Podcast 218 – Infernals and “Gotcha” Players

I suppose the title of this podcast could’ve been “Infernal Gotcha Players”, but that’s not quite what we talk about. Basically, Darrell, Kassem, Nick, and I spend thirty minutes discussing the current THEORY of the Infernals (but not their rules, because everything is in flux and nothing means anything yet), and then almost an hour screaming at each other about whether “gotcha”-style play is a problem or not.

Spoilers: Darrell and I disagree, sorta. But loudly.

Hope everyone enjoys!

2 thoughts on “Podcast 218 – Infernals and “Gotcha” Players

  1. Hi Guys,

    I’ve listened to this episode twice now and I’d like to share my thoughts on the Gotcha element of the cast.

    When I go to a tournament I prepare for the worst, ie I expect my opponent to withhold information, I expect them to exploit any gaps in my knowledge. There’s a lot at stake and they don’t owe me anything – heck I probably don’t even know them. I load their list into my phone, an idea I got from Combo Smite (thank you!); I constantly state the obvious (so we both agree, my models are base to base, or, we both agree you can’t charge these guys with your warjack, as the forest is blocking line of sight). I expect zero take-backs, I have the relevant tokens at the relevant models, just in case they call a judge in.

    However, when I play in a relaxed atmosphere, such as game night, I expect my opponents (who are also my friends) not to punk me. My opponents know me and I them – they know I will be open and transparent with them and 100% return the favour. I have invested time (week after week after week) telegraphing my intentions and expectations surrounding sportsmanship. I’m snacking and enjoying the odd beer – my guard is well and truly down.

    I’d like to share one of my worst Warmachine experiences:

    I still have unpleasant memories of facing a countercharging Troll list in MK2 – I still had my training wheels on (I was just about charging in a straight line etc) and I didn’t even know countercharge was a thing. My opponent was ruthless (despite knowing my noob status). He’d slap the clock over to himself and aggressively move his model in and resolve the attack. I remember asking, “what just happened? Is that a thing?” The response was deliberately unhelpful – a mixture of withholding tactics, awkward gamer personality – and perhaps most importantly, apathy towards me as a person.

    Near gaming-quitting experiences like these have shaped me as a player – I will never knowingly prey on or punk my opponents.

    Thanks for Combo Smite – you guys are awesome 🙂

    • Hi Jonathan! Thanks for taking the time to think and share your thoughts!
      I feel more strongly about this topic than my co-hosts, I think. Part of that is the social contract in WarMachine is less explicit than it is in Infinity, but the idea behind it should be the same: you are playing WITH somebody, not AGAINST somebody. And I want to win because I played a better, cleaner game, not because I used something you weren’t aware of against you.
      Either way, I’m glad you stuck with the hobby! I had a really bad experience with an Armada Tournament, and I haven’t played a game of Armada since. 🙁

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