Podcast 144 – Menoth Tournament Analysis!

Hey guys! Sorry this podcast is up late: Nick and I were up playing D&D in celebration of Aaron’s birthday until 1am (and then I got to drive home for an hour!), and the editing was blah blah blah excuses excuses IT’S DONE NOW.


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4 thoughts on “Podcast 144 – Menoth Tournament Analysis!

  1. Personally, I don’t mind the new Cygnar theme lists. I guess not everyone of the themes can have Storm Lances 🙂 I can see the Heavy metal theme being useful for Darius, or anyone who wants to run a jack heavy list (3″ repo for mechanics seems like a neat mechanic). Not sure how I feel about the Arcane Tempest theme, not sure how well the list will do competitively, I did find a bug in Warroom with Caine2 and the Black 13.

    I’m also pretty excited about Caine3. I was interested before, to play him with Mercs… but one of my friends is dropping all his other factions, but Legion… so it’s looking like I’ll be joining the dirty Swans at some point this year.

    And I also thought it was funny that you didn’t cut out the part of the podcast when you left to go for a crap 🙂 I’ve definitely been there… just thought it was funny that you didn’t edit any of that out.

    • The “problem” is that if the theme list prevents things, it has to give bonuses or advantages equal to than the things it removes. For example, the Heavy Metal doesn’t allow Reinholdt, Trenchers, OR Storm Lances… which means that it had better give some bonkers bonuses.

      It doesn’t. So the question becomes “Is it worth it”? In some very limited situations… maybe? The only thing that’s occurred to me thus far is Caine3 with a metric crap-tonne of Cyclones could be really, really good.

      Crap! I’ll have to edit it again…
      (mutter, mutter)

      It was an accident, of course. I got 75% through the editing, and then had to leave for work so I slapped the ending on, and hoped I hadn’t missed anything.

      As we say in the biz: oops!

  2. Sooo, maybe have an aside with Darryl about how he feels about the High Reclaimer list now that things have… changed. Good cast overall, having listened to both versions I kept waiting for letter writing exposition time with the little one, and it never came. Also, you guys up north say zed for z? Huh…

    • Darrell seems to be pretty okay with the changes to HR… he never played him as an assassination warcaster, and all the changes did was tone down that aspect.

      We do indeed say “Zed” instead of “Zee”, most of the time. I flip-flop, due to my immigrant parents. ^_^

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