Southern Ontario Open Youngbloods Tournament Podcast: Menoth Represent!

Nick, Adam, Kassem, and I went to the Southern Ontario Open tournament on Saturday, May 24th… great times had by all, and a solid podcast resulting from it!

Nick will be posting his results in his own thread, but the podcast is being attached to mine because… well, no good reason, so just because! Also, I’m going to apologize in advance for the quality of the pictures… we were on the clock, so I only had enough time to snap a single shot of each turn (and sometimes not even that!), and only using my crappy little camera phone. Thankfully, Nick took much better pictures for his report, so check those out for your pretty-picture fix!

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Background and Preamble

If you’ve been following Combo Smite for the last few weeks, you’ll have heard us all talking about the 35 point 2-list tournament coming up… that was this one, the “Youngbloods” portion of the Southern Ontario Open tournament. The ‘main’ event of the tournament was a massive (EIGHTY-EIGHT MAN!) qualifier for the WarMachne Weekend Invitational… but I didn’t feel mentally prepared for such an event. And after seeing the field… I think I made the right decision. They had plenty of space, but I gotta tell ya, 90 tournament players all trying to talk over each other in a relatively small room? Yeah, I was much happier on my side of the tournament.

The two lists I settled on were as follows:

Harbinger of Menoth- Devout
Exemplar Errants (max)
– Officer and Standard
Exemplar Errant Seneschal
Exemplar Bastions (max)
Exemplar Bastion Seneschal
Rhupert Carvolo
The Covenant of Menoth
High Paladin Vilmon
Paladin of the Order of the Wall
Paladin of the Order of the Wall

Feora, Protector of the Flame
– Judicator (bonded)
Vassal of Menoth
Vassal Mechanik
Choir of Menoth (min)
Holy Zealots (max)
– Monolith Bearer
Exemplar Errants (max)
– Officer and Standard

I was really happy with the Harbinger list… it was going to struggle a bit against ARM-skew, but even then, it has a LOT of Weapon Masters, and her ability to not have to spend Focus on anything and camp 9 Focus every turn would certainly help… plus, let’s face it, with 3 Paladins (Vilmon and 2 vanilla Paladins), I would likely never lose on Scenario.

As for the Feora list… it was still pretty experimental. In fact, I hadn’t used the list even once! All the practice I had with this list used Temple Flameguard  instead of Zealots… but I decided that the TFG weren’t quite tar-pit-y enough, and so out came the Zealots. I assembled, primed, and gave a coat of flesh paint to the exposed skin on the unit, and into the box it went!

Very quickly, there were 14 players:
2 Cryx
1 Cygnar
4 Menoth
2 Khador
1 Minions (Pigs, no less!)
1 Skorne
2 Retribution
1 Circle Orboros,

Tournament Game 1: Versus Cygnar

My first round draw was a gentleman by the name of Gene… really nice guy… playing Cygnar.

Gah! Cygnar round 1… not a good start. At least I will know what I’m up against! And I mean, how bad could it be…
The two lists were an eHaley list… and an eCaine list.

Well… crap. That’s not a good sign.
Still, after looking at his lists, I decided that both of his warcasters were sufficiently squishy to allow my Judicator to cinch me a win… and so Feora it was! Gene, for his part, decided to drop Caine2, which I was a little sad about (the Haley list was much less of a threat to the Judicator itself… Caine could very likely shoot the Judicator off the table himself!), but such is life!

Gene’s list was as follows:

Captain Allister Caine (eCaine, Caine2)
– Ol’ Rowdy
– Squire
Journeywoman Warcaster
Holgenhold Forge Guard (max)
Greygore Boomhowler and Co. (max)
Eiryss, Angel of Retribution (eEiryss, Eiryss2)

A pretty straight forward and solid Caine list… Greygore to be all tanky and deny me scenario points, Forgeguard to wreck heavies, a very focus-efficient warjack, and the Rangers to make sure that Caine’s shots hit! This was going to be an uphill battle… but at least Feora would be relatively safe… safer than the Harbinger, at least!

The scenario we were playing was “Close Quarters” (two 12″ zones symetrically on the middle line with 1 CP for controlling and 2CPs for dominating either of them, no Killbox). We rolled for initiative, which I won and decided to go first. Gene picked the side of the table with elevation, and I started setting up.

The Judicator went smack in the middle of my side of the table, followed by Feora slightly to the right, the Zealots spread out to the left, the Choir in a line to one side, and both Vassals (of Menoth and Mechanik) going behind it. The Errants eventually would get Advanced Deployed across from Gene’s Boomhowlers, but with enough room for the Judicator to move up unobstructed.

Gene set up the Forgeguard on the left, Caine and his entourage (Reinholdt, Journeywoman, Squire) near the middle surrounded by Boomhowlers, and Rowdy went to the right side of the table. The Rangers went to the right side as well, while Eiryss went to the left by the Forgeguard.

With that, we were ready for Turn 1!


Menoth, Turn 1:

So, in what would be a typical trait for my entire tournament, I started by forgetting to allocate Focus to my warjacks on Turn 1… thank Menoth that the Judicator auto-generates 1 itself! Regardless, Feora activates first, casts “Escort” on herself, moves up 6″, and then casts “Ignite” on the Errants.
The Errants activate, run forward and spread out as much as I can into a thin line.
The Choir moves up and sings “Battle” on the Judicator.
The Judicator runs… see, I’m hoping to keep this battle short, since I think that Caine himself is much more a threat to Feora than my usually powerful warcaster is to Caine. And his threat range is so ridiculous that I’m not sure I can keep Feora reasonably safe… so I’m hoping for an early game lucky deviation!
Correspondingly, the Vassal of Menoth walks forward and uses Ancillary Attack on the Judicator, who fires out a 14″ shot… which, of course, falls significantly short of Caine… but that first scatter sends it 5″ directly towards him (only about 2″ shy!)… I just need a good second deviation… but no. The rocket fails to connect (no surprise… statistically it is a VERY unlikely shot!).
The Zealots run forward and spread out, praying for No Spells.
Lastly, the Vassal Mechanik runs up to be B2B with my Judicator, and my turn is done!


Cygnar, Turn 1

It feels weird to be playing AGAINST Cygnar… but what can ya do?
Gene starts by camping all his Focus.
The Boomhowlers go first, singing “Super Tough” and then running forward.
The Journeywoman activates and puts Arcane Shield on them (gah… I forgot about that combo…), moving up slightly.
The Rangers walk up and open fire on my Errants, catching 2 with Mark Target range and the managing to kill those two (but ONLY those two) with their subsequent attacks.
Reinholdt reloads Caine, and the gunmaster himself then moves up and opens fire, killing 3 more Errants. He then casts “Heightened Reflexes” on himself.
The Forge Guard run forward, and Eiryss runs back behind Caine towards the middle of the table.
Lastly, Rowdy runs forward (for free), tucking in behind the Rangers and several Boomhowlers.


