Podcast 066 – Circle vs Khador – eMorvhana vs Vlad1 – I’m on a Goat!

This was my last battle with Khador for a while not counting Adepticon. After that sweaty weekend I foresee being completely sick of Khador, if not all of Warmachine, and also the horror of meeting new people and being nice to them instead of pointing out their various physical flaws.

deployment khador
(Marc: I sincerely hope Aaron sticks with WarMachine post-Adepticon… he’s definitely the soul of our podcast! Or possibly the spleen… almost as important! Some weird audio issues with the podcast this week… hopefully all corrected, but the recording is a bit below our usual quality as a result. Sounds kinda “washed out”. Anyway, I’ll see about fixing it later, but for now, hopefully you can enjoy it anyway!)

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The other night whilst doing some tasteful nude sketches over a tumbler of brandy I put together some potential lists for the aforementioned Adepticon. I also quickly put together a list comprised almost exclusively of ranged units; a list type that currently has no name so I will hitherto refer to it as a “Rifle Phalanx” as that is the only way to describe a line of guns. This “Rifle Phalanx” wasn’t without it’s shortcomings but I think against the right list it could be deadly. I, however, was playing Circle so it was no going to be especially victorious for the Motherland.

The lists were as follows:

– Behemoth
Widowmaker Marksman
Assault Kommandos (max)
Iron Fang Kovnik
Winter Guard Infantry (max)
– WG Officer and Standard
– WG Rocketeer x2
Kovnik Joe
Winter Guard Field Gun
Winter Guard Mortor
Aiyana and Holt
– Kapitan Valachev

– Wold Watcher
– Wold Wrath
Skin Walkers (max)
– Alpha
Bloodtrackers (max)
– Nuala
Croc Doc
Shifting Stones
Gallows Grove
Blackclad Wayfarer

Nick and Marc colluded to make some keen scenario dice that would help alleviate the blinding migraines and nose bleeds that come from trying to decipher the scenario chart every week. It’s merely an eight sided dye with the name of a scenario engraved on each side. Brilliantly simple? Perhaps. A one year life span? Yes.

The particular scenario we were playing was Close Quarters which is two flags – one enemy and one friendly – placed asymmetrically near the centre line of the board. 1 point to dominate a friendly flag, 2 points to dominate an enemy flag and 1 point to control an enemy flag. Kill Box: yes.

We rolled initiative which I won and chose to go first. We shall see how well the Circle meat wall does against my “Rifle Phalanx.” We shall see. Also there are some quality shots of Todd’s knuckles in these photos. But hands off, ladies! Those knuckles are for Todd’s wife. No, not that way, Chris Brown! The Aria Giovanni way. If you get that joke, you’re a vile, pervert. If not, look up Aria when you’re by yourself tonight. I think you’ll be delighted.


deployment khador

deployment circle

Khador Turn 1

-Behemoth gets a focus
– Assault Kommandos run forward
– Widowmakers Makers run forward behind the fence
– Widowmaker Marksman advances behind a wall
– WG Field Gun runs forward behind a wall
– WGI Bob and Weave forward
– Kovnik Joe gives the WGI Tough/Fearless
– Behemoth runs
– Vlad advances and casts Signs and Portents for zero reason
– WG Mortor runs forward
– Aiyana and Holt and Kapitan “Third Wheel” Valachev advance, then Zephyr forward
– Eiyruss runs up behind the house

khador turn 1

IMG_20150304_192230 IMG_20150304_192241

Circle Turn 1
Skinwalkers run and spread out around the Wold Watcher, who advances slightly and forces for Stone Form. WW runs and riles. Both groves teleport forward, as do the stones around the WW. The Bloodtrackers advance and spread out, four take shots on the AK’s and manage to kill three, reforming back to safety afterwards. The Croc Doc uses Zombify on the Girls. The Goat casts Fog of War and then Carnivore onto the Skinwalkers.

