Podcast 161 – Theme Lists and You: No More Tiers…

This week, Nick and I take a good, long look at Theme Lists. We present some analysis, and a lot of talk about the most popular theme lists, specifically aimed at the free points these lists can gain with typical builds.

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Think we missed any? Agree or disagree about our analysis? Let us know!

2 thoughts on “Podcast 161 – Theme Lists and You: No More Tiers…

  1. I’ll point out that not only is Winds of Death a bad theme in being less effective with poor benefits, it’s just badly written. Solos and weapon crews free but not command attachments. Battle Engines allowed in theme, but they don’t count toward free points and they don’t get beast benefit. Here’s to hoping it sees CID.

    • The CID for the Animantrax included a version of Winds of Death that had the turtle counting toward free stuff. Hopefully it will stay that way. A fair number of my lists end up being “Winds of Death” in the sense of being a beast brick that would rather have a deployable wall than Orin Midwinter.

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