Podcast 146 – Grym Tidings!

Thanks to the releases announced at Smogcon, we have a whole new Faction to talk about!

Well… part of one, at least. Nick and I spend about an hour discussing the new Steamroller Rules coming out for 2017 (what we know, at least), and the new Hordes Faction, the Grymkin (what we know, at least!).

Direct Download

Give it a listen, let us know what ya think!

5 thoughts on “Podcast 146 – Grym Tidings!

  1. Gonna break my lurker status and finally post. Love the podcast guys! Just wanted to throw out some interesting info. The new variable turn game length is effectively identical to the game length system in warhammer 40k. With rolls happening to continue the game or not at the end of turns 5 and 6 and never exceeding turn 7.

    • Thanks for posting and for the feedback!

      I had no idea WH40K had this rule already. I’m… cautiously optimistic? I believe in PP and their ability to balance this, but I’m currently not a fan of variability, especially in a tournament setting (I don’t even like the “variable round-time” thing that they’ve done for years… deathclock is the only way to play, in my opinion).

      Anyway, we will see! Still have to wait for community feedback!

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