Podcast 153 – Menoth (Harbinger) vs Circle (Baldur2)

Everyone who listens to the podcast knows I’ve been pretty sad about the changes to Harbinger. But I loves her… she was 30% of the reason I started playing WarMachine, and 85% of the reason I started playing Menoth after Cygnar.

That’s just science, folks.

But is she still any good… let’s all find out!

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I’ve been playing around with a few builds I’ve heard described as “Fortress Harbinger”, and I really like the idea in concept. Now I just need to figure out if she does it better than, say, Feora3 or Kreoss3…

Harbinger of Menoth
– Hierophant
– Vigilant
– Devout
– Redeemer
Vessel of Judgement
Vassal Mechanik x2
Choir (min)
Knight Exemplar
– Officer
Knight Exemplar
– Officer
Rhoven & Co.
Allegiant of the Order of the Fist x2

The basic idea of the list is that Harbinger surrounds herself with 3 Shield Guards (Devout, and both of Rhoven’s buddies), immunity to blast damage (Vigilant), and can’t be targeted by spells (Devout). She sits behind the line of Knight Exemplar, giving them Awe (+2 DEF) and Martyring any that are unlucky enough to die, and then casts Crusader Call and/or Guided Hand while camping like a boss.

As for Todd, he was running Baldur2 in the “Bones of Orboros” Theme.

– Druid Wilder
– Woldwrath
– Wold Guardian
– Megalith
– Woldwyrd
– Woldwyrd
Blackclad Wayfarer
Blackclad Stoneshaper
Sentry Stones
Sentry Stones
Shifting Stones

The scenario was The Pit.
Marc won initiative, and elected to go first.


Marc deployed Harbinger near his friendly flag, with the Devout and Vigiliant nearby and the Redeemer flanking to the left. One unit of Knight Exemplar went near the middle of the table, the other to the left side, and the Battle Engine near the big puddle near the middle of the table with the Mechaniks. The two Allegiants get Advanced Deployed, one on each flank.

Todd deploys the Woldwrath near the middle of the table, Baldur near his flag and a trench, the other Wolds near the middle of the table, and the Sentry Stones and Shifting Stones AD to either flank.

Ready to rumble!

Menoth, Turn 1

– Power Up.
– Everything runs (VoJ onto the water, Mechaniks behind it, Knight Exemplar within 10″ of Harby, Redeemer hard left, Vigilant and Devout straight forward, Harby B2B with both warjacks, everyone else behind her).
– Both Allegiants walk forward and drop into “Shifting Sands” stance.

Circle, Turn 1

– Sentry Stones roll for Fury (get 1 and 2, total).
– First unit of Stones moves up, pops a forest around itself.
– Second unit of Stones moves forward, sprays the closes Allegiant. Todd misses (DEF18), and the Allegiant moves laterally to get charge-range on the Sentry Stone. Todd stops shooting, but pops another forest out.
– Woldwrath moves up, shoots the Allegiant, misses but scatters onto him. Doesn’t kill.
– Baldur moves up and casts “Rock Wall”, putting it to prevent a charge against his Sentry Stone now in range of the Allegiant. Casts “Roots of the Earth” on the Wrath.
– Everything else moves up and spreads out.

Menoth, Turn 2

– Power Up! Harbinger camps everything.
– Choir sing “Battle”.
– Rhoven gives “Eyeless Sight” to the VoJ.
– Vessel moves up and puts a (boosted) shot into the Sentry Stone on the right. Hits, bounces to 2 more targets (Mannequin and a Woldwyrd). Boost damage on the Sentry Stone (leave it on 2 boxes) and Wyrd (few points of damage), kill the Mannequin.
– Redeemer moves up and shoots the other Sentry Stone. Little to no damage.
– Hierophant sings “Harmonious Exaltation”
– Harbinger moves up B2B with the flag and casts “Crusader’s Call” and Feats. Devout and Vigiliant run up to protect her.
– Central Allegiant of the Fist charges the left (undamaged) Sentry Stone, cranks damage and shatters it.
– Central unit of KE run forward to engage the 2 Mannequins behind the wall.
– Left flank KE run forward to get more central, slowed by rough terrain and forest
– Mechaniks move up and repair the VoJ to full health.
– Other Allegiant walks forward and “Shifting Sands” again.