Menoth, Turn 2

Ah, super tough Boomhowlers… they would be SO broken in Menoth… and I miss them. But, we must soldier on!
Feora upkeeps both spells and allocates 3 to the Judicator (giving it a total of 4 with its own Focus).
We start with the Choir, who activate and sing “Battle” again.
The Vassal of Menoth gives another Ancillary Attack to the Judicator, who fires at a Boomhowler near Caine… it misses, but the scatters catch 2 Boomhowlers. At POW9, it manages to kill 1, who does Tough.
Still! A good sign.
The Errants activate next, and they Charge the front 3 Rangers and several Boomhowlers. I manage to kill 3 Rangers with the Errant’s charges, and a few Boowhowlers, who pass a couple Tough Checks but then die to subsequent attacks.
The Zealots activate, walk up, and pop their Mini-Feat. They then pray for +2 hits and damage, and lob their grenades at stuff… sadly, only able to scatter 2.5″ on their throws, none of them are close enough to hit Caine or anything squishy enough to die.
The Judicator activates and launches a rocket towards Caine. It clips him on the scatter, and the secondary blast hits Eiryss! Bo-yah!
I boost damage on Caine and inflict a solid 8 points (nice!), and boost damage on Eiryss, wiping her out (thank Menoth!).
Next rocket goes at Caine again, but sadly scatters away onto several Boomhowlers, and the 2nd scatter lands on an Errant (which it doesn’t kill!) and a Zealot.
Feora activates, walks up behind the Judicator (putting the majority of its bulk between her and Caine), and camps her last Focus.
With that, my turn is done!

Cygnar, Turn 2

We decide to check Caine first… his fire does not go out. I roll at dice-1 damage… and get a solid 7 points, dropping the Cygnaran warcaster and winning me the game!

Victory to Menoth!

Post Game 1
Well, definitely better to be lucky than good… Gene rabbit-chased the assassination run he was planning, and even at ARM20, Feora was definitely in a bad spot (especially if he could get a Ranger up to get the +2 to hit… needing 4s to hit is a lot more likely than needing 6s!). He also could’ve just Feated to take the Judicator off the table, and suddenly the game swings heavily in his favour (especially with a pristine Ol’ Rowdy!), but it was not to be.

I recorded my first win, and eagerly awaited the second round… until it was announced who I would be playing…

Game 2: Versus Cryx

Not only was I playing Cryx, but I was going to be playing against Adam (AdamtheHutt), a player I see every week and who I do *not* have a good win/loss rate against. Adam had beaten his first opponent (another Cryx player who was playing Goreshade)… and to be honest, I think he beat him so badly that the guy actually dropped after that game (I don’t recall seeing anyone else playing against him all tournament!).

But, such was what the Fates decided… Adam’s two lists were a pDenny list with a bunch of undead, and a eSkarre list with much less undead. Since my Feora list was created, to a large part, to deal with Cryx and eSkarre in particular (the Judicator can’t be targeted by her Feat, and the rockets are so inaccurate that not being able to directly hit its targets isn’t a big deal!), it was a no-brainer for me which to take.

Adam’s list was as follows:

War Witch Deneghra (pDenny, Denny1)
– Nightwretch
– Nightwretch
Bane Thralls (max)
– Officer and Standard
Soul Hunters (max)
Darragh Wraith
Bane Lord Tartarus
War Witch Siren
Skarlock Thrall

A pretty typical Denny list, no real surprises. I was hoping my Zealots would buy me enough time to work through the majority of his army, or better yet, let me start scoring Scenario points… as much as I was happy about the lucky win round 1, I knew I was going to need CPs in case things went south.

The Scenario was Destruction (central 12×6″ zone with 1 friendly and 1 enemy objective. Objectives contest the zone, and 1CP for destroying the enemy objective or controlling the zone, 2CPs for dominating it. Also, the objectives have Sacrificial Pawn, so you can have a model within 3″ of it die if it is destroyed). We rolled for initiative, which, bless-Menoth, I won and decided to go first.

In retrospect… NOT positive it was a good choice… but I stand by it!

I set up the Judicator in the middle of the table again, basically mirroring my last setup (Feora and Choir to one side, Zealots to the other, Vassal of Menoth and Mechanik slightly behind the Judicator, Errants up front).

Adam, for his part, set up one Nightwretch on the far left, another on the far right, the Skarlock and Denny behind a nearby forest to block LoS, Darragh in the middle with the Soul Hunters on the right side. The Bane Thralls all went out to the left.


Menoth, Turn 1

Feora starts by forgetting to allocate Focus again… she then walks up, casts Escort on herself and Ignite on the Errants.
The Choir activates, walks forward, and sings “No Spells” on the Judicator.
The Judicator then activates and runs forward.
The Vassal of Menoth activates, walks up, and gives the Judicator an Ancillary Attack, which initially scatters correctly (5″ towards direction 6, also known as “Straight towards the Banes”), but sadly then scatters away harmlessly.
The Vassal Mechanik runs up into B2B with the Judicator.
The Errants go next, running forward and spreading out as much as they can.
The Zealots activate, pray for “No Spells” (sensing a trend, perhaps?), and run forward and spread out, but packed closely enough together without letting Line of Sight to the stuff behind them.
With that, I’m done!
IMAG1339 IMAG1340

Cryx, Turn 1

Adam starts by allocating 1 Focus to the left Nightwretch.
The War Witch Siren then activates, walks up, and gives a Focus to its Nightwretch.
Both Nightwretches run forward, placing them opposite my Zealots and my Errants.
The Skarlock Thrall activates and casts Ghost Walk on Denny.
Denny then activates and walks forward to keep the left Nightwretch within CTRL. She then casts Venom on my Judicator, catching 3 Errants in the blast, hitting and killing all of them.

After this occurs, I remember that the Judicator can’t be targeted by spells… damnation… a quick judge-call and the Errants stay dead, sadly. Such is life! And my own damn fault for forgetting such a pivotal thing!

Regardless, he couldn’t spray my Zealots, so that’s something.

Next, the Banes activate and run forward, spreading out. The Soul Hunters also run forward, spreading out, and then Darragh moves up and uses “Death Ride”, allowing a few Soul Hunters and Banes to shuffle forward a little.

With that, Adam’s turn is done!

Menoth, Turn 2

While kicking myself for losing 3 Errants unnecessarily (stupid!), I did at least remember to allocate Focus this turn. I also upkeep both spells.
The Choir activates and sings “No Spells” on the Judicator again.
The Vassal of Menoth activates, giving an Ancillary Attack to the Judicator. It launches a Rocket at the closest Soul Hunter, which misses but does scatter onto it, inflicting a single point of damage and lights it on fire.
My Zealots activate, pop their mini-Feat and pray for No Spells, and run forward. I was hoping to engage both warjacks, but no such luck… the one closest my Errants was out by a few inches. Regardless, I do tie up all the Soul Hunters, the right Nightwretch, and pretty effectively block out the middle of the table.

