Podcast 192 – Champions and ADR Discussion 2018!

New week, new podcast! This week we’re discussing the changes to ADR and Champions, specifically (although with a quick tip-of-the-hat to the death of Divide and Conquer).

Give it a listen! Next month we may even play in a Champions-style event, so this might just be useful information!

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3 thoughts on “Podcast 192 – Champions and ADR Discussion 2018!

  1. Makeda 2 in Masters of War and… frankly any of the others in Imperial Warhost is what I’m thinking for Skorne. Except Xekaar. Obviously.

    Jalaam is probably the strongest, but both Hexy 2 and Morghoul 1 are quite good.

      • Hexeris 2 and Jalaam are both very flexible. I’m not sure who’s actually better, but Warpath on Jalaam is very strong.

        Morghoul 1 is the best against ‘jack/’beast heavy. I haven’t played him in a long time, but he’s good. I also haven’t seen him a lot recently, so people might not be ready for him.

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