Circle, Turn 2

– Pull in Fury, Serenity a few Fury away. Sentry Stone generates 1 Fury (wanh-wanh). Baldur upkeeps Rock Wall.
– Sentry Stone generates a new Mannequin in position to spray the 2 KE engaging the other Mannequins. Hits and kills both: Harby Martyrs both (4 total damage).
– Woldwyrds pump shots into the Knight Exemplar Officer: hit and kill her a few times, Harby Martyrs to keep her alive. Takes 8 more damage (leaving her on 5).
– Woldwrath moves up and shoots Officer: misses, scatter fails to crack ARM. Does kill a Mannequin, though.
– Blackclad moves up to spray Allegiant. Hits, Toughs.
– Megalith charges and kills the Allegiant. Uses Animus (“Undergrowth”).
– Guardian moves up. Shifting Stones move behind Wrath. Stonekeeper pulls off a Fury.
– Baldur moves to the Flag and pops Feat.

Score goes to 1-1

Menoth, Turn 3

– 2 Focus to the Redeemer.
– VoJ aims at Sentry Stone, boosts to hit and then gets 3 leaps. Boosts all 4 damage rolls: kills the Sentry Stone, damages the Wyrds a little, fails to wound a Shifting Stone.
– Harby gets “Harmonious Exaltation”, pulls a Focus from the Wrack (boom!), and casts “Purification” to remove “Undergrowth” and Baldur’s wall.
– First unit of Knight Exemplar charge: 3 on Wrath, 2 on a Wyrd, 1 on the other Wyrd, 1 on Megalith. No misses, but cold damage on all the warbeasts.
– Second unit of Knight Exemplar (without Battle Driven) get 3 more on Megalith. Cripple his Mind, but nothing else.
– Choir sings Battle.
– Redeemer hits the Woldwrath 3 times for light damage.
– Allegiant moves up in Shifting Sands again.

Score goes to 2-1 Menoth.

Circle, Turn 3

– Fury in, Serenity from the Shifting Stones, a few still out on the Wrath. Wolds all heal a little.
– Baldur moves up, kills a KE, puts “Roots of the Earth” on the Wrath.
– Wyrds shoot a few more KE dead.
– Wrath punches all the KE near it very dead.
– Blackclad Wayfarer sprays a few KE, fails to kill any.
– Megalith Tramples 2 KE dead, ends up within 4″ of Marc’s flag. Punches a few more KE dead.
– Guardian moves up and kills a couple more KE.
– Shifting Stones shift, Stonekeeper heals Wrath a little.

Score goes to 2-2.

Menoth, Turn 4

– Power Up, Harby fully fuels Devout and Redeemer.
– Vessel of Judgement shoots a Wyrd off the table, boosts damage on Baldur (does 4) and the other Wyrd (does a bunch). Fully healed by the Mechaniks.
– Choir sings Battle.
– Redeemer shoots Blackclad Wayfarer. Shield Guard to the Guardian. Does a few points of damage, but other shots scatter away harmlessly.
– Devout charges Megalith. Underwhelming damage.
– Vigilant charges Megalith. VERY underwhelming damage.
– Rhoven and Co charge Megalith. All charges hit, but after the dust settles, Megalith is on 1 box.
– Harby gets healed by the Hierophant, casts Cataclysm on Megalith, boosts to hit: hits, and at POW18, kills the warbeast.
– Allegiant charges Blackclad Wayfarer, hits and kills.
– Remaining Knight Exemplar charge. What hits the Guardian for some damage, the other hits Baldur, but does poo for damage.

Score goes 3-2 for Menoth.

Circle, Turn 4

– Fury in.
– Druid Wilder charges and kills (!!) the Knight Exemplar by Baldur.
– Wrath moves to engage Allegiant and last Knight Exemplar. Kills both.
– Wyrd shoots one of Rhoven’s guards. Hits first shot (Shield Guard to Devout for a few points), hits second shot (leaves him on 2), hits third shot (Shield Guard to other Rhoven member, leaves him on 5).
– Guardian charges Rhoven. Kills all three members, but doesn’t get within 4″ of the Flag.

Score goes to 4-4 (2 points to Todd for clearing the zone and dominating the flag)

Menoth, Turn 5

– Fully load Redeemer and Devout.
– Harby blasts the Guardian with a Cataclyms (POW18), boosts damage, leaves it on a few boxes.
– Choir sings “Battle”
– Devout charges, leaves the Guardian on 1 box.
– Vigilant charges, kills the Guardian.
– Redeemer runs to block Wrath from getting within 4″ of the flag.
– VoJ moves up and shoots Baldur. Hits, boosts damage on him and the Wyrd. Does a few points to Baldur (transferred to Wrath), kills the Wyrd. Fully healed by Mechaniks.
– Score goes to 5-5.

Circle, Turn 5

– Wrath moves up to slam Redeemer into Devout, knocks both down (to prevent a Defensive Strike).
– Wyrd runs to contest flag.

Score goes to 6-5 for Circle

Victory for Circle Oroboros!

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