Looking at my line of now nigh-indestructable Zealots, I decide that, rather than lose all my Errants charging a few Banes (if I’m lucky), that I’ll just shuffle them over behind the safety of the Zealots… sadly, as soon as I move the first, I realize that there’s no way I’ll get close enough to get the rest under their protection. Which super-sucks… but whatever! I move them back anyway, hoping to keep them safe from the approaching Banes.

It’s at precisely this point that I remember that the wreck marker on the hill is, in fact, a fully functional Nightwretch and not a wreck… after I have moved everything that COULD potentially engage or damage it AWAY from it. So… I’m an idiot… but whatever. The Errants all open fire on the Nightwretch, but needing 10s to hit, their bolts all fly wide.

The Judicator now activates, aiming at the Soul Hunter I shot before. The first shot hits it, with the second shot scattering onto Bane Lord Tartarus and a few Banes… I boost damage on BLT but at POW7 (singing for No Spells instead of Battle, after all), I fail to wound him. I do kill the Soul Hunter and a Bane. The second shot flies out and hits a few more Banes and an Errant, killing everyone.

It’s at THIS point that I remember that I forgot to walk my Judicator forward into the zone, which is super-stupid again… but I hope that it’ll at least keep my Judicator out of Denny’s impending Feat!

Lastly, Feora moves up behind a fence that will hopefully give her a little protection, and into the Killbox.


Cryx, Turn 2

Adam starts off by camping his full stack.
The War Witch siren gives a Focus to the Nightwretch on the left side.
The left Nightwretch walks forward and boosts a shot into an Errant, hitting and vapourizing it.
Darragh Wraith activates, walks up, and uses that -2 Damage bubble of his (neat effect!).
The Skarlock Thrall puts “Ghost Walk” on Denny again.
Denny then shuffles up behind Darragh, in B2B with him, to get the Nightwretch back into CTRL. She then pops her Feat and arcs Venom through the Wretch onto Feora (who she can legally target). The spray hits 3 Errants but only kills 1… she sprays again and kills the other (the Standard), who I Self-sac to keep alive.

The other Nightwretch can’t move (I placed both Zealots to keep it from moving forward), so it just stands pat.
Next, the Soul Hunters (who gain temporary Incorporeal from Darragh) shuffle around a little, due to the Zealots not having magic weapons (curses!), letting them get a couple into the zone.

Tartarus then activates, moves into the zone (immune to free strikes because Cryx-BS), threshers 2 Errants and Curses them… I self-sac one of them, but the other, sadly, can’t self-sac so Adam gets a new Bane. The Banes then charge forward, but most of them don’t get range on anything, but a few do, and drop my unit down to only the Officer… he also runs 1 Bane up to my Judicator just to be a jerk.

With that, his turn is over.

Menoth, Turn 3

Okay, so the Judicator is out of Denny’s Feat range (not by a lot, but out). That means she’s more than 14″ away… but I can walk 6″ and spray 8″… damn, that’s 14″. No way I can clip her with the sprays if I’m not in the Feat. Damn… well, whatever. I can still hopefully rocket her to death, spray the objective to get points in the zone, and then maybe clear out some of the Banes… so, with that in mind, I allocate a full stack to the Judicator, drop Ignite (only 1 Errant left), and upkeep Escort.

The last Errant goes first, walking over and striking down the one Bane tying up my Judicator. He hits, and the Bane fails its Tough.
The Choir goes next and sings “Battle” on the Judicator.
The Vassal of Menoth gives it an Ancillary attack at Darragh, who is in range but whom I miss (he’s engaged by a Zealot), but it scatters to hit him and the closest Zealot, and the secondary blast clips Denny and Darragh again. I flub all the damage rolls (killing my Zealot, though), and only inflict a few points on Darragh and Denny.

But that’s okay! The Judicator activates and aims at Darragh, boosting to hit… and hits! The blast clips Denny and a Bane, and the secondary blast hits a few more Banes. I boost damage on Denny… and only inflict 2 damage (GAH!), but at least she’s on fire. I also inflict more damage on Darragh, but not enough to dismount him! Damnations… the second rocket goes straight at Tartarus, who it automatically misses because he’s Stealth (also known as Cryx-BS), but he is hit by the blast, as well as 2 more Banes which I kill but then make their Tough-checks. I boost damage on BLT, but only inflict a single point.

I then remember that I AGAIN forgot to walk my Judicator forward so that I could actually uses the sprays on things… stupid, stupid, stupid…

Menoth, it appears, has completely abandoned me at this point.

Still, what can ya do? I activate Feora and sprays the Nightwretch and a Bane. I hit the Bane and kill it (fails its Tough), and then boost to hit the Wretch and then boost damage, crippling a bunch of things but neither the Cortex nor Arc node (BAH!). Feora pops her Feat, getting 3 Focus back, and then shuffling the fire around to be on BLT, the Bane Officer, and the Bane Standard, as well as the Nightwretch (1 Fire token came from a burning Zealot).

The Zealots activate and pray for +2 hit and damage rolls… but under both Denny’s Feat AND Darragh’s -2 Damage bubble, they fail to either hit or wound anything.

And with that, I’m done my turn… Feora staring down about 8 Banes and BLT, as well as a basically fully-functional Nightwretch… sure, she’s sitting on ARM22, but I’m pretty sure that won’t be enough…

Cryx, Turn 3

We start this turn with, basically, my only hope: the Fire checks. The Bane Officer burns (there’s something), while the Standard burns but Toughs (damn)… BLT takes a few points of damage but nowhere near enough to kill him (DAMN), and the Nightwretch takes a bunch of damage but has 2 boxes left: Arc node and Cortex (oh come on). Darragh’s fire goes out, but Denny… Denny still burns.

At dice-2, if I roll an 11 I’ve got this… I do not.

Adam starts his assassination run by moving the Wretch into a position that ignores the fence Feora is behind. He then takes a shot at her, which misses.

Denny activates and arcs “Crippling Grasp” onto Feora, boosting to hit and landing the needed 8. She then sprays her, hitting but failing to wound (ARM20 still, yo).

Tartarus charges Feora, going just past the fence…

And dice down is called.

Both of us are sitting on 0CPs, but Adam has killed more stuff (5 points of Errants to my no points of anything), and so he wins by that.

Victory to Cryx!

(I was so flustered by my stupid, stupid play and string of poor dice rolls that I forgot to take a picture! But it was basically the same as above, with BLT standing ominously over Feora!)

