Podcast 219 – Adepticon!

This week’s episode we focus on how things went at Adepticon!

(Spoilers: We had fun! Lots of fun!)

How did we do competitively… SO MUCH FUN was had! My, all that fun certainly wouldn’t be a distraction to avoid talking about how we performed. Nope. Definitely not!

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One thought on “Podcast 219 – Adepticon!

  1. Hey folks! Good to hear from you again. Still a loyal listener, thought lately I’ve had less time for painting so less time for podcasts as well unfortunately.

    Great to hear you had fun at Adepticon! Outside of the SOO, any big plans coming up?

    What about coming to the WTC? It’s in Belgium again this year – great central spot to explore the rest of Europe from aside from joining in with WTC shenanegans!

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