of them survive past turn 3 unless something has gone horribly, horribly wrong.

      And this is important, because I almost ALWAYS have too much Focus on something. Gotta get those buggers dead!

      • The lists I play tend not to have the shooting I can spare on Shepherds and The Forsaken. That might be a Skorne vs. Cygnar thing, or I might just need to play Raider, Shaman, and Incindiarii more in my Legion drops. Sniping is always worth it vs. Cryx.

    • I ran the numbers as well and came up with 50.1%. I am not very confident in my ability to use that app very well though.

    • Unlike Domination or Rampager, Spirit Bind doesn’t say anything non-character so it looks like this time we didn’t screw it up.

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