Podcast 137 – Legion vs Circle, Fyanna2 vs Una2: Whips and Birds.

Last week, Todd and Nick played a fantastic Una2 vs Fyanna2 game. Nick feels that this may be one of the better Legion drops into the new Circle hotness, and Todd is just looking for some retribution for how be played 2 weeks ago (I didn’t see it, but I’m told it was… disappointing).


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Nick’s list was:

– Sucubus
– Neraph
– Seraph
– Angelius
– Zuriel
Swordsmen (max)
Swordsman Warlord

He’s still playing around with the warbeast build, but has stated that he really likes the Neraph in the list (hits above its weight-class, and is surprisingly cheap). The basic idea is to spam high-def warbeasts and units under Feat, and get a somewhat untouchable Feat-turn. Sounds solid!

On the other hand, Todd’s list was:

Una2 (I love the nickname “2Una”, pronounced “Tuna”, but both Nick and Todd hate it)
– Scarsfell Griffon x6 (proxied by Retribution Griffons)
– Pureblood Warpwolf
– Gorax
Bloodtrackers (max)
– Nuala the Huntress
Blackclad Wayfarer
Shifting Stones x2

Todd is thinking about upgrading the Gorax to a Feral, to better enable piece-trading (and because Primal seems less important in this list). But the core seems to be built around at least 5 Scarsfell Griffons… and everything after that is gravy.

Here follow Todd’s notes:

Scenario is Extraction

Nick wins the roll and wisely decides to go first.  I select the side of the board that doesn’t have two pieces of difficult terrain just outside of the deployment zone.  (Not that anything in my army cares, but the blighted swordsmen don’t have pathfinder and should be bottle necked just enough to annoy Nick.
He deploys his swordsmen just slightly off center, In between of the previously mentioned piece of rubble and water, with the Hellion in behind.  Zuriel and the Serraph deploy on the south side of the board, the Nerraph and Angelius take the north.  His support pieces are spread out behind his army.

I deploy my six Griffons on the south side of the board, Una & the Blackclad go in the middle, and the Pureblood and Gorax  deploy ready to move north of required. Advanced deployment sees the Bloodtrackers prey the Swordsmen, and the stones deploy in front of the Griffons.

Legion turn 1:
-the swordsmen press forward, running as far forward as the terrain will allow them.
-the Nerraph and Angelius run into the rubble, being careful to stay out of range of the Bloodtrackers.
-the Serraph (probably) slips streams Zuriel forward, landing behind the Swordsmen.
-Zuriel runs forward aggressively, betting that I won’t pop my feat turn one to only take out Zuriel.
-Fyanna advances, puts Iron Flesh onto the Swordsmen and Admonition onto Zuriel.
-support pieces run into positions to be helpful next turn.

Circle turn 1:
-the Griffons all take it in turn running forward. Three take advantage of the forest, allowing them to advance further than they normally would be able to. One advances forward, out of range of the Swordsmen, but in range of Zuriel, trying to bait him. The last two hang back ready to charge forward.
-the stones port forward to assist with fury management.
-Una 2 (I refuse to call her tuna) advances, casts mirage onto the Pureblood and Hand of Fate onto the Bloodtrackers.
-the Pureblood advances outside of the Swordsmen threat range, with his Gorax buddy behind him.
-the Bloodtrackers run into the forest, with Nuala behind the forest so she doesn’t die to s stiff breeze.
-lastly the Blackclad ports to a stone behind the forest.

Legion turn 2:

-Iron Flesh and Admonition are up kept. The Swordsmen go first, but can’t effectively charge anything, so instead seek cover in the trench, while three run out to be speed bumps.
-the Nerraph charges into a Bloodtracker using its animus to pull two more in. Kills two of the three and sprints away. (Taking minor damage from the free strike.)
-Zuriel runs in behind the Swordsmen, staying safe from,the Pureblood.
-Serraph also runs, only in danger from the Griffons.
-Forsaken moves up and helps, with fury management. The Hellion and other support pieces move up as well.
-Fyanna moves up and FEATS!
-Strider isn’t in aiming range to any Bloodtrackers so stays behind the wall instead.

Circle turn 2:
-Serenity helps with the fury surplus.  Hand of Fate is up kept, mirage drops.
-Bloodtrackers start and move onto the flag, hit and kill the one swordsman, then foolishly take a quick work shot at the Nerraph letting it dodge into contesting range.
-first unit of stones out out of the way, giving the Blackclad a better line at two Swordsmen. Taking out one.
-Una 2 advances into the kill box, FEATS! and uses her gun to shoot the remaining two Swordsmen outside of Fyanna’s control.
-Griffons start charging.  First one goes onto the Serraph and manages to hit both boosted 11s doing decent damage.
-second griffon charges and with the flank bonus easily finishes the Serraph.
-three griffons walk up to harass the Swordsmen but only get one.
-the last griffon moves onto the flag to score.
-Pureblood assaults forward, not doing any damage to nicks army, as hitting DEF 17 is improbable without boosting. Hits the objective but flubs the damage roll.
-second unit of stones ports in front of Una in case any of Nicks beasts try to get to her.
Circle 1-0

Legion turn 2:
-iron flesh is up kept, admonition drops.  The Nerraph goes first attacking the Pureblood, hitting with the tail first and easily finishing off the wolf.
-the forsaken advances and blight bombs the griffons, spiking the damage on one, and doing decent to the rest.
-the Helios moves into a position to spray three griffons, again doing decent damage.
-Zuriel boosts his shots into the most damaged griffon and kills it.
-the Angelius moves in to contest the flag, and pushes the griffons back.
-the strider walks into back arcs and easily dispatches two Bloodtrackers.
Circle 1-0

Circle turn 3:
-hand of fate up kept, fury comes in.  One griffon passes its threshold test.
-Bloodtrackers press forward into the Swordsmen, killing all but one. Thank to hand of fate, the almost take out the Nerraph with quick work shots. (Also taking out the strider.)
-Una aims and finishes off the Nerraph, and the last swordsman. (Prey switches to Zuriel.)
-a griffon takes out the forsaken and blighted warlord.
-two griffons take down the Angelius with flanking bonuses.
-the Blackclad moves onto the empty flag.
-last griffon runs to the north flag
Circle 3-0

Legion turn 4:
-No up keeps to worry about. Nick has to contest or auto looses.
-second forsaken comes in and does great damage, finishing off an already damaged griffon.
-hellion moves in to contest the flag.
-Zuriel, now that he can attack, easily kills two griffons.
-Fyanna stays safe in the rubble.
-succubus runs to contest the north flag.
Circle 3-0

Circle turn 4:
-hand of fate up kept. Bloodtrackers take out the succubus.
-Blackclad almost one shots the hellion.
-Una uses snipe with hand of fate and finishes her off.
Gorax runs to the open flag.

Circle wins 5-0.


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