Podcast 120 – Retribution of Scyrah Review, Slightly Delayed

Hey folks! Good news, bad news… good news is that Nick and I spent 4 hours today recording a complete Retribroken of Scyrah review, just like we did for Cygnar! Yay!


Bad news is that my recording software decided that it was simply TOO AWESOME to ever be released, and completely crapped out without any indication. Since this is the 2nd podcast we’ve lost in 4 attempts, old software is gone and I’m going to be using some new program from now on. Or programme. Whichever.

Nick and I will sit down on Wednesday are RE-record all glorious 4 hours (hopefully a touch faster this time, Mr. Grawburg?), and release it when we’re done, but you’ll have to wait until then, with our apologies!

Until then: Helynna is awesome, Ossyan is broken as hell, Aspis are too legit, and Phoenix are the best Swiss Army knives in the game. Thanks for your patience, everyone!

(And happy Independence Day to all our American listeners! We Canadians celebrated the birth of our nation 3 days ago, but I’m told this day is “a thing” to most Americans, so enjoy it!)

0 thoughts on “Podcast 120 – Retribution of Scyrah Review, Slightly Delayed

    • We just finished recording it! I’m editing it right now (2 hours in… another 2 hours to go… maybe 3… it’s LONG), but it’ll be up tomorrow!

      Unless I strangle myself first. ^_^

      • Awesome I really appreciate it. It’s really tough getting into war machine as it’s missing a lot of the resources that something like magic the gathering has. But this will help a lot giving me an idea of what’s viable in the game. Thanks a lot guys!

      • Our pleasure! I hope the ‘cast is useful to you: and if you have any questions about playing Retribution (or WarMachine in general!), feel free to fire us off an email or a message on Facebook. We’re always happy to help out fans as best we can!

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