Podcast 119 – Cygnar in Mk3, Full Analysis (FOUR HOURS!)

So, let me outline my Sunday for you: Wake up at 7:50, crawl to my computer, call Nick and Skype for four hours to record our podcast…

And then from 2pm until 7:30, I edited that podcast we recorded! And now you awesome people can listen to the fruit of my entire Sunday worth of labour! Do let us know what ya think!

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0 thoughts on “Podcast 119 – Cygnar in Mk3, Full Analysis (FOUR HOURS!)

  1. You guys says “fantastic” to almost every unit and jacks in Cygnar, makes it hard to me to figure out which one is the better over the other..

    • Yeah, it’s tough. I think the take home message here is that almost all of the units and models in Cygnar have a role, and they do that role really well. Will a Cyclone ever be an ARM-cracker? Probably not. But if you want a cheap infantry-mulching machine that can have great scenario presence, man is it a great warjack. And so on. Very, very few “duds”, and lots of stuff that’s good at what it does.

      Will that hold for the other Factions? Hard to say…

  2. Do you really think the Trencher army will be any good? To me it seems like too many points focused on killing things you just won’t see on the table very much at all (massed troops). I mean, even with Cryx I’m looking at multiple heavies as the basic battlegroup. My current thinking is Barathrum, Inflictor, Slayerand as a starting point then add/upgrade from there. With possibly only a unit of Raiders as the main infantry in many lists.

    Cygnar have amazing infantry clearing powers, best in the game at that probably? But it feels like that aspect is playing into a meta that isnt going to be nearly as strong/prevalent. Or maybe I’m just bitter about all the Cryx units being gutted, but it honestly feela like even the ‘premier’ infantry faction, that even PP said they wanted to be about infantry is really more about jacks and won’t bring that many bodies. Maybe it will be more of an anti-khador thing? Although they seems to be able to run some scary heavy armour lists.

    • I’ve played Trenchers a couple times now (with Sloan), and they’re still really good. They hold a flank pretty well on their own, the weapon crews are now worth their points, and as a toolbox unit, they’re very powerful.

      They die to Nyss in droves, granted, but to every paper, a scissor and all that.

      I will admit for raw face-smashing, it’s hard to beat Stormblades, but Trenchers are jack of all trades, and do it will. High POW CRAs when needed, respectable charge damage, and they always have something to do (unlike Stormblades, which run and/or mini-Feat every turn until they get in the fight).

      So is there a place for them? Yes. Not in every list, certainly, but if you’re already bringing a crap-tonne of ARM-cracking in your warjacks (like a Sloan list), they’re a good addition to make sure you won’t be too screwed against just about anything.

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