Podcast 017 – Retribution Vs. Circle – Tactical-Blunders-R-Uz

IMG_2555 copy

This week on the podcast we feature a game between my Retribution forces and Gaven’s forces of Circle.

(Marc: Before we get into the podcast, I want to apologize to all the listeners: Nick’s partner had a medical emergency during the last week and so we had to push the recording back… but since we want to stick to Monday releases for the podcast, we were forced to record on Sunday while Nick was still in the hospital attending to her recovery. I’ve managed to get out *most* of the background noise from the hospital, but the audio quality will still be a bit more sporadic than usual. However, I’m extremely grateful for Nick’s dedication for recording anyway, and I hope that you can forgive the audio for this episode! Also, this was supposed to go live at 7am today, but for some reason got pushed back to 11:30… sorry about that, folks!)

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