Podcast 175 – Theme List Megacast!

So, sorry about no podcast last week… as apology, please accept 3 hours of discussion about all the theme lists!


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2 thoughts on “Podcast 175 – Theme List Megacast!

  1. So about The Exalted themes benefit of Death Rage, yes it is only once and something has to die to trigger it. With Zaadesh2 however, you take Sentries and you feat to absorb the alpha. Not only are your dudes hitting at mat9 pow15 defensive strikes, but your beasts have mat8 pow18 defensive strikes (plus countercharges), retributive strikes AND death rages. Which basically says sure, kill my beast but we’ll be trading on my turn rather than yours. You also can lose systems or aspects before the killing blow. P.S. Sentries have steady so you can’t kd them to get around it. Also several beasts have powerful crit attacks, smite/kd/pitch, and another chance to screw with your opponent on their turn isn’t bad.

    • That’s a fair point! Situational, but really interesting in that case.

      I would still caution it’s not something to build for, but definitely not completely negligible when it comes up!

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