Podcast 116 – MK2.5 Batrep! pReznik Vs. Cyphon

Not-Todd Vs. Not-Darrell

So this week Darrell and I had the envious task of trying out the spoiled rules up to this point.  Those being:  Free focus for ‘Jacks during the control phase, focus when Monstrosities are damaged and not loosing it, multiple reach ranges (Nick’s favourite), and last but not least the dreaded pre-measuring. (Spoiler alert; the sky isn’t falling.)

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Darrell brought two bags’ worth of armies to play this day, apparently he likes his options, and decided on the following Menoth List:

High Executioner Servath Reznik  Judgement of Fire Tier 4
* Devout
* Reckoner
* Reckoner
* Vanquisher
* Hierophant
Choir of Menoth (Leader and 3 Grunts)
Exemplar Cinerators (Leader and 4 Grunts)
Flameguard Cleansers (Leader and 5 Grunts)
Flameguard Cleansers (Leader and 5 Grunts)
The Wrack (3 wracks)
Vassal Mechanik
Vassal of Menoth
Vassal of Menoth

Tier bonuses from the list are:  Cheaper Reckoners and Wracks can be up to 20″ from Darrell’s edge, advance deployment for Cleansers, free wracks, and +2 speed for ‘Jacks during first turn.

I’ve played against this list before using Exulon Thexus and it hurt… a lot.  Darrell has told me that this is anti Cryx-style list.  In that anything that relies on magic to get it done is going to have a difficult time.

My list is a different version of the Oppression Overwhelming list I have been running.  This one features a smaller battle group and more Mind Benders.  The logic being more Cephalyx for their spectacular abilities, as well as their ability to put focus onto the Monstrosities in the new edition.

Cognifex Cyphon Oppression Overwhelming Tier 4
* Warden
* Warden
* Wrecker
* Wrecker
Mind Slaver & Drudges (Leader and 5 Grunts)
Mind Bender & Drudges (Leader and 5 Grunts) x6

The scenario we were playing was Close Quarters, I won the roll and opted for the side with the forest, as eyeless sight would let me abuse it.  Pictured below is the board after deployment and my advance movement.

001-depl copy

Menoth Turn I:


  • Free focus to his battle group.
  • Cleansers run to the ’50.’
  • ‘Jacks also fun forward, except the Devout.
  • Reznik advances, puts Iron Aggression on the north reckoner and Ignite on the Cinerators.
  • Cinerators run forward and spread out.
  • Devout goes B2B with Reznik and does spell shield.
  • Support pieces get into their relevant support positions.

002-T1a copy

Cephalyx  Turn I:


  • 1 focus allocated to the Warden.
  • 2 Mind Bender Units charge the Wrecker, giving it free focus, as does the Agitator.
  • Third unit charges the 2nd Wrecker.
  • Agitator charges the second warden.
  • Warden and 2 Wreckers move to hide behind the forest to steal the Alpha. Warden stays in between the Wrecker and where Cyphon will go.
  • Cyphon advances behind the wall, casts Onslaught and Perseverance onto the Purple Warden.
  • All units on the North run as far forward as they can, without clumping too much, trying to engage the guns.

003-T1B copy

Menoth Turn II:


  • Free focus for Battle Group, upkeeps IA and Ignite
  • North Cleansers decimate the Drudges in front of them
  • Vanquisher pre measures into an ideal position and attempts to shoot the Cephalyx leader, shot is sac pawned to a drudge.
  • Ancillary shot scatters wide. (Darrell laments not putting up Enliven.)
  • Reckoner has vendetta against one drudge in particular, kills him dead.
  • Cleansers on the south put a CRA into the Wrecker, setting it and the Warden on fire. (Mild damage to the Wrecker, no damage to the Warden.)
  • Reckoner shot into the Wrecker is shield guarded by the Warden for minimal damage. (Ancillary shot does little to the Wrecker, who is now full on focus.)
  • Cinerators move into counter charge position by the ‘Jacks.
  • Reznik camps fat stacks.

004-T2A copy

Cephalyx Turn II:


  • Fire does not go out on anything. Light damage to the Monstrosities, drudges mostly die.
  • Drudges on the north move into concussion pulse positions and take out some Cleansers.
  • One runs between 4 cleansers, Cyphon cast Empathic Overload and takes them all out before FEATing.
  • Agitator moves into Instigate range by the Southern Reckoner.
  • First Wrecker charges, misses its charge attack and leaves the Reckoner on 5 boxes.
  • Warden charges a Cinerator to clear a path for the second Wrecker.
  • Second Wrecker wrecks the Reckoner and a couple models nearby.
  • Purple warden (henceforward known as Prince) charges the Vanquisher and takes out the Cortex and melee arm.
  • Drudges run into the forest, ready to charge forward next trun.