Post Game 2:

Well, not a lot to be said about this game… I made a few critical mistakes, and Adam is unquestionably a good enough player that making even one critical mistake is often enough. Still, had I had my brain screwed in straight, I probably had this game… on my turn, Denny was 90% likely to die from more Battle-Hymn rockets from the Judicator, assuming that Feora survived the charge of 3 Tartarus and 2 more Bane Thralls (to be honest… pretty likely, actually, since she was at ARM22 base… we rabbit chased a little, and determined that BLT himself would barely do any damage to her, and the following 2 Thralls were unlikely to do much better), and on the off chance that she survived by INCREDIBLE luck (ie: all 6 scatter rolls fail to clip her), there was still the whole “she burns” on her turn thing, which I could probably guarantee by getting Feora 2″ closer to her. But, who knows? The real kicker is that I lost, and I had to deal with that. Adam played a better game than I did, and it showed!

No rest for the fallen, though… the next round was announced, and I had a suspicion that Adam was going to go all the way… which meant that if I could win my next 2 games with enough Control Points, I might be able to land 2nd…

Game 3: Versus Circle

My opponent this round, a gentleman named Brendan, was rocking a pKrueger and a eKaya list… neither of which I know an awful lot about (our resident Circle player tends to play a lot of eMorvahna, eKrueger, the Baldurs, and occasionally Grayle and Kromac), but neither of those lists are Baldur and that means everything will be living and that means Harbinger!

He ended up taking his pKrueger list which was;

Krueger the Stormwrath (pKrueger, Krueger1)
– Warpwolf Stalker
– Feral Warpwolf
– Gorax
Druids (min)
Bloodtrackers (min)
Shifting Stones
Blackclad Wayfarer
Gallows Grove

An interesting list, utilizing a bunch of stuff I wasn’t terribly familiar with… but, again, thankfully everything was living, and Harbinger is pretty happy with that!

The scenario this time around was Close Quarters (2 flags, one friendly and one enemy. 1CP to control the enemy flag or dominate your own, and 2CPs for dominating the enemy flag). A simple, straight forward scenario… and excellent news for a guy currently trying to rack up as many scenario points as humanly possible!

We rolled for initiative, which I won and chose to go first. Brendan chose his side of the table (I suspect somewhat based on the fact he was already sitting there, but also due to a large chunk of rough terrain that gave no other benefit on my side of the table).

I set up the Harbinger, her Devout, and the Bastions near the middle of the table, with the Covenant and Rhupert going near where I expected my Errants to go… and sure enough, the Errants eventually went there, on the left hand side. Vilmon and both paladins went across the table from Brendan’s flag. The Wracks went scattered across the front lines, out of the way of my stuff… I wasn’t terribly worried about them, honestly. Harby doesn’t need the Focus, and when she does, she can pull it off from across the table.

Brendan set up Krueger in the middle, with the Feral Warpwolf going to the far right and the Stalker going closer to the forest. The Blackclad went on the far side of the Stalker, while the druids went in the middle with Krueger and his Gorax. Lastly, the Bloodtrackers went in the middle of the table, and the shifting stones went closer to the Feral warpwolf.

The Bloodtrackers declared my Errants to be their prey, and we were ready to go!

(sadly I forgot to take a picture)

Menoth, Turn 1

Rhupert goes first, walking forward and giving the Errants Tough.
The Covenant goes next, running forward.
It’s around this point that I realize, for the THIRD TIME IN A ROW, that I’ve forgotten to allocate Focus on my first turn… I blame it on me being an idiot. Anyway, Harbinger activates and runs forward, camping her full 10 Focus… that should help to keep her safe, at least.
The Devout walks along behind her.
The Errants activate and run forward, spreading out, while my Paladins run up the table as far as they can, with Vilmon going slightly closer to the Harbinger.
The Bastions run up their massive 8″ (Menoth, they’re slow…), with the Seneschal running up behind them.

With that, I’m done… got control of the middle of the table for now, and feeling pretty okay so far!

Circle, Turn 1

The Stalker warps for Prowl and runs forward.
The Blackclad Wayfarer runs forward as well.
Next, the Bloodtrackers activate, walk forward, and chuck some spears at my Errants… a few find their marks, but 3 of my Errants Tough, and I Martyr the one that fails for 1 point of damage to Harby.
Brendan then activates Krueger, casting “Lightning Tendrils” on his Feral Warpwolf and then moving Krueger up the board some. He casts “Skyborne” on himself and pops his Feat, dropping the 3 AoEs right on top of my politely clumped Errants… but thankfully, few of the damage rolls penetrate their ARM. I Martyr twice more, taking a total of 3 more damage.
The Feral runs forward after warping for Armour.
The Gorax riles and runs.
The Shifting Stones teleport themselves around the Feral.
Lastly, the Druids move up behind the Bloodtrackers.


Menoth, Turn 2

That’s a neat Feat that Krueger has! I approve… thankfully, I still think that the Harbinger’s is better, as annoying Feats go!
I give one Focus to the Devout, and we’re off.

The Errants activate first, with all those within the lightning-clouds charging forward, and the Officer and Standard (behind the clouds) running up to the cloud-line to keep everyone in Formation. Sadly, 3 of them were knocked down due to Tough rolls, so they only get to walk forward. I successfully charge about 4 of the Bloodtrackers, killing 2 and using Quickwork shots to kill a few others. One Errant charges the Feral, hitting it pretty hard, and my Seneschal charges the Stalker… the Assault shot hits but fails to wound, and the charge attack misses! Gah!

Oh well. The Bastions run forward, spreading out around my friendly flag, with one heading into the lightning clouds (but not being wounded). The Seneschal runs up into B2B with the flag, leaving a space for Harby to tuck in.
The Devout activates, walks up to Harbinger, and says “No Spells” with its Focus.
The Harbinger activates then, pops her Feat, and walks over to be B2B with the flag. No scoring on this turn, but on Brendan’s turn, maybe…

Vilmon walks up and gives himself +5 ARM, while one Paladin runs forward to the far side of the clouds. The other walks into the clouds (again unharmed by the POW10) and then gives himself immunity to non-magical attacks on the far side.

Lastly, Rhupert gives “Tough” to the Errants again, and the Covenant walks forward and says “No Knockdown!”

With that, I’m done my turn.

