Podcast 199 – Crucible Guard List Dojo!

Man, it’s been awhile since I’ve put an image on here… let’s do that.

Image result for Crucible Guard Faction logo

This week, Nick and I sit down and discuss a couple lists EACH! The luxury! Nick focuses on lists you can make RIGHT NOW with the models already available to Crucible Guard, while I… do not.

I want Mackay. Give her to me. Now.

Anyway! Give it a listen, let us know what you think!

Direct Download

And hey, next week we’re doing out 200th episode! If you have any questions you want us to answer, leave ’em in the comments, or send ’em to us through the usual channels!

One thought on “Podcast 199 – Crucible Guard List Dojo!

  1. Happy 200th episode!

    What are your thoughts on mini factions becoming the future of competitive Warmachine/Hordes, i.e. they are optimised/strong upon release, as opposed to classic (sprawling) factions that need more TLC than they are likely to receive?

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