Podcast 177 – 12 Models of the Winter Holidays!

Sorry for the delay! I think I’ve worked out most of the audio glitches (I hope!)… Zencastr seems to like adding or removing silence to one track of the recording, which means the audio goes out of synch periodically and needs to be manually fixed.

Blargh. Whatever, it’s done! And the resulting podcast is over an hour and is pretty cool, so… win some, lose some?

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2 thoughts on “Podcast 177 – 12 Models of the Winter Holidays!

  1. Good cast. I think you’re selling Jalaam short, we certainly haven’t solved him yet but he seems like he can play in lots of different ways. You’re correct that he doesn’t have the Fury to do everything he wants to, but the way our Themes are put together he doesn’t need to. Outside of Winds of Death and Masters of War, we don’t have ranged units, so Deadeye is only for beasts shooting high def models. Scavengers Blessing means bringing a Gladiator for Rush is optional instead of mandatory. Prey probably goes on the enemies jamming or Dig In unit because of Hunter. Keep in mind that with Snipe, his gun is Range 16 and is a source of Grievous Wounds (which Skorne lacked previously).

    As an aside, when doing multiple factions stuff, since you go in PP’s order you often seem to lose steam after Legion and rush through what’s left. Skorne and Minions often feel like they’re getting the shaft (gently, and out of neglect). I understand that this I because 1.) you don’t play either of these factions and don’t have any left you’re excited to talk about and 2.) want to tease Kassem. I can’t recall how many times you’ve joked about not covering a Skorne release, but it’s often. I obviously keep listening and fully enjoy the podcast, but sometimes it’s annoying.

    • Thanks for the feedback!
      I’ll let Nick know… we both have unconscious habits which we are (obviously!) unaware of, and I really appreciate you taking the time to point them out. Even things meant “jokingly”, as is the case here.

      That stated, I think Jalaam has a fascinating kit, but as you mentioned, we’re pretty uncertain about how good he’ll be on the table since our only real Skorne player is Kassem, and he plays very, very atypical Skorne (note: I didn’t say he was bad… he’s surprisingly effective with them… but he does tend to buck standard tactical thinking when it comes to Skorne, so our experience with them is… specialized).

      Either way, I’ll try to be more conscious of giving Skorne the attention and thought it deserves!

      Minions, on the other hand… ^_^
      I joke, I kid. Minions have certainly gotten a lot of really, really cool toys!

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