Podcast 163 – List Building Challenge!

I challenge Nick to make a list on the spot. He does very well.

He challenges me to make a list on the spot. I do… less well.

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The lists we built:

Adeptis Rahn in “Forges of War”
– Sylys (free)
– Helios
– Discordia
– Chimera
– Hydra
Battle Mages
Battle Mages
Artificer x2 (both free)
Arcanists x3

Reznik, Wrath of Ages
– Madelyn
– Scourge of Heresy
– Reckoner
Vessel of Judgement (or Flame Bringers +1 Wrack)
Rhoven and Co.
Choir of Menoth (min)
Idrian Skirmishers (max)
– Chieftan and Scout (CA)
Knight Exemplar
– Officer
Vassal Mechanik x2

7 thoughts on “Podcast 163 – List Building Challenge!

  1. What tournament was this where Skorne won? My google skills have failed me. I wish to see the lists. Please and thank you. Also I think this format is fine.

        • 🙂

          This is a super fun format for a podcast. I don’t have any free time most Thursday nights, but are there any plans to play these lists in the near future (or did you already play either of them)? I would love to hear about the results if so.

          • I honestly don’t know how committed Nick is to trying out the lists.

            I know my Reznik list is currently unplayable (I don’t own… half?… of the models), but I’ve certainly started giving ye olde Wrath a second look of picking up!

            Thanks for the feedback!

  2. With regard to the marshalled Hydra – you can also Shield Guard shots to it (the theme benefit doesn’t specify battlegroup jacks, so marshalled ones get Shield Guard as well), which activate the gaining focus rule, and then the drive regenerates the Shield, so it’s a little more efficient than you might be giving it credit for! 🙂

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