Practice Makes Slightly Less Imperfect

This weekend Aaron and I got together to play some practice games in preparation for an upcoming 50 pt Steamroller at the local gaming store The Game Chamber.IMG_2515

We both needed practice getting through all our activations fast enough to play on the clock and we both had lists we needed to test out to see how they worked together on the table. The main idea today was to just play the first couple turns of the game with no pressure about losing because they were just practice games.

I’m still trying to get on the Issyria train but so far I have not found a list that worked for me.
The list I was testing was:

Max HG Halberdiers + UA
Max Destors
HG Thane

Aaron’s list for our first game was:
Gun Carriage
Max MoW Shocktroopers
Max WG Infantry + UA + 2 Rocketeers
Kovnik Joe
IF Kovnik
Aiyanna & Holt


First turn he runs all his stuff up the board.  The gun carriage puts out some rough terrain template.

My first turn Destors run up and spread out as far as possible. Halbs shieldwall behind them. Strikeforce walks up but is out of range of everything. Chimera runs forward. Issyria puts blinding light on the WG Death Star.

Aarons second turn he uses Strakov’s feat to get the Shocktroopers in on the Destors.  They only manages to kill one of them and the gun carriage kills another and fails to kill a bunch of Halberdiers because of bad damage rolls on his guns. the IFK fails to kill another Destor and the WGI run to engage my assassin and my Chimera.

IMG_2509On my next turn I feat and MHSF and Destors kill 2 of the MoW and mini-feating halberdiers kill the gun carriage and the rest of the MoWs. I also BL the WGI again.

We call the game at this point.  It’s still anybody’s game but we want to get in another practice round.

For this game I was pretty happy with the survivability of the Halberdiers under shieldwall and the Destors under IR.  I want to build a list that uses Destors, because I want to show off my Destor mod, and Issyria seems the most likely candidate to get work out of them.

Game 2

This game I used the same Issyria list and Aaron switched to this one:

Max IF Pikemen
Doomreavers + UA
Great Bears
Yuri the Axe
Iron Fang Kovnik

IMG_2511On my first turn everything runs.

On Aaron’s turn Irusk feats and he floods the left zone with Manhunters and Doomreavers and takes out a Destor and 4 Magehunters. His Widowmakers take out 3 Halbs and everything else runs up.IMG_2513

On my next turn I feat and kill a bunch Doomreavers and Yuri with the Strikeforce but he made lots of tough checks. My Destors killed some Widowmakers.  The Halbs charged in and killed the rest.  My MHA killed one of the Great Bears. This cleared the zone and got me a CP.IMG_2521From here things went more downhill.  Aaron’s Great Bears and IFP killed my Halbs to a man and in the other zone killed everything except for a lone Magehunter who was fleeing.

The next turn I cleared the right zone again using Destor dual shots and Phoenix AoEs to get another point and used my Arcanist and the objective that grants Inspiration to rally the Magehunter to contest the left zone.

By the next turn Aaron gets Behemoth and the last Great Bear into the zone and kills 2 more Destors. With Irusk camping behind the house putting up Inhospitable Ground there’s no way I’m going to be able to clear it again.  We play the game out this time and Irusk wins on scenario.

I think Aaron’s list was really strong this time around. He used Inhospitable Ground to great effect to prevent my troops from being able to reach his stuff and to protect Behemoth once he got into the zone. There are not too many IG casters in the game but they can really screw over a caster with no pathfinder troops.

In the last turn the Phoenix did eventually charge Behemoth but with just 3 swings at PS19 there was almost no chance I could scrap him.

I’m not sure if I like the Phoenix/Chimera combo for this list.  In the first game it worked great to keep the WG Death Star effectively out of the game but in the second game I had no BL targets so my Arc nodes were mostly decoration.  Mostly I really missed Hyperion in this list.

The biggest thing I took away from this exercise is that the Destors are really growing on me.  The dual shot can be tricky to get work out of but when you do you are probably killing everything you hit which is nice.  They are the closest thing Ret is getting to multi-wound infantry in the near future though so I like them because they add some much needed durability to the list.

So now after a couple practice games I am more unsure than ever about what I am taking to the tourney this week.  I am still not sold on Issyria.  Her non-existent late game is still bugging me.

11 thoughts on “Practice Makes Slightly Less Imperfect

  1. Nice reports! Glad you are liking the Destors with Issyria, since your mods are magnificent. She really does seem to give them a boost in all the areas they need it.

  2. Good game on the second one. Really like that pIrusk list. How well are Yuri and the manhunters working for you? My thought is you could drop one for the IFP UA. (Black Dragon or Regular.) Also Kayazy Eliminators, soooo good!

    Run Hyperion. That is all.

    • Aaron doesn’t currently own either of the IFP UAs which is a bit unforgivable.

      I really miss Hyperion in my Issyria list. I need a way to fit in Hyperion, an Arc node AND Destors. So many things so few points.

      • Maybe…

        Issyria (*6pts)
        * Chimera (6pts)
        * Hyperion (18pts)
        Dawnguard Destors (Leader and 4 Grunts) (11pts)
        Houseguard Halberdiers (Leader and 9 Grunts) (7pts)
        * Houseguard Halberdiers Officer & Standard (2pts)
        Mage Hunter Strikeforce (Leader and 9 Grunts) (8pts)
        * Mage Hunter Commander (2pts)
        Houseguard Thane (2pts)

        • I’m not a huge fan of the total lack of support staff.

          What about dropping the Strikeforce and adding Destor Thane, 2 MHA and 2 arcanists?

  3. Great pictures! And I love your guys concept of running “practice” games that just last a few rounds… that’s neat. Also, it’s so nice to see Aaron starting to click with pIrusk… he’s such a phenomenal warcaster with the right lists, and this seems to be pretty close to that. It might be tricky to activate everything in time with the death clock, but that’s just a study in target prioritization!

    Thanks for writing these up, Nick!

  4. Great writeup and photos! I can see how Irusk can be giving you a hard time but I like your approach towards practice and I’m sure you will do great at your tournament.


    • I couldn’t play in the tourney due to a family emergency but I hope Aaron benefited from the practice at least. The idea of playing just the 1st 2 or turns sounds good but at 50 pts it can still take a while. Next time we will stick to our 10 min turn limit. I feel like that is a good way to practice thinking tactically under pressure.

  5. I’ve been following all of your BatReps here and on the WM Forums, especially Aaron’s as a fellow Khadoran, and I really like the looks and usage of his Irusk1 list here. Seems solid and well-captained. I’m not sure I’m crazy about the MOW Shocktroopers under Strakhov, but it’s not the worst place to use them 🙂

    • Nobody is crazy about MoW Shocktroopers. I agree that Strakov in particular gives them very little. Basically just his feat. MoW aren’t garbage per se, but a caster who can give them something all game makes them downright decent.

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