Podcast 209 – Of Dawnmowers and Kings…

… well, not really of kings. Just sounded very Lewis Carroll in my head.

Anyway! This post is going up a teensy bit late because SOMEBODY (Marc) forgot to do it in advance. I never claimed to be a smart man, so here we are. This episode gets Darrell, Nick, and I back to discuss the new Retribution Battle Engine (forever known as the Dawnmower), a purchase timeline for Marc to get his Crucible Guard, and many, many other things scattered in there.

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Big thank you to Kassem for posting a battle report on our battle report website (WHA!?), and a reminder to everyone who might be going to Adepticon to sign up in a week or so! I’m still waffling on exactly what I want to sign up for, but that’s okay!

Have a great week, everybody!

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