Podcast 159 – Who Ya Gonna Call… Ossyan!

This week, Combo Smite is talking Ghost Fleet… specifically, Ghost-Fleet-Busting… and Nick is gonna spend some time discussing Retribution-centric tactics.

A lot of this is Nick Theory-crafting, but hopefully you guys will find it useful.
Next week we’re going to talk Errants vs Idrians (I’ve already run some preliminary experiments… and the results may be click bait!), but for now, let us know what you think about his tech!

Direct Download

Ossyan (Shadows of the RetributionTheme)
Arcanist x 2
2 x MHSF + CA + Soulless
MHI + Soulless
Spears of Scyrah
Ossyan (Non-theme)
HG Thane
Lys Healer
HG Riflemen + Soulless
DG Invictors + CA + Soulless

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