Circle, Turn 2

Brendan’s turn starts with him upkeeping Lightning Tendrils and Skyborne after he pulls in all his Fury.
The Gorax starts by walking towards the Stalker, taking the POW14 hit… which I roll boxcars on! Woo! And even better, which I hit column 5… 10 points of damage straight to the Spirit, crippling it! Nice. So the Gorax stands and does nothing else.
Krueger goes next, flying towards the Stalker and casting “Lightning Tendrils” on it, dropping it from the Feral (which he cursed about after realizing it was pointless to upkeep). He then casts the Gorax’s animus on the Stalker as well (Primal).
The Blackclad moves up to tag the Harbinger with “Hunter’s Mark”… which it turns out he can’t due to the Harbinger being untargetable by spells. Brendan cursed a bit.
The Stalker goes next, trampling over the Seneschal and up to the Harbinger. He hits the Seneschal, but fails to kill him, inflicting only 2 wounds.
Harby’s Feat triggers, inflicting 5 points of damage on the warbeast.
My Bastion Seneschal’s “Defensive Strike” triggers, hitting the Stalker for a solid 7 points of damage… but sadly, even with that and the Feat, it’s not enough to cripple anything. Curses!
The Stalker buys its first attack on the Harbinger… her DEF16 against living models… will it be enough!?

Turns out… yes. Yes it is. The Stalker hits once, inflicting only a few points of damage (Harbinger was camping 9 Focus, making her a respectable ARM23), and that was it, missing the rest of its attacks.

The Bloodtrackers stand still and swing at my Errants, killing a few after the Tough rolls, but otherwise failing to accomplish much. The Druids stand pat, unable to target the Errants and unable to move.
The Feral warpwolf tramples over a few Errants, killing 2, and failing to wound a Paladin. It then buys an attack on Vilmon, missing (within 10″ of the Harbinger, so he’s effectively DEF15).

With that, Brendan’s turn is over, and since the Stalker is sitting… you know… right THERE, I don’t score any CPs.

Menoth, Turn 3

Man, those lightning clouds from Krueger take forever to go away! Impressive… well, whatever. I’ve used my Feat, I’ve gotten into a good position as a result… time to capitalize on it!
The Harbinger camps a full stack, after deciding that sending a Devout WITHOUT a Choir to kill a Feral is probably pretty stupid.

The Bastions go first, shuffling around a little to clear up some room for both the Seneschal to charge in, and for Harby herself, if needed. 5 attacks later and the Stalker is still standing… of course, I only hit twice. Maybe should’ve cast “Guided Hand” first… but whatev’.
Bastion Seneschal charges in, but can’t quite get 3″… hits, inflicts light damage… but carefully left enough room for the Harbinger.

Harby floats over to the Stalker. It looks up at her, eyes bloodshot and mouth foaming.
“Be still, creature of the Wyrm” she intones, raising her sword delicately.
One autohitting clap of boosted thunder reverberates across the table, and the Stalker is dead.

I was actually a little surprised it only took a single Focus… but I wasn’t about to complain! She camps the remaining 9 Focus. She’s taken about 7 points of damage by now… still healthy, but far closer to death than I’d like.

The Errant Seneschal charges the Blackclad Wayfarer… his Assault shot hits and kills, and due to sloppiness I didn’t have anything else within melee range, so that’s one wasted attack.

The remaining Errants shuffle around a bit, killing all the remaining Bloodtrackers save one, and dropping a Druid in the process. The Errant Officer hits the Feral for a few points.

Vilmon drops into “Impervious Wall” stance and swings at the Feral, hitting it for a handful more damage, and the Paladin behind him turns and takes a swing, hitting and crippling both the Mind aspect, but not inflicting quite enough to kill it. My last Paladin walks up and also drops into “Impervious Wall”.

And lastly, Rhupert walks up and gives the Errants “Tough” while the Book walks towards Krueger and says “No Spells”.

With that, I’m done, and I score my first point, bringing the score to 1-0 for Menoth!

Circle, Turn 3

Understandably, Brendan is a little upset at this point… things have not been going his way. Still… he might be able to pull this off… although I certainly hope not!

Krueger starts by pulling in the Fury of the Gorax and Feral. No worries there.

Krueger goes first, moving over and heals the Feral and Gorax for enough points that all their aspects are healed.

The Gorax goes next, charging a bunch of Errants (for free, due to being damaged last turn). It splatters several of them, who sadly all fail their Tough rolls (and Harby is exposed enough and hurt enough that I’m unwilling to Martyr!).

The Feral turns to take a few swings at a nearby Paladin, who it hits and kills (the one without any bonus on it).

The Druids charge a bunch of other Errants, killing a few more (leaving me with 2), but failing to kill the Seneschal.

The Gallows Grove teleports forward, trying to contest… and manages to JUST BARELY get within range! Curses!

The last Bloodtracker swings at an Errant, hitting and killing!
Lastly, the Shifting Stones teleport themselves up around the Warpwolf again.
With that, Brendan’s turn is over, and the score stays 1-0 for Menoth.


Menoth, Turn 4

A little frustrating to not score again, but hey… the Harbinger lives to see another turn, and that’s definitely a good sign!

I decide to try and finish off the Feral this turn, so I allocate 3 Focus to the Devout and camp the rest.

The Harbinger goes first, healing herself for 3 points of damage and pulling 1 off a Wrack (which decides not to explode). She then pulls back behind her Bastions, remaining in B2B with the Flag.

The Bastions go next, charging the poor Gallows Grove… I say “Poor” only because it gets charged by 5 POW12 Weaponmasters that all Autohit… yeah, it was toothpicks after the first blow, sawdust after the second, and the final two hits reduce it to subatomic particles.
And one Bastion charges the Gorax… hammers him for an insulting amount of damage, and slays the light warbeast outright.

The Bastion Seneschal backs up a bit to place herself between the Harbinger and… well… everything else.

What? Your Bastion Seneschal isn’t female? Weird.

Anyway! Vilmon and the remaining Paladin both drop into “Magic Weapons Only” and swing at the Feral, but can’t quite finish it off. My remaining Errant with a weapon (the Officer) swings and hits it, but fails to wound.

The Devout spends all 3 Focus trying to hit the Stalker, but only hits with his Shield (which I boost damage for, what the hey), and inflicts minimal damage.

Rhupert gives “Tough” to the Bastions, and the Book stays pat and says “No Spells”. Just in case.

With that, I score my 2nd CP, bringing the score to 2-0 for Menoth.
Circle, Turn 4

So Brendan still has a dog in this fight… sadly, last turn Krueger only spent 2 Focus, and so after drawing in everything from the Gorax when it died, he has to leave 3 on the Feral. It promptly Frenzies, swinging at my Devout again and hitting it with a mighty blow, but fails to cripple anything.

Brendan decides to go down swinging (a noble decision). The Druids charge my Bastions, but with the +2 DEF (effectively) from Harby’s Awe, they fail to do any damage.

Krueger then gives himself “Lightning Tendrils” and charges a Bastion. He boosts to hit the initial blow, successfully landing the blow and inflicting several points (which I spread out). He buys another attack and boosts, which I take on the chin again and spread through the unit… he buys one additional attack but fails to wound this time.

The Stones teleport towards Harby, trying to get into contest the flag… one does so, leaving the score at 2-0 for Menoth.


