Painting for Hire – Ashlynn D’Elyse

Ashlynn was actually the first human Merc caster I bought.  Last year I posted pics of the kit bash I did with her original and alternate sculpts because I hated the original sculpt but also hated the massive flag she was carrying around.


Finally justice to Llael!! I have finally finished her off.

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Battle 029 – Mercenaries Vs. Skorne – Ashlynn Vs. Makeda2

This week I was matched up against Kassem and his Skorne Army. I am still getting my feet wet with Mercs and Kassem is usually trying weird stuff so this should be a good battle.IMG_3594

Can the Mercenary Freedom fighters of Aslynn D’lyse be victorious against the sadistic hordes of Skorne? Stay tuned!

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Painting ADD – Round 1

I’ve mention before my tendency toward crippling painting ADD Where I will have multiple units and solos and jacks and Casters in a semi-finished state for long periods of time.

I hate doing it.  I’ve been really good lately.  Finishing my Mage Hunter Strike Force and Destor Thane.  Then Completing my Earthbreaker in a little over a week.

Unfortunately its back.

There I was minding my own business when I look down at my desk and realize I’m not painting my 80% complete Vyros2 like I said I was going to do. Instead I see this:

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