Podcast 170 – Team Canada Fundraiser Tournament Batreps!

Hey, actual batreps on our Battle Report podcast! Insanity!


This is Part 2 of the discussion (if you include the list discussion from last week!)… and it’s… hmmm. It was very educational for all of us, I think!

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2 thoughts on “Podcast 170 – Team Canada Fundraiser Tournament Batreps!

  1. Isn’t Fenris a dragoon? Lots of Dragoons seems to have been a thing for Khador for quite a while now.

    I’ve been thinking about the CID and the low interest in Agrimony from Cryx players. Partly it’s because she just isn’t all that interesting. But might it also be to do with the ‘new’ way of building lists and how theme lists are clearly going to be so important?

    For instance I know I’m waiting for the Satyxis theme to get back to playing (Once we get that I’ll probably sell most things that doesn’t fit in that), and it means your are going to be interested in fewer models for your “faction” than you might otherwise be? She is basically going to be a model for Ghost fleet. So if you are not playing that why even bother? If you are, then she seems to offer some utility, but is probably your third free solo or there to fill a four point hole to qualify for the next bonus, etc.

    Might themes mean that otherwise okay models will actually receive less attention because their use case is further limited and possible combos might just not be explored/worth not playing in theme for?

    • Fenris is a dragoon! Does anyone play him any more? I feel like I haven’t seen him in Mk3 at all… or Reavers, actually, now that I think about it.

      I suspect what you’re saying about themes is true. While I agree that many models are not objectively bad, and it’s certainly unfair to say there are “good” vs “bad” themes, there do seem to be more models left behind the power curve these days. I think the theme lists are compounding that issue… especially for Character warjacks (I mean, I love Eye of Truth, but I don’t like him more than 19 free points!).

      Oh well. Hopefully as themes get better and more diverse, it’ll be less of an issue!

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