Podcast 160 – Errants vs Idrians and Lessons were Learned

This week Marc spends some time talking about Idrians vs Errants, and everyone weighs in on the new Cygnar toys.

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4 thoughts on “Podcast 160 – Errants vs Idrians and Lessons were Learned

  1. According to my mental math, the Assault shots from the errants should average out to about a third of a a point of damage each (10/36 if I did it right) against Arm 19. That doesn’t make up for the 1.5 extra average damage the Idrians are doing per attack.

    I guess you might get more out of spikes from 4d6+9 charging Errants over 3d6+14 charging Idrians, but I really don’t feel like doing that one out.

    • Your math is more-or-less right. The key is the higher average skew of the 4d6 charges against the higher-POW but 3d6 charges.

      Basically, I think Errants with Assault hit harder than Idrians against everything except their Prey targets, and against the Prey targets they hit almost as hard. That’s pretty good, all things considered.

  2. From someone who was only half listening and doesn’t have immense knowledge of what he’s talking about, would Errants with CA be decent anti Deneghra/Ghost Fleet tech? No spells and Blessed Magical guns seem ok. At least better than what Idrians are bringing in that case. Also, I so want a giant artillery cannon to appear as a building. Squee!

    • While Magical Weapons (and high volumes of attacks) are important, the most important thing is being able to Remove From Play specific models at range.

      This makes Sevy2’s Feat far, far better as a Ghost Fleet drop than it does Errants (and Sevy doesn’t really want Errants).

      Now, are they bad? No… but there are better options (Knight Exemplar with Cleave and Overtake, for example).

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