The Thrilling Conclusion of Our First Contest

A few weeks ago we had our first ever giveaway contest here on Combo Smite… it was silly but fun, and we got a fair number of people who put in guesses.

But in the end, one of our long-time listeners, Bennep, managed to win the prize… a small-based solo of his choice. Benoit (as he is named in real life) chose Sylys, an excellent option, and we here at Combo Smite happily sent him the model.

I asked Benoit to send me a picture of his Sylys when it arrived, and just this weekend he sent me the following two pictures, which I am happy to share with the Combo Smite community:

Bennep also wanted to show off his Ashlynn, even though we didn’t send her to him… and since he did such a great job painting her and Sylys up, I’m happy to oblige!

Although the sign does say he likes Adam the best… which makes me less happy… ^_^
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