Podcast 122 – Mercenary Megasode! Mercasode? Megamercmasode!

Who wants over 5 hours of us discussing every model in Mercenaries (and all the Minions that will work for Mercs)?

No? Time for you to head elsewhere, pardner.
Yes? Do we have a treat for YOU!


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So some things we get wrong that I caught already:
1. Near the beginning of the episode, I mention that Reinholdt has a “small” anti-Stealth ability. I thought (incorrectly) that it was within his CMD. It is not… we catch it about 4 hours after I originally screw it up, but yeah.
2. Nick periodically says “CMA” when he means “CRA” (should be obvious from context), and occasionally says things like “Spray 10, Range 12” instead of “POW 12”. It was a LONG podcast, and we finished at 3am.

There is more! Let us know if you’d like, and we appreciate any and all feedback, of course!

0 thoughts on “Podcast 122 – Mercenary Megasode! Mercasode? Megamercmasode!

  1. Your efforts to think over your grades didn’t go unnoticed by me, I had no real issues with any grades in this episode, I think that magnus2 feat is actually quite good, but I do see the danger involved in using it, so I think that is a topic worth a debate. The Subduer is actually my favorite heavy right now in cephalyx due to its possible 17″ threat range under thexus and 14″ threat under cyphan. (11″ base threat with the drag gun and +4 from TK, +2 from feat, not including rampager, all with 3 pow 18 attacks, because you’re going to boost that hit roll). I think Shaw and a Talon is the only way to play him, 11 points and it’s a fine shield guard with a hand cannon XD, though I agree the talon is likely the worst jack in mercs. The warden is useful since shield guard can be used to Hyper agression itself up, give it a focus and have free slams with follow up, Any solos/pop shots can really back fire with this. I think mercs are in a great spot, and the one thing you guys pointed out no one else seems to about collossals is that they may not focus multiply like many heavies due, but they amplify a casters 1 support spell to its maximum.

    • Awww, thanks! I’m glad we’re getting better!
      The Magnus Feat is great into Melee lists, but as a Cygnar/Protec player, I rarely run melee lists so to me it just seems like a very risky liability. I *suppose* if you can hold onto it until late game, it can be really powerful, like Nick mentioned, allowing you to claim a flag or zone for a couple turns with little change of retaliation.

      Shaw with a Talon is a good pair, I agree. And the same cost as a Vanguard but probably better

      As for colossals… there’s certainly still a place for them in the current meta. But it’s going to take practice to get proper mileage out of their remarkable point investment!

      Anyway, thanks for the feedback, and glad we were more on point this time around!

    • The Warden using shield guard to intentionally proc Hyper aggressive is some pretty sweet tech. That brings him up a touch on my book because it’s extra threat range that many opponents will not see coming before it’s too late.

  2. About the talon: he can have a place to counter heavy jack spam, especially if you run him with eMagnus. What he needs to do is run to engage 2-3 enemy heavies and buy you time. They can’t simply walk away because of stall, and they have to spend their activations to destroy this guy. And with eMags, this is 14″ run and armor 20.

    • Thanks for the comments!
      Nick’s main beef with the Talon is that for 4 points more, you get a Nomad, which does everything the Talon does better (except making warjacks stationary, natch).

      As for me, I can sorta see a place for them occasionally (as speed bumps, as you mention), but I’m still not sold on them. If the stationary affect worked against warbeasts as well, then yes. But as it is, it’s a REALLY selective role that could almost always be better filled by a different warjack or unit.

      But I’ve heard a lot of rumblings about Bart + Talons, and that does seem particularly good.

  3. Also, guys, I am amazed that I missed two rules about Cephalyx, which you opened my eyes to.

    I didn’t even realize that Warden has one extra armor (which is awesome, because his main use is to stay near the caster and protect him from ranged attacks by simply being there).

    But the second one is just a bomb: there is beat back on the Wreckers’ weapons! This just adds so many potential movement shenanigans to the already strong Cephalyx heavy game, totally awesome!

    • Glad we could help!
      Cephalyx are really strong. Nick took them to a tournament on Sunday and did really well with them! And they terrify me slightly when I see them across the table… Cygnar is good at chewing through Infantry in general, but man does their infantry ever hit really, really hard. It’s like inverse-Pokemon… gotta kill ’em all.

      Again, thanks for listening and commenting! We really appreciate!

  4. Regarding Rocinante’s name, in Spanish is a way of designating a small horse, usually weak or starvated. I suppose Ordic won’t go very far from that.

    • Really!? That’s amazing! I literally no idea… and my parents are Spanish!

      … well, Argentine. But they speak a form of Spanish.
      Thank you for sharing that! Awesome!

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