Podcast 111 – Ontario Team Championships Wrap Up – Arcane Assisted!

It’s that time of year again, folks… the Ontario Team Championships have come and gone. Nick and I managed to rope the two hosts of Arcane Assist into helping out with one of our teams this year, and it was an incredibly fun time!

A big thank you to Matt and Tim for helping out, both with the team and with this week’s podcast!

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Overall, Team Combo Smite featuring Arcane Assist came in 10th, near the top of the 2-2 teams, and I’m extremely proud of how everyone did. Sure, we may not have gone home with the gold, but we played good games, had a lot of fun, and learned a valuable lesson about sharing (well, not really, but it sounds good!).

Here are a few shots I took of my games from the event:

Round 1 versus Cryx (eSkarre)

IMG_20160305_104724 IMG_20160305_114724My Harby list *hates* Krakens. Can’t crack the armour on the things… so I’m grateful I managed to grind out a scenario win before that monster got into a zone!

Round 2 versus Khador (Butcher3)

IMG_20160305_152919 IMG_20160305_133839Playing against Bubba is stressful at the best of times… he’s an incredible player, knows his list flawlessly well. It doesn’t help when Ruin is charged by 2 Steelhead Cav (with Flank), 3 Errants, the Errant Seneschal, 4 Knight Exemplar, a Devout, and then a +5 Knight Exemplar over the course of 3 turns and doesn’t die (and, correspondingly, kills everything within 2″ of him each and every time). Turns out that Ruin does not have a pre-programmed kill-limit…

Round 3 versus Trolls (Doomy1)

IMG_20160305_164005Hey kids, wanna know what the most single-sided matchup I have ever played was? This one. Runes of War into this Harby list is RIDICULOUSLY strong for Harby. There are, like, 4 models on my entire side of the table that can be targeted by spells, and only until I get the Covenant within 11″ of all his stuff. Yeah, it was bad for poor Raymond… he played a solid game, but there was basically nothing he could do.

Round 4 versus Minions (Rask)

I don’t know why Minions players keep dropping Rask into my Harby. This is probably the 6th time it’s happened? And it always goes the same way. Derek put up a good fight, and was 0.5″ away from winning, but the end was almost a foregone conclusion.

Thanks for listening, folks! Let us know if you have any questions… we’re still planning on doing a brief episode with Combo Smite Team 2 in the future, but I don’t know which week that will air!

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  1. Just in case anyone cares, in the last game vs. JP, he had killed Alexia1 a turn earlier. He had to put the double boosted Sunder Spirit into Acosta, who was blocking the Bronzeback’s landing zone.

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