005-T2B copy

Menoth turn III:


  • Free focus, all spells upkept, no focus given out.
  • Cinerators charge into the first Wrecker and heavily damage it.
  • The Devout tries to finish off the Wrecker but can’t.
  • Reznik charges in and easily finishes the Wtecker off, Wracking it in the process. He FEATs.
  • Cleansers try to clear the drudges swarming them, but my tough checks have woken up.
  • Vanquisher is able to do much against the Warden with Perseverance and FEAT up. (ARM 23.)
  • Reckoner gets two souls from the Reclaimer, then charges for free thanks to IA and does good damage, but doesnt cripple anything.
  • Vassal puts Enliven on the Reckoner.
  • Still no point, much to Nick’s annoyance.

06-T3A copy

Cephalyx Turn III:


  • Fire goes out on my Monstrosities, but not on Prince.
  • Cyphon goes first, backing away from Reznik, and casting Onslaught again.
  • First Agitator puts up Instigate. At the time I forget about the second part of reznk’s feat, so her is set on fire as it is a spell.
  • Drudges charge in and clear out most of the Cinerators.
  • Second Agitator has to move up the get in Instigate range, valiantly setting himself on fire in the process.
  • Wrecker kills the last, as well as another Cleanser and the Wrack, which takes out his brain.
  • A Drudge attacks another Wrack, toughs, but Darrell spikes the roll and takes out the Warden’s brain. (Merd!)
  • One last concussion pulse takes out the last cleanser on the North side.
  • Still no points.

007-T3B copy

Menoth Turn IV:


  • Free focus, no allocation, upkeeps IA.
  • Reclaimer fills the Reckoner who finishes off Prince while the Choir sings of doves crying.
  • Devout softens up the Wrecker for Reznik.
  • Reznik casts a harmoniously exalted Engine of Destruction and dispatches the two injured Monstrosities. Creating another Wrack and camping 2.

008-T4A copy

Cephalyx Turn IV:


  • Nothing to upkeep, nothing to allocate. Fire goes out on one Agitator, the other 2 die.
  • Lower units of Mind Benders Adrenal Flood 3 Drudges, who move past the newly crucified Warden.
  • Agitator puts up Instigate.
  • 3 Drudges charge in at MAT 11, P&S 19 and tear Reznik limb from limb.

009-T4B copy





4 thoughts on “Podcast 116 – MK2.5 Batrep! pReznik Vs. Cyphon

  1. I’m kind of curious about the “major” item that Eiryss2 had that is missing from her MK3 version? Are you missing the technological interference? (For me, I don’t mind not seeing that on her new card, because I don’t play Ret).
    One major change I noticed with Eiryss2, she only strips enemy upkeep spells, compared to all upkeep previously (although the caster taking d3 damage to maintain it is a little bit sad face). I also like the addition of Purgation, I think it will work better for me that Whiplash, because I always forget she has Whiplash.

    I’m definitely looking forward to MK3, I think it will be a nice change for the game (although, with these changes to Merc/Minions.. it looks like I might have to go get some Gator models now, no more being a Bacon Purist)

    • Yeah, the Technological Interference (that’s the automatic 5″ bubble of Disruption that works on Colossals) is big, but the auto-remove upkeeps is what concerns Nick the most. Retribution doesn’t have a lot (read: almost any) upkeep removal in Mk2, although to be fair neither does Cygnar (no Purification warcasters in this house!). Aside from Haley3, of course…

      I like the Mk3 version of her (with the charge and Assault, she has a 75% chance to kill a Journeywoman warcaster if it tries to upkeep its spell), and the addition of Blessed weapons on her is HUGE. She has a very different role, and she’s no longer auto-include for your 2nd list. I really like her, but she’s *currently* not the powerhouse she was in Mk2… but as with everything, that’s only true if you take her Mk3 rules and play her in Mk2 situations. Who knows? Maybe she’s ungodly powerful in the new meta!

      Only time… will tell…

      • I agree. Thinking about it though, I feel like she presents choices now (such as the option to take damage instead of letting the upkeep drop), and I like anything that adds more choice. Hopefully there is more of this in mk3, but like you said, only time will tell

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