Podcast 181 – Legion CID!

This week, Nick, Marc and Kassem talk about the first round of the Legion CID.

Is it accurate? No. But hopefully it’ll be entertaining! Nick is very excited about the changes, for sure.

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Quick head’s up for our listeners: Marc is away for a writing retreat for this week, so next week’s podcast will be delayed a bit. Sorry about that! Nick should still be streaming on Thursday, though!

Thanks for listening!

5 thoughts on “Podcast 181 – Legion CID!

    • Good catch! I was thinking that one of the Farrow artillery had KD, but I don’t think it does (or if it does, Legion can’t use it?).

      Either way, potentially very useful! Thanks for the comment!

  1. lol, damn Alberta and their strange town names, with towns like Balzac (almost like ball sack), 2 hills (and 3 hills), head smashed in buffalo jump, Medicine Hat, and Vulcan… 🙂 it’s totally “Lee-Duke” by the way.

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