Podcast 216 – Avast! Privateer CID!

I mean, I don’t think I made a single pirate-related joke during the recording, so one here seems thematically appropriate at least!

This week Nick and I talk all things Privateer CID! In summation: love Fiona, not impressed with Rehera, cautiously optimistic about the Colossals.

For more elaborate discussion… give it a listen!

2 thoughts on “Podcast 216 – Avast! Privateer CID!

  1. I do think some Cryx players will try Rahera (as she stands now) in Slayer spam. I don’t know if the added offensive power makes up for the loss of Unyielding, but people will play it.

    That’s a very specific case though, and I don’t think you’ll see her at all outside of that unless she gets something to expand her playbook.

    • That’s a fair point. The newest version of Rehera looks promising (although I am still not 100% crazy about her Feat… it’s still better than Siege2’s!).

      I’m really curious to see how she evolves!

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