Menoth, Turn 5

Krueger is a little uncomfortably close, to be honest… and the Harbinger is exactly 9.6″ away. Which, normally, would be super-sad due to her having only a 9.5″ charge range… but, she’s also got Crusader’s Call.

Time to put this to bed. Harby camps all 10 Focus.

The Bastions shuffle around a little, opening up enough room for Harby to slot in. They take a few cursory jabs at Krueger, but none connect (no surprise).

The Harbinger casts “Crusader’s Call”, pulling in a Focus from a Wrack (which this time does explode). She charges Krueger, easily getting distance now.

You have to wonder if Krueger, in those last few moments as the Harbinger’s blade came swinging down, guided by the hand of a God itself, if he questioned the wisdom of his chosen path. If maybe he thought, just maybe, the Devourer Wyrm wasn’t quite as powerful as the Old Faith…

Regardless, 3 Focus later, and Krueger is no more.

Victory to Menoth!


Post Game 3:

Well, that was better. Only 2 CPs, sure, but it wasn’t worth risking Krueger getting up to the Harbinger due to Flight and some parry-sorta-thing that I wasn’t aware of… better a victory and “only” 2CPs than a loss and 3!
Otherwise, everything went pretty well. Pity it took me so long to work on that Feral, but heck, all I really had to do was keep it suppressed, which Vilmon and his Paladins did flawlessly. So no complaints… additionally, Adam won his game as well against Khador and was now in the Finals! While this is good news for him (hey, props), it was GREAT news for me! My only chance for a podium placing hinged on my Strength of Schedule being tied to Adam’s winning streak… but I really needed to get more CPs in this last game… I just had to hope that my last opponent didn’t have any unexpected tricks up his/her sleeve…

Game 4: Versus Menoth

WOO! A fellow Protec player! I may not know much, but Protectorate… I know Protectorate! My opponent, a really nice guy named Mike, was rocking two darkhorse lists… Vindictus and Reznik.

First off, props to Mike for playing both casters… Vindictus and Reznik are *awesome* warcasters, both of which I certainly hope to try before long… but for now? I could kinda tell that Reznik had a Wrack with Harby’s name on it… or at least thought he did…

Actually, I should say: Mike showed me the extra Wrack he was going to try and put Harby on. It was cute.

Also: not going to happen.

Mike’s list was as follows,

High Executioner Servath Reznik (pReznik, Reznik1)
– Vanquisher
– Reckoner
– Hierophant
Holy Zealots (min)
– Monolith Bearer
Choir (min)
Exemplar Bastions (max)
Exemplar Bastion Seneschal
Madelyn Corbeau
Vassal Mechanik

An interesting list… and with Engine of Destruction and his Feat, I’d have to be very careful to keep the Harbinger well away from Reznik… including that 3″ move from Madelyn, he could cover a fair amount of distance. At least I wouldn’t (probably) have to worry about Witch Hound, since Harby isn’t really a “Cast Spells at your Battlegroup” type of warcaster…

The final scenario of the day was “Balance of Power” (central 6×12″ zone with a friendly and an enemy flag. Dominating your flag allows you to remove a CP from your opponent before CPs are scored). Not the scenario I was hoping for, since I really needed to get a bunch more CPs to do my best to secure a podium spot… but what the hey. I’d make it work.

We rolled for initiative, which I won! Woo! Straight run for the initiative rolls this tournament. I obviously decided to go first, and Mike took the side of the table with a bit more cover.

I set up with Harby in the middle and the Bastions to her left (a little too close to the shallow water, but whatever). The Devout, Covenant, and Rhupert went to the right. Vilmon and one Paladin went to the right, with the other Paladin going far left. The Errants went dead center, with the Wracks liberally scattered around again.

For Mike’s part, he put his Reckoner across from the Harbinger, the Vanquisher across from the Bastions, the Zealots in the middle, and Reznik and the choir in the middle. Madelyn went out to the left. The 3 Wracks Reznik started with went scattered near the middle.

Menoth, Turn 1

(For clarity, I’m going to refer to MY side as “Menoth”, and MIKE’S side as “Protectorate”)

For the first time all tournament… for the FIRST TIME… I remembered to allocate Focus on turn 1! Who says I can’t be taught!?

Anyway, 2 Focus to the Devout. And we’re off.

Rhupert goes first, moves up and gives the Errants Tough.
The Errants go next, running forward and spreading out. The Seneschal runs up behind them.
The Covenant runs up behind them.
The Devout activates, says “No Spells” on Harbinger, and then runs forward.

Harby activates, casts “Crusader’s Call”, and charges forward. The Bastions likewise charge, getting the most they could out of that extra 1″. The Seneschal charges up behind them.
Vilmon and the Paladins all run forward, with the one on the left going for an extreme flanking maneuver. His job, I had decided, was to plant himself within 4″ of Mike’s Flag and make damn sure he can’t ever Dominate it.

With that, my turn is done.

Protectorate, Turn 1

Mike decides that he’s going to try and end this particular Theological debate as quickly as possible… he says that he feels it is likely due to a disagreement with how to deal with the Khadoran population, where the Harbinger is compassionately trying to convert them, while Reznik would rather Wrack and burn the heathens…

Either way, he allocates 1 Focus to the Vanquisher, and we’re off.

The Holy Zealots go first, popping their Mini-Feat and praying for No Spells, and then running forward to put their toes into the zone. That… was going to be a problem… but oh well. Only to be expected, really.

The Vanquisher runs forward.
The Choir activate and move up, singing “No Spells” on the warjacks after Mike remembered that the only guns on my side of the table were all magical.

The Hierophant Harmoniously Exalts Reznik.
Reznik goes next. He moves forward, casting Ignite on the Bastions and Iron Aggression on the Reckoner.
The Reckoner then runs forward for free.
The Bastions run up as far as they can, with Madelyn tucking in behind them and the Seneschal slightly behind them.
With that, Mike’s turn is done!

Menoth, Turn 2

Well, I have no handy way to remove the Zealots, sadly… but that’s okay. I’m not exactly worried about them just yet… I’m pretty sure my Errants can take ’em even if they get the first swings off.
Harby allocates 1 to the Devout, and we’re off.

Rhupert goes first, moving up and giving the Errants “Tough” again.
The Harbinger activates, moving up slightly and casting “Crusader’s Call”, and then popping her Feat.
The Errant Seneschal activates and charges the Vanquisher… sadly, he’s well out of range, but he does get his Assault shot, which pings off the thick Menite armour.
The Errants go next, charging forward. I charge an Errant at the left and right side of the formation of Zealots first… sure, they can’t hurt them, but they CAN work as self-sac pawns if needed…

Why would it be needed, you ask?

