Podcast 132 – Troll Full Faction Review!

Hey. You got plenty of water? A few snacks? Perhaps some emergency rations?

‘Cause this one is almost 6 HOURS long. Yeah. We went there.

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Big thank you to Darrell for helping out for the first hour and a half! We really appreciate! And do let us know what you think we got right/wrong!

0 thoughts on “Podcast 132 – Troll Full Faction Review!

    • Huh, that’s an interesting suggestion. I don’t know if I can do those fancy hyperlink timestamps (that take you to the right point in the podcast), but I might be able to just list when various points start in the podcast.

      Thanks for the suggestion! Gimme a few days.

  1. At least one of my consistent opponents is mainly a Trollbloods player, so this was a much appreciated rundown. I have to admit, I’m really liking these 5-6 hour podcasts, since I can listen to one of them for most of a week’s worth of driving. I’ll be sad when you decide to return to regular-length podcasts that actually let you get sleep.

    Seems like Trolls have a pretty good internal balance. The units and beasts are mostly decent, with a couple you’d need specific synergy (like Snipe) to consider, and one or two genuine duds. There is definitely at top 3 for Warlocks, but most of them can run a solid second list that does interesting things.

    • As always, thanks for listening and commenting!
      I was thinking (for about a minute) of doing a Super Megasode where I string together ALL the Faction reviews into one, massive 70 hour podcast. “Hey, need to stay up for a week straight? Have we got the podcast for you…”

      That lasted exactly as long as it took me to realize that it would be about 7 gigs and we simply don’t have the space for it on the website. Nor would anybody be able to download it. Ever.

      But it was a funny thought.

      Anyway! Yeah, Trolls are really well positioned in the meta. A lot less “Wow, this sucks” than in any other Faction this far (and that includes Cygnar!). A few selectively useful pieces, but that’s okay!

      Really interested to see what our Skorne review will highlight this week. We’re recording on Wednesday, so I’m doing homework on the Faciton until then!

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