Podcast 225 – Themes Everywhere!

You know, you’d think after doing this over 200 times, I would have it down pat.

But sometimes you misplace an intro you’ve used for the last two years, sometimes you forget about nice Bokur Brawls for a few weeks… sometimes you just wanna talk with a good friend about a game you love.

Wait, that last part hasn’t changed. That’s still the same! Hopefully you folks find the discussion about the new Themes useful and interesting! The new Laelese Resistance one was just spoiled today (Sniper for days!), so we don’t talk it, but we DO discuss the rest of them! Enjoy!

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5 thoughts on “Podcast 225 – Themes Everywhere!

  1. Hey gang, how’s it going?

    Been a while since I’ve listened to any podcasts, but now that I have some time, yours is the one I caught up with the first!

    Man oh man, I’m so happy with the new themes. I felt like they should have been like this from the start. I think you might see lots more combined arms lists or 50/50 warnoun/infantry, which I can only approve!

    For Crucible Guard I don’t believe many people will take Prima Materia – the restrictions don’t weigh up to the benefits. What do you guys think?

    For Skorne: as a Skorne player myself I think there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the new themes for the faction 😛
    In all seriousness, I don’t believe it’s going to make Skorne’s stock go up anymore. Going to +7-9 STR on some beasts will let some lights trade up a bit more but I don’t know if that’s really that big of a deal. When I played old DoA with Minions in that sort of list I wasn’t breaking any cons and I don’t believe the larger stable will do that either.
    Makeda3 just got a bit more obnoxious though 😛

    Come to the WTC!


    • Hey Benoit! It’s been awhile since you’ve posted this, but it’s be insanely busy on our end of the world (Nick with work, me with writing and work). But I am also happy about the new themes!

      I really do hope we get a chance to go to the WTC… and that somebody steps up to do the organization justice, now that the previous group stepped down. I briefly considered asking the other Combo Smite guys if we wanted to do it, but Canada is expensive for everyone to travel to (although cheap once you get here), and we don’t have the time as it stands.

      I’m really hopeful that we can get back to making ‘casts before long… I miss talking with Nick, and I miss playing WarMachine! I know we are both super bummed out that we couldn’t get hotel rooms at Adepticon AGAIN, but hopefully this year I can actually get a few games in. And with the new themes (and Oblivion!), I think it’s long overdue for me to get my little toy soldiers back on the table.

      Thanks for writing! Hope everything is going amazing!

    • I think if any Skorne caster is going to break Minion beasts it’ll be Mak3. I’m currently thinking Battle Boar + Elasticity + Feat seems strong. It brings infantry mulching back, and since Adrenalize gives Berserk as well as Overtake, you can use the Boar to clear off a much Fury (or build up as many transfers) as there is infantry to kill.

      I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ll probably proxy it soon.

  2. Well, Bathroom is in Ghost Fleet because it’s Terminus’ ‘Jack, and in the fluff, Terminus was the original captain of the Atramentous.

    Bathroom was all over the place before themes, and then disappeared completely because Terminus isn’t great. I’m glad to see it on the table again, since the model is excellent.

    • Agreed!
      I didn’t know Terminus was the captain, but that makes sense… and Bathroom is a cool *looking* warjack, no question!

      I mean, I’m as happy to see him on the table as I am to see *any* Cryx warjack on the table (read: not), but hey, at least he’s a pretty model!

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