I then charge an Errant at the Reckoner and another two at the Vanquisher. They are forced to go within Melee-range of the Zealots… but, Menoth be praised, all three miss their free strikes! Woo! The rest of the Errants charge the Zealots, cramming the area full of bodies.

The strike on the Reckoner inflicts a few points of damage, and the Vanquisher takes considerable damage but fails to cripple anything.

The Bastions run up to cram the center of the table with bodies.

Vilmon walks forward and gives himself immunity to non-magic weapons, as does the Paladin near the Reckoner. The other Paladin continues his extreme flanking maneuver, running forward.
Lastly, the Book moves up and says “No Knock Down”.

With that, my turn was finished!
Protectorate, Turn 2

As a fellow Menite, I think Mike had the proper respect for the Harbinger’s Feat… he starts by camping a full stack, but upkeeping Ignite and Iron Aggression.

The Holy Zealots take swings at the Errants already engaging them, but due to the -2 from Awe for most of them, they fail to kill anything.

The Vanquisher Threshers, hitting one of my Errants and killing him but he successfully Toughs. The other is missed.

The Reckoner swings and smashes my Errant engaging it, who fails his Tough and is WAY out of Martyr range. Such is life.
The Mechanik fails to repair it, though, so there is that!

And with that, everything else stands still and Mike ends his turn!


Menoth, Turn 3

Back to the “proper” side of the Menite debate, and the Harbinger  gives 1 Focus to the Devout and camps the rest.

My Bastion Seneschal goes first, moving forward into the zone to clear a little area for the Harbinger to toe into it.
The Devout goes next, spending its Focus to make the Harbinger impossible to target with Spells, and then walks up next to the Bastion Seneschal.
The Harbinger moves into the pocket space cleared there. I forget to Purify, because I’m an idiot.

The Errants go next, killing the front line of the Zealots and one of the back ones… except for the last Zealot in the line! Gah. No matter… the 2 Errants engaging the Vanquisher stand up and swing at it again, hitting it for light damage each.
The Bastions move up and polish off the last Zealot.

My left-flank Paladin continues his extreme flanking maneuver, ending up behind the Wrack on that flank.
Rhupert activates and gives the Errants Tough again, and the Book says “No Knockdown” but forgets to walk forward (stupid).

The right flank Paladin charges at the Reckoner, easily getting distance and hammering it for enough damage to wreck the cannon. Nice…
Vilmon, in the meantime, just drops into both “Impervious Wall” and “Stone-and-Mortar” stances, making him ARM21 and immune to everything besides magic weapons.

With that, I’m done my turn, and score my first 2CPs for dominating the central zone!
2-0 for my Menoth…

Protectorate, Turn 3

Mike doesn’t waste much time, upkeeping both his spells. Madelyn’s ability triggers, letting Reznik move 3″ out towards his Reckoner.

Reznik goes first, charging my Paladin engaging his Reckoner. His charge attack hits, but he flubs the damage and only inflicts a single point. He buys an attack and hits again… and inflicts 3 more damage. Laughing, Mike buys a third attack and FINALLY kills the Paladin, turning him into a Wrack.
The Mechanik successfully repairs the Reckoner for 3 damage, healing the cannon back to functional.
The Reckoner then Assaults my Bastion… the assault shot hits and inflicts 3 damage, and the follow up attack from the mace also hits for 10 points, both of which I take and transfer throughout the unit.

Mike then remembers to activate his Choir, who move up and sing “Battle” on the Vanquisher.
His Bastions activate, moving up and hitting both my Errants engaging the Vanquisher… they both Tough, but due to my stupidity in forgetting to move up the Book, both are Knocked Down and the Vanquisher is unengaged.

The Vanquisher takes a shot at a Bastion near the middle of the zone, hitting on boxcars! The blast catches him and 4 Errants, lighting them all on fire… it only kills one Errant outright, who I let die, and the Bastion himself is hit for 14 points, so I let him take it and then Martyr him for 1 point of damage.

As Mike is activating Madelyn, he runs out of time. Still, his Reckoner is contesting the zone, so no more points scored this turn. We’ll have to fix that…

Menoth, Turn 4

Okay… so 2 points towards winning by Scenario… and Reznik is safely far away from that Remove-CP flag… so far, so good. Just have to keep the pressure on, keep clearing the zone…

Speaking of which, let’s see about clearing that zone, shall we? 1 Focus to the Devout, and we’re off.

The Errants go first, charging forward a few inches to engage the “evil” Bastions. Those engaging the Vanquisher just stand up and swing again. I inflict more damage on the Vanquisher, but fail to destroy it, and inflict a total of about 15 damage on the Bastions. Not bad…

My Bastions (obviously, the “Good” Bastions) Charge in, with 3 on the Reckoner, 1 on the Vanquisher, and 1 on a Bastion. The charges on the Reckoner are enough to wreck it (although we didn’t have a Wreck marker handy, so it’ll look quite alive in the pictures… trust me, flaming wreckage!). The hit on the Bastion does only a few points of damage, and the charge on the Vanquisher misses on Snake eyes!

The Devout goes next, making the Harbinger immune to spells again and moving towards the Vanquisher (just in case). The Bastion seneschal heals my Bastions for 5 points of damage (total) and then moves towards Reznik (just in case!).

My Errant Seneschal walks straight past the Vanquisher, which hits him and kills him (he self-sacs off to an Errant near the middle of the group), and then goes past the Choir member, who hits him and fails to wound. Why, you ask?
He swings at Madelyn, hitting and dropping her… ending her evil movement shenanigans.

The Book moves forward and says “No Knockdown”, Rhupert gives the Errants Tough again, and my flanking Paladin is forgotten. But Vilmon activates and gives himself both stances again.

With that, the zone is cleared and I score another 2CPs, bringing the score to 4-0 for the forces of Righteousness!


Protectorate, Turn 4

Mike is on his back foot somewhat… but he thinks he can still pull this off.
He starts by upkeeping Ignite and camping the other 5 Focus.
The Hierophant moves up and Harmoniously Exalts Reznik.
His Bastions then move up, 2 of them getting into the zone, and take swings at MY Bastions… when the dust clears, I still have a full unit, although only a total of 7 hitboxes left!
Side-note: Ignite on Bastions!? Holy snakes is it ever awesome.
Anyway, after that the Choir activate and take a few pokes at my Errants… a couple hit, but none wound. One of them sings “Battle” on the Vanquisher, who threshers my two Errants again, killing 1.
Reznik casts “Engine of Destruction” on himself. He charges my Bastion on the right side of the zone. His initial attack hits and inflicts enough damage to wipe out the entire unit… I Martyr him, taking 1 point of damage.
Reznik hits again, and I Martyr again. Harbinger is down to 5 boxes…
Reznik hits again… and I Martyr again… taking 1 point of damage.
Mike is down to 15 seconds on his clock, so he pops his Feat and his turn ends.

