Podcast 149 – PP Forums, Grymkin, News!

So… yeah. It’s been a busy week at PP Headquarters. And while we here at Combo Smite don’t have any direct lines to the thoughts behind their decisions… we DO have opinions! And a way to get people to listen to those opinions…


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I promise you that we don’t get everything right in the this ‘cast, and on top of that a lot more than usual is just outright speculation.

But, that stated, I’m still 100% behind Privateer Press, despite the loss of my PG-status. I’m sad, but I think the company is honestly trying to do what is best for the community and their long term longevity.

We will see, friends, we will see.

2 thoughts on “Podcast 149 – PP Forums, Grymkin, News!

  1. Regarding the changes to the forums, Press Gangers and their ilk; it makes me wonder if PP has any intention of selling the company or going public. It’s the sort of thing I would expect. Drastically reduced costs, a smaller online footprint on a platform they’re paying for. Assumedly they’re no longer paying outside play testers because of CID. Dropping cards in essence and “forcing” the community onto War Room, which they get paid for. I fully recognize that it’s more likely a legal protection move, but why not both???

    • A fair observation, and not the first time I’ve heard it.

      And there isn’t really anything I can say to counter that. They certainly have the right to want to make money, and going public would let them do that.

      I still kinda hope they don’t? But we’ll see, I guess!

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