Podcast 128 – Convergence Review!

So, we talked about Convergence for as long as we could… which is about 2 hours.
Not bad, not bad… and hey, Convergence is still a lot of fun as a Faction. Listen to us talk all about it!

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And with this, dear listeners, we are done all the WarMachine/warcaster Factions! Woo!

That “only” leaves the 5 Hordes Factions (Trolls, Skorne, Legion, Circle, and MInions). We are going to do those, and I think Nick is excited to talk about Legion sooner rather than later, so look forward to those coming soon!

At this rate, we should be done by late October, which ain’t bad!

Thanks for listening, and as always, love to hear any and all feedback!

0 thoughts on “Podcast 128 – Convergence Review!

  1. I just got around to listening to this one. I’m not a CoC player, but I will say that I agree that recursion isn’t dead. Getting bodies back on the table is still good, especially if it’s a pretty low investment of resources. It’s just not as much of a no-brainier as it used to be. McThralls were still the second most popular Cryx unit in the analysis in the Cry-a-sode comments.

    • Yeah, there’s definitely still something to be said about Recursion. High Reclaimer can only do it once, and he’s a damn force to be reckoned with! I agree that it’s trickier, but that doesn’t mean it’s dead by any extent!

      Thanks for the comment!

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