circle turn 1


Khador Turn 2

– Vlad advances and cast Signs and Portents
– Assault Kommandos advances and take some shots the the Blood Trackers, nothing hits
– WG Field Gun takes shot at the Wold Wrath but is out of range
– Widowmakers run behind the house, away from the Blood Trackers to deny their Prey bonus
– IFK advances behind the fence
– Widowmaker Marksman stays put
– WGI Bob and Weave forward around Vlad
– Kovnik Joe gives the WGI Tough/Fearless
– Behemoth advances
– WG Mortor takes shot at Wold Wrath, hits but fails to wound
– Aiyana and Holt and Valachev advance, Aiyana gives Steal
– Eiyruss stays put

khador turn 2



Circle Turn 2
The Goat reeves, upkeeps Carnivore. The Bloodtrackers advance and finish off the AK’s. The Croc Doc uses Zombify again. The Blackclad sprays the Ironfang Kovnik and does 3 points of damage. The Watcher tries to shoot a WGI but misses, then forces for Stone Form. The WW hits a WGI with his gun and kills a bunch of guys standing too close. The shot leaps into Vlad and does a point of damage. The Skinwalkers charge into the WGI (who pass their terror test) and run to engage A&H (who pass their test too.) Three or four WGI die and Morvahna is healed up to full. Morvahna advances onto the flag and arcs a sunder spirit at the IFK. After a re roll he is killed. Turn ends with Circle scoring one point.

circle turn 2


Khador Turn 3

– give 3 focus to Behemoth
– run the Widowmakers further away from the Blood Trackers
– Widowmaker Marksman hangs out
– Vlad advances, feats, casts Sign and Portence and attacks a Skin Walker, killing it.
– Aiyana kisses the Skin Walkers, Holt takes three attacks to kill the Skin Walker engaging him
then takes his last shot the the Alpha doing some damage
– Eyiruss shoots the Alpha, killing him
– WG Mortor shoots a stone, killing it and doing light damage to a Grove
– WGI Bob and Weave forward, spreading out and through a series of carbine shots and grape shot
kill 2 Skin Walkers and 3 Blood Trackers
– Kovnik Joe advances and gives the WGI Tough/Fearless
– Behemoth charges the Wold Wrath and uses all 5 attacks to kill him

khador turn 3


Circle Turn 3
Vlad has no focus, only chance for an assassination. A grove teleports closer to Vlad, Morv arcs a boosted sunder spirit at him needing an 8 and misses. (Even with a reroll.) Try that again, boosted and hits. Boost damage and with a reroll does eight damage. She then FEAT!s back five skinwalkers & three Bloodtrackers, who clog up the area between Behemoth and the flag, and the Blackclad to tie up the field gun. The Bloodtrackers go next, getting as many as possible in range to Vlad. Nuala goes first, but doesn’t have range. Pleb #6 goes next, gets the hit and cranks the damage roll (dice -7) does nine point of damage killing Vlad.

Victory to the Circle!

circle turn 3


Post Game Analysis:

A solid game, and it’s always nice to get these random battle in. Aaron managed to achieve his goal (crushing a Woldwrath in a single activation with Behemoth!), and Todd managed to get his goal done as well (winning the game!). Nice when everyone is happy.

Thanks for listening, and as always, comments, questions, and criticisms are very welcome! Lots more battle reports and even a special tournament podcast coming out soon!

0 thoughts on “Podcast 066 – Circle vs Khador – eMorvhana vs Vlad1 – I’m on a Goat!

  1. I just wanted to point out a little thing about the discussion about engaging the Wintergaurd in melee with the Skin Walkers.
    As you mentioned, bears strength does get them up to P+S11 (so dice -7), but if you get a few of the wintergaurd into melee with them, they do have combined melee attacks as well, so they could also add to that damage Potential P+S13 with 2 (dice -5) and P+S 14 with 3 (Dice -4), throw in the fact that they’ve got Signs and Portents on them, and they could potentially kill more then 1 or 2 wolves in that turn.

    Everybody is used to seeing those guys shoot their guns and using sprays, I often wonder how many people forget that they aren’t that bad in melee either. On the flip side, thinking as an opponent going up against these guys, I’d probably want to engage them in melee as well, just because the damage output isn’t quite as high as their CRA abilities. But food for thought 🙂

    Great podcast guys. Even with the sound issues, I still really dig the podcast

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