He’s contesting, so no more points… but “all” I have to do is clear out a 3/4 full-health unit of Bastions… how tough can that be?


Menoth, Turn 5

The Harbinger camps her full stack (which thankfully regenerates, despite Reznik’s Feat).
My Bastions activate first, laying into Reznik’s Bastions… they all hit, and inflict enough damage to get the unit down to about half-health.
My Errants go next… the first blow against one of the two Bastions in the zone inflicts 10 points of damage, which Mike decides to just have that one Bastion take, rather than spreading it out. The other Errants do a little more damage.
Vilmon activates and charges the last Bastion in the zone. He hits. Rolling 4d6 at Dice-1, I inflict a whopping 18 points of damage…
That Bastion explodes, clearing the zone. I end my turn, scoring another CP (well, 2 technically, but scoring stops at 5), and taking the game.

Victory to Menoth!

Uhhhh… Victory to the Harbinger!


Post Game 4:

Could’ve been better, could’ve been worse… Reznik got far too close to Harby for comfort, that’s for sure, and if he HAD turned my Bastion into a Wrack and then made it explode, that could’ve put a very significant dent in my ability to clear the zone… although I suspect that Reznik is squishy enough that, were it to come down to it, Harby could’ve taken him on her own.
Still, I’m happy with how the game went!

Post Tournament Analysis:

Not a whole lot else to say. I managed to finish with a 3-1 record, got 7CPs, and among the fewest Army Destroyed points (61) overall… and finished 2nd! Woo!

This wasn’t an “official” Privateer Press event (although the Masters was a qualifier for the WarMachine Invitational, as I stated WAY back at the start), so no official PP Trophies or coins… but I did get this awesome one here instead…


My favourite part? The fact it doesn’t actually say “Youngbloods” on it anywhere… I’m totally going to claim I came in 2nd at the Masters…

Jokes, jokes… anyway, it was an awesome day, full of laughter and really stupid mistakes on my part, but in the end, it came out alright! I was happy with my performance, and Adam did extremely well (he ended up in first, beating a Menoth player in the final round!), so there’s that as well. I think I’m about ready for some bigger tournaments…
Also, a big congrats to Alan Ying Yong Wong for winning the “Best Painted” award for his beautiful Minions army… well deserved! And the trophy was MASSIVE!

Although not 88 people. That’s just crazy.
For those curious, the final standings for the Masters event can be found via the Southern Ontario Open website, or directly here.

Thanks for reading, a huge thank-you to the organizers of the event and the volunteers, and to everyone who I played! Comments, questions, criticisms, and the like are all welcome!

12 thoughts on “Southern Ontario Open Youngbloods Tournament Podcast: Menoth Represent!

  1. 2nd place, good form! Heart-breaking that you lost that game on a dice down. Those tropies from Mechanika Studios look great too!

    Speaking as some one who was on the masters side, the problem isn’t that it is loud, it’s that it’s a long way to the top. (if you wanna rock and roll!! sorry couldn’t help myself) Two days and 7 games with no mistakes means you have to be razor sharp. Although I’ve heard from people that the person who wins is the one how makes the least stupid mistakes because they will happen a lot. Next year I plan to have a LOT more games under my belt. But again, congrats to all of you guys, you’re on the radar now. (Khal, the guy Adam was playing in his last game) was talking about the fact that you guys are pros! So lots to live up to next year, or jump into the big boys pool.

    • Thanks Todd! I’m pretty proud myself… and yeah, losing by Dice-Down sucks, but what can ya do? I played a really sloppy game, Adam made way fewer mistakes… he deserved the win (although I was unquestionably going to stomp him into the dirt on my turn, given the opportunity!).

      7 games in a row with no major mistakes… that does sound rough! Really looking forward to the next tournament! Thanks for the comment!

  2. That Trophy looks pretty cool. I’m curious though, if that is the trophy you won, how big was Adams Trophy 🙂

    Congrats on the 2nd place finish (or the 1st and 2nd place finish for your group)!

    • Exactly the same size, but with a gold piece where it says “Southern Ontario Masters”, and the “screws” are gold as well. Looks pretty cool!

      You should’ve seen the trophy for “Best Painted”, though (which went to the Minions player)… it was MASSIVE!

      Thanks for the congrats! I’m very proud of our little WarMachining family… *sniff*

  3. Awesome battle report, and great game Marc. As promised, next time we get a chance to throw down I will have to redeem myself and I am still going to keep that wrack empty (in fact I may even put your name on the base as a reminder lol). Next time I’ll have my Reznik game more refined and ready to deal with your floaty awe-inspiring martyrdom shenanigans. Until then, just keep kicking ass in the name of the lord.

    • Thanks Mike! While I appreciate the sentiment, I’m going to try and move away from playing only the Harbinger and Feora constantly… I love both of them to pieces, and I certainly haven’t mastered them yet, but Menoth has such an awesome cadre of warcasters that I feel bad about never fielding any others! Kreoss3 and pFeora in particular have sparked my interest, as well as both Severius… and the other 2 Kreoss’ as well… decisions!

      Anyway, I look forward to the rematch! Solid game, and damnably close to a very awesome use of Reznik’s “Wrack ’em and Wreck ’em” ability! Thanks for the game, and keep spreading the Canon of True Law!

  4. You’ve seriously come a long hard road out of (cygnaran) hell. Nice performance there, even though your battle reports don’t try to wash over the fact that some things really went in your favour – which is okay and totally fine, because that’s how it is.

    Btw, I love listening to your guys’ podcast.

    • I second this statement. It is the best part about my Monday work days (if there is such a thing as a best part of a Monday workday?)

      • Ha! Yeah, the best part of my Monday workday is trying to post the batrep updates while my boss is hovering over my shoulder. Stealth podcasting for the win!

        I’m glad you guys enjoy ’em! We love making ’em, so it’s a good match!

    • Awww, thanks Baziron! I’m glad you enjoy ’em!

      And as for the tournament… I still consider myself more lucky than good. But I’ve been winning and podium-placing often enough that apparently I don’t suck as much as I thought I did!

  5. Congrats with 2nd place! Well done to all!
    Careful with Old Witch, she’s got Augury, which allows her and her battlegroup to see through clouds ‘n stuffs.
    I lol’d @ Kassem forgetting Xerxis, hope you didn’t get into too much trouble by bringing Morghoul all the time 😛

    • Thanks Bennep! The “Augury” mistake of Nick was pointed out in his batreps, but I still appreciate the head’s up! She’s a fantastic warcaster overall…

      And yes, we all had a good chuckle at Kassem’s expense for forgetting 50% of his warlocks for the tournament… but technically, it wasn’t a “Divide and Conquer” format, so he didn’t have to play his Xerxis list at all (which is good!).

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