Paintectorate of Menoth

Over the holidays I had 3 different opportunities to play VASSAL games using the Protectorate of Menoth. I decided to use the Harbinger for all three games, and despite 2 losses, she’s still one of my favourite warcasters. Auto-hitting spells, a 20″ CTRL range (which is the 3rd largest in the game after my dear Nemo1 and Nemo3, but the largest native CTRL-range), and enough Focus to run 3 melee warjacks or a slew of ranged ones without breaking a sweat… plus the ability to make super-powered solos stay alive ad infinatum! What’s not to love!

So I decided it was time to get her on the table… which means assembling and painting her!

I’ve frequently said it, but it bears repeating: in my humble opinion, the Harbinger of Menoth is the most beautiful model I have ever seen, full stop. It’s so awesome that I was actually intimidated to start assembling it for fear of completely messing it up. Which I’m sure I have, but there ya go…

Despite the beauty and awesomeness of the model, I did want to try to make a few minor modifications: specifically, removing the flag from her back (the flag-pole being too flimsy and top-heavy for somebody as clumsy as I am), and replacing it with a shield. I decided to use one of her shoulder pads (which are a little over-sized) as a shield… it looks pretty good, actually, although I won’t mount it until after it’s painted. I then decided that I still wanted the flag, but I’d make one of the chain-bearers carrying it instead of a 3rd chain (which, honestly, is a little silly… the guy in the back has no purpose in moving the Harbinger, since you can’t push on a chain!). As a result this is now, by FAR, the most modified model in my collection.

I assembled, clipped, filed, sanded, and primed her a few days ago, and yesterday managed to get her and her entourage to start receiving paint… please excuse the humility of the pictures!
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Kingdom of Paintnar – Boomhowler & Co

It occurs to me that Nick and I post enough painting stuff that we should probably change the name of the website to “Combo Smite Painting Stuff… and Very Occasionally Battle Reports”! Oh well.

As I mentioned before, my Stormwall is rapidly approaching completion (I still need to finish the Lightning Pods, but other than that, it’s done). My plan was that after I finish that particular monstrosity, I would take the time to finish all 20-30 models I have that aren’t QUITE done yet (85-95% done), including their bases and front arcs, and then seal everything I have once and for all.

That was the PLAN… then Nick mentioned that he wanted his purple paint back, and suddenly I had to finish painting my Boomhowlers (who I wanted to have bright-ish purple skin to contrast with all the blue I’ve already got in my army)… and since I was priming THOSE guys, well, I had probably better assemble a few others so I’m not wasting space and primer… and suddenly… well…

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