Behemoth… EXTREME!!! To the max

As I had mentioned in podcast 002 (I think, it was such a long time ago) I was going to purchase Behemoth and an Extreme Juggernaut to combine them into the legendary Extremeth. Extremoth? I’ll bounce back and forth. Anyway, that time has come and already passed as I stare up at my nearly full shelves of Warmachine miniatures newly weighed down by the girth of a completed and fully operational Extremeth. Did you read that in the Emperors voice? I did.

As I also mentioned in the podcast someone on the PP forums had brought up me doing a demo of how I did the rust effects on my ‘jacks and true to my word, I will do that. I actually think he/she(?) was referring to the rust effect I use for my non-character ‘Jacks but this will be my character ‘Jack effect which is no less fun. I was going to do a blow-by-blow of how I modded the two ‘Jacks together and even started taking photos of the preproduction but then at some point along the way forgot which threw the whole thing out the window. I got the necessary process shots for the painting but I’ll still do a short summary of the trials and tribulations of the modding process.

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