Podcast 162 – Battle Engines That’re Awesome!

With our apologies for the delay, Nick and I sit down to discuss which of the Battle Engines have become awesome.
Spoilers: It’s all of them. All of them are awesome.


Give it a listen, let us know what you think!

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2 thoughts on “Podcast 162 – Battle Engines That’re Awesome!

  1. I have no idea why Skorne can’t currently have the Sacral Vault. Previously it was probably because of Makeda1’s recursion feat and it’s ability to generate souls (and bodies for Shambler units) then bring them all back. And maybe the fluffy sense that Skorne souls are too important to be harvested by lesser races.

    Again with the Siege Animantarax vs Meat Thresher argument, it’s a matter of derpy being more useful against heavies. Conceivably kill one heavy in melee and put a dozen or so damage into another with the gun. With impact attacks derpy is also almost as good at killing enemy infantry as the Meat Thresher if you can clear him a line. They really are exceptionally similar now, and the Thresher has the edge against a line of Jacks or heavy infantry, but can’t benefit from buffs in Skorne. Also we have no prowl yet.

    I do like all the updates for Battle Engines, Rets and Legions in particular.

    • Yeah, no idea about the SV in Skorne… must be some super-broken synergy we’re missing, I guess?

      Interesting point about the Animantrax vs Meat Thresher… too bad about the Prowl, though. That would probably push the MT over the edge.

      I like that you call it “Derpy” though.

      I love all the changes to the BEs. The Vessel of Judgement in particular… ^_^

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