Podcast 168 – List Dojo, Lylyth3 and Constance Blaize!

List dojo episode! I really enjoy doing these, hopefully you folks enjoy ’em too!

This week I challenge Nick to make a Lylyth3 list (I love Lylyth3, but you don’t see her on the table as much any more!), and he apparently hates me and everything I stand for because he makes me make a Constance Blaize list.

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Video – Day of Valour 56 – 50pt Steamroller

Day of Valour 56 was held this past Saturday at the Hobby Kingdom in Burlington Ontario.  It was a 50pt Steamroller, 2 list Divide and Conquer, using the Steamroller 2015 Beta rules (which we can’t publish so don’t ask us. Ask your local PG and they can tell you about it).  About 16 players were expected but 27 showed up.  What ensued was a long day with lots of quality Warmachine.

Combo Smite was there to compete and you can read the tournament battle reports Marc and I are going to put up about our games and our podcast talking about them as well but we also brought along our recording equipment and took video from 1 game for each of the rounds. Continue reading

Happy Podiversary! Combo Smite Turns 1!

Well, it’s been a year… let’s all take a moment to appreciate how far we’ve come together:

Podcast 001: Cygnar vs Retribution, Nemo3 vs Ossyan

Of course, if you go back to that first humble post, the pictures are all the size of postage stamps, because back then we didn’t know how to post them full size… ah, the things we’ve learned! The places we’ve been! The battles I’ve lost!
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Kingdom of Paintnar: Just Because He’s D-List, Doesn’t Mean He Can’t Be Pretty!

Further work on my Stryker3! Hoping to get him finished for the game tomorrow…
Here he was Sunday night…
Base coat is about… 75% done at this point. Happy with how he’s coming along, but a LOT of work still to go. But what would Stryker be without his noble horse?

Infantry, I suppose… but anyway! More pictures after the cut!
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Painting A.D.D. for You and Me!

So Nick has mentioned in the past that he has a severe case of Painting A.D.D.

I want to set the record straight. Here is a picture of all the models I have between 55-95% done. Many of them just need to be based… basically what I did tonight is mix up a big pot of glue and put sand on all these bases…

I must warn you… the following images may be disturbing to some viewers…

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Podcast 011 – Combo Battle Report 2

2 more Battle Reports this week.

The plan initially was to just report on Marc’s game, but it ended up being two things:

1. Full of particularly stupid mistakes, and
2. Very, very brief.

And so we decided to report on both! Full write ups will follow, but for now at least you can listen!

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Podcast 010 – Legion vs Retribution, Cygnar vs Protectorate, Listen to 1 Get 1 Free!

This week on the podcast we’re doing something different. Instead of facing off against each other Marc and I went down to the local game store in London Ontario, Game Chamber, and decided we would play some randoms. We are each going to give an abbreviated battle report and then rate our performances.

As always, you can listen to the podcast right here or on iTunes! If you’re listening on iTunes and have a minute to toss a quick review on there for us, we’d all be very grateful… we need a certain minimum number of reviews before they’ll show a score for us, and I’ve already asked my entire extended family to review us, so now it’s down to our actual listener(s)!

First Battle – Retribution Vs. Legion – Ossyan V.s Rhyas.

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Marc's Painting Table: Models I've Finished in January

While normally I would title this thread under whichever Faction I had done most of the painting for, this month saw me switching back and forth between both Menoth and Cygnar. So rather than confuse people, I figured I’d just do a “Finished This Month” thread and throw everything in here!

First, I finally (FINALLY) finished my unit of Rangers!

This unit of noble Cygnarians has been sitting at 95% for far, far too long. So now they’re based, arc’d, and sealed.

Next, I finished and sealed my Harbinger of Menoth:
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