Podcast 133 – Skorne, Low Sodium Megasode!

Sure, there’s a lot of salt about Skorne these days. But there’s also a lot of good. And Nick, Kassem, and I sit down for 5 hours to talk about all the good in Skorne.

Yes, there is at least 5 hours worth of good stuff in Skorne. Come learn all about it!


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11 thoughts on “Podcast 133 – Skorne, Low Sodium Megasode!

  1. This is pretty great so far (I’ve gotten into units) It’s very refreshing to hear people sounding excited about the potential of Skorne models. So far, I pretty much agree with what’s been said, although I think you’re underselling the Legends and Siege Animantrax. Legends need support to shine, but they’re the best damage output we get from a unit point for point. Combo Smite also comes up a lot more than you’d think. The Animantrax is a skirmishing ranged model first and foremost. It’s super independent, and gets work done in melee in the late game. It’s definitely not for all casters. It’s done pretty well for me so far with eHexy.

    It’s also nice to see the humble Brute getting the recognition it deserves. Those guys are incredible.

    • Thanks for the feedback!
      Interesting perspective on the Legends. I agree that if you can get them into combat, they hit like trucks… I’m concerned about getting them there, though.

      And you’re right. Combo Smite is fantastic.

      The Animantrax was *way* better than I expected! Boosting mechanics are always good… I’m just not convinced that letting it boost ranged attacks would “break” it in any way. But oh well. Still, a perfectly cromulant battle engine.

      And the Brute is incredible.

      • Pfffftthhhh “anonymous”

        That was me. I’m about to start on Warlocks tomorrow morning.

        I liked the discussion of our 1-wound infantry. The big problem with our non-Karax infantry is that the current gun heavy meta chews them up, and the ‘jack heavy meta doesn’t give them much to do. There’s nothing particularly wrong with Nihilators or Swordsmen, but its really hard to justify them over a cheaper unit that’s more likely to make it to combat.

        I also don’t think the Karax UA will be an autoinclude. It’s definitely good, but sometimes you just want 10 chumps to stand in the way.

        Anyway, your most egregious oversight by far was failing to say “Rat: Irrelephant” for any of the Titans.

      • Alright! I finished!

        Skornedlover mentioned Hexy 2 bringing a good anti infantry game on his own. He does, but that’s not why I think he’s so strong right now. IMO, Hexy 2 is strong because he brings a little control, and some good tools to counter control. That’s definitely something you mentioned, but I think it’s a lot more relevant to Skorne than you let on. We don’t have trouble cracking armor, and we don’t even have that much trouble hitting, but a major blind spot for Skorne is control. Opponents with a decent control game or a fast list can often force Skorne to react to them in the first few turns, and lose material or get put into a bad position as a result. (As a quick aside, one of the things I love about Zaadesh 2’s design is how good he looks at playing a reactive game.)

        Hexy, on the other hand, brings the ability to pick apart opposing support and combo pieces reliably at a long distance by channeling. That lets him set the pace of the game, and forces the opponent to react, especially since any beast in his battlegroup can be a channeler. He also brings Banishing Ward, which helps prevent the opponent from doing the same to him. In Skorne right now, that’s super valuable. If we can mess with the opponent’s combos and support, and stop them from messing with our big pieces, then we can often get into position for goods trades, which plenty of Skorne pieces are good at if they’re not being pressured by enemy control elements.

        My opinion for top 3 in Skorne right now are Hexy 2, Makeda 2, and probably Rasheth, (who I haven’t tried yet – he brings a lot to the table, but his low speed and Def are very real liabilities). There are a few close contenders, but those are the ones I think are strongest.

      • Excellent feedback! Thank you so much for that!

        I really like Hexy2 on paper. He looks terrifying against the right builds (and I think the ability to remove support at range is a big part of that). Unfortunately, Kassem has a thing about playing strong warlocks, so who knows when I’ll actually see him on the table!

        Fatty, however, I have played against a lot. And he’s really, really good. That DEF10 is a liability, no question, but I’d argue it’s *less* of a liability than a lot of the 14/14 warcasters due to transfers and Impervious Flesh (or whatever it’s called these days). Still, he plays a particular way, and that won’t click with everyone.

      • The main thing stopping me from playing Rasheth is the cost of the model. I know he’s worth it, but when I have the spare cash, I usually talk myself into buying something else.

  2. I’m generally quite upbeat about the status of my Skorne and I think you generally did a great job of overviewing the faction. A couple things though.

    There was a question about why don’t you see Drakes. Part one is that you see less Krea’s because the animus isn’t nearly as good. Together they’re sort of a heavy. Part 2 is arm 14 on an 8″ spray. It gets the one shot then anything at all kills it. That used to be higher/Krea feat buffed it further.

    You seemed kind of down on Hexy2 during discussion (then ranked him top 3?) because he doesn’t have damage buffs. The benefit of Hexy is you don’t need any anti infantry tech at all, Hexy has you covered. You can take a heavy lifting battlegroup to make up the difference. Also he runs a Mammoth really well, healing it and making it immune to magical debuffs while upping the output of his guns.

    Another thing I think you missed is that Skorne has a lot of really mediocre animi throughout our beast stable. There’s good ones like Rush for sure, and a few middling ones as well. But there’s also alot of bad, or highly situational options. They don’t add much to our casters.

    Anyway, thanks for all the efforts, your casts help me get through the work nights. Keep up the good work, (and by that I mean don’t let Kassem try to explain things)!

    • Hahaha! Excellent advice (for everything, really).

      There are a handful of exceptional animi in Skorne (Rush, obviously, but also Spiny Growth, Repulse, and that one on the Desert Hydra that I forget what it’s called). The rest are… not awful, but no worse than most animi in most Factions. I think the animi-warbeast pairings are sometimes problematic, though (for example, as *fantastic* as Spiny is, even it doesn’t save the poor Rhinodon, and the Hydra is too expensive to take just because it has a great animus).

      I like your feedback on Hexy. And I like your feedback about him covering Infantry really well.

      Anyway, thanks for listening to the ‘cast and for putting up with Kassem.

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