Podcast 141 – Retribution Tournament Discussion

This week we’re doing another time-warp episode doing analysis on Todd’s tournament results.

I really enjoy doing these episodes, and I’m looking forward to doing another batch of them soon (I’m running another tournament in February, and then there’s the Ontario Team Championships, another tournament in April… lots of batreps, lots of analysis, lots of good things!).

Anyway! Give a listen, and remember that the analysis and tournament were both pre-Errata! Heck, we recorded the first half pre-Winter-holidays!

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2 thoughts on “Podcast 141 – Retribution Tournament Discussion

  1. I’m really liking this format. It’s great to hear what people are considering for a list pairing.

    It’s also great to hear that the space cricket can pull its weight. It’s one of the coolest looking battle engines.

    • Thanks for the feedback, Glasskin!

      I agree about the AFG. Always loved the way it looked, but it was a hard argument to put it on the table. Now? Not so difficult…

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