Podcast 188 – Crucible Guard Hype Railless Interceptor!

Get it. Because instead of a “hype train”, it’s a…
Yeah, it’s a stupid joke. Thankfully, the two hours of content are full of NOT stupid jokes… actually, few jokes overall!


Both Nick and I fanboi out about the new Faction and its CID rules. We’ll do a full Faction discussion once they go “real”, but for now, enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Podcast 188 – Crucible Guard Hype Railless Interceptor!

    • Well, that’s significantly less interesting.

      I’m thinking of “Fire for Effect”, which is on Irusk, aren’t I… curses. Oh well. Hot Shot is almost a waste of a spell on low RoF warjacks… so I guess it’s Gearhart or nobody!

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