Podcast 139 – Errata-sode!

Hope everyone is having a great holiday season, and enjoying time spent with family and/or friends! A new errata dropped last week, and Nick and I sat down and talked about all the changes, and how we see the shifting meta… plus how we feel about the shift in PP’s policies towards errata and playtesting!

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(Also, a head’s up: we’ve run into the wall for media space on Combo Smite, so Marc is going to have to start deleting old images… the audio will stay, so you can still listen to all of our ancient podcasts, but don’t be surprised if the pretty pictures start disappearing!… and, coincidentally, that’s why our header images are now… different…)

10 thoughts on “Podcast 139 – Errata-sode!

  1. the impact thing also use to get around things like admonition in that since you didn’t “end” your movement, Admonition didn’t proc. This is important when some mounts out there Knockdown on hit, so you could declare impact, not stop your movement and so Admonition doesn’t go off, hit with your KD mount, and suddenly you cannot admo away since you’re KD.

  2. Ecain mrk3 is not the same as mrk2. Loss of squire and ayana holt is huge. And less infantry meta. Ecain was and is good against noob oponents who gets assassinated. He’s a B caster.

    • Nick feels more strongly about this than I do. I definitely agree about the loss of the ability to take a Squire AND Reinholdt was a significant blow to him (reduces his Feat and his usual Focus pool for 2 other turns). But he had game against even good opponents before… just, maybe not as much as Sloan.

      Now? Yeah, no question Sloan is unquestionably better 99.9% of the time. Caine2 is still theoretically fine, but I’d be pleasantly surprised if he ever sees table time until the next Errata.

  3. About the whole playtest thing and the new direction. It sounds like it’s basically what Wyrd have been doing for Malifaux ever since the second edition of that game and it seems to work very well for them. So assuming they are a bit clever about it I see no reason it shouldn’t work for PP.

    • Here’s hoping! Neither Nick nor I have ever played Malifaux (I sat down for a demo once, noticed that my opponent’s entire army was made up of servile strippers, and stood up and walked away), but it’s nice to know that the playtesting theory works somewhere, at least.

      I have faith in PP. If they don’t get it right immediately, they will after a few tries.

      • Probably facing some Resurectionists then. They got a Jack the Ripper character who reanimates prostitutes.

        Anyway, Wyrd did a public beta for both the main rules and all the existing models and have continued to do public playtesting for every book released so far.

        Funnily enough it can lead to you getting attached to models. For instance I spent a lot of time and effort playtesting Colette and I do feel like the final result is partially my baby as I know I had a hand in how she ended up.

        On the other hand it probably also contributed to burnout on that game and so I haven’t played it much in the last couple of years.

      • That was them. It’s a pity, too… the card-draft mechanic is interesting (not intrinsically better than dice, of course, but at least *different*, and that counts for something!).

        I’m curious to see how the playtesting goes for PP. I have absolutely zero interest in doing that myself (for the same reason I avoid Open Betas like the plague), but I do know many people who ARE interested in having a more direct, active input in the games they play. Hopefully they do good work!

  4. I basically agree with ya’all on most of the errata.

    I don’t think Caine 2 is dead, but I do think it would have been more appropriate to make him pay for Trick Shot (The real offender), while not paying for the other two. I’m less sure about Caine vs Sloan. Since Caine has so little support, you don’t have to run a ranged battlegroup with him the way you do with Sloan. It does seem like they both ask very similar questions now that Cain can’t just be the answer to all infantry forever all by himself. He still does a lot of work, but that might not be enough when Sloan gives out so much support.

    • A gentleman on the PP Forums discussed this topic with me extensively. In his opinion, Caine2 is still quite playable due to the variety of shot-options he still has: there are turns he can shoot 4-5 things, and turns he can get 2-3 bullet types out in the field, and still teleport to safety. Sloan, by contrast, is putting out 2 shots every turn (3 on Feat)… and that’s about it.

      I think he has a point, but personally what think would be best would be to give Caine his initial shots as free-ammo types, and his bought shots as just bullets. Means he can put out 2 nifty Grievous Shots or whatever, there’s still some risk (if you miss one of those 2 shots, you’re really sad!), but it keeps his resource-use down, which is super important (for both him and Sloan).

      Anyway, thank you for the feedback! I am curious to see if I can “figure out” Caine2… although I don’t think I’ll be playing him at the Ontario